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How To Generate Virtual Credit Card

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What Other Advantages Does It Have

how to create virtual credit card in nigeria

Swift payment with Contactless technology.

The security of our 3D Secure System and free SMS payment confirmation alerts.

When you apply for the card, you receive it instantly on your mobile or smartwatch, so there’s no need to wait until you receive it by post before you start using it.

Environmentally friendly digital card.

The Virtual Card Is Perfect For You If You:

  • Want to be flexible thanks to your smartphone or smartwatch, you always have your card with you.
  • Want to be fast copy your card details from Mobile Banking and use them to pay online.
  • Want to be secure only you can see your card details in Mobile Banking nothing is ever sent by mail.
  • Want to benefit your KeyClub points and insurance benefits are similar to your existing card

Drawbacks/disadvantages Of Virtual Card India

As everything have some pros similarily have some cons. Lets drive in and find out drawbacks of VCC.

  • Since its a virtual card, you can not use this physical card at merchant swipe machine.
  • Mobile Wallet is far more user-friendly than the virtual debit card.
  • You can not withdraw cash from your virtual card.

Virtual credit card

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How Much Fraud Am I Liable For When Using A Credit Card

The Fair Credit Billing Act limits your liability for unauthorized use of a credit card to just $50. However, the limit can be as low as $0. To ensure you arent responsible for any unauthorized charges, you must properly notify your credit card company that your card has been lost or stole before any unauthorized charges are made on the card. If you do this before any unauthorized charges are made, your liability will be reduced to zero. Additionally, you arent liable for unauthorized use if just your credit card number, not the credit card itself, is stolen. In practice, many major credit card issuers do not hold you liable for any fraudulent purchases.

Do Virtual Credit Cards Have Any Drawbacks

Create Virtual Credit Card Using Your Mobile Phone For ...

While virtual credit cards work very well in most cases, there are some situations where they may backfire. For instance, if you have to request a refund for a payment from a retailer, then you will have to provide the details of the credit card using which you made the payment. If your disposable/virtual credit card has already expired, then you would not be able to get the refund to your credit card and you might be forced to get store credit instead.

To conclude:

Virtual credit cards are considered better in many terms in relation to the traditional credit cards. These cards reduce the risk of any frauds on your credit card as they do not expose your credit card credentials to anybody but you. Additionally, virtual credit cards are valid only for a limited number of transactions and hence, can be disposed of easily. These cards are only visible to the user and hence involve negligible chances of frauds.

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How Do I Request A Virtual Card

Most major card issuers now offer some form of a virtual card. You’ll need to have a physical card from the credit company before you can request a virtual card.

In most cases, you can request a virtual card by logging into your account online, either via the web or your card issuer’s app, and looking for the Virtual Credit Card or Virtual Card Numbers settings option. Depending on your card issuer, you’ll be able to generate a temporary card through either their online portal or app. In some cases, you may need to download a specific app for the virtual credit card.

Once your virtual card is generated, you may be able to modify some settings such as the spending limit or expiration date. You can then start using that number to make your purchase online or via the card app.

Benefits Of Virtual Credit Cards

The main benefit of virtual credit cards is the ability to close the account. If your main account number is exposed in a data breach because you didnt use a virtual credit card, youd have to get your main credit card account number reissued. That means youll get a new account number. Unfortunately, this can cause issues with every vendor youve set up recurring payments with using your previous card number.

Instead, the virtual credit card feature allows you to keep your main credit card account open. At the same time, closing the virtual card mitigates the risk of your main account being exposed in a data breach. It also saves you the hassle of tracking down and updating your recurring payments with vendors other than the one affected by the breach.

If you want to focus on limiting your spending with certain merchants, a virtual credit card can help with that, too. Depending on your card issuer, you may be able to set up a virtual account number with the spending limit you have in mind. Once you reach that limit, you wont be able to make any more charges with that account number.

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How To Use Your Virtual Credit Cards

It should be noted that virtual credit cards are designed to be used online or over the phone transactions.

Thus, when checking out of your online purchases, you will need to open your virtual credit card site . In some cases, there are provisions for browser extensions by some banks that support virtual credit cards.

Furthermore, you are expected to log in and generate a one-time password or token. This will contain your unique credit card number and security code.

You can set an expiration date for your virtual card, and you can also set a spending limit on the card.

To sum it up here is all you have to do to effectively use your virtual credit card:

  • Sign up with a virtual credit card issuer and get your virtual card details .
  • Shop at online stores and merchants, and fill the required information at checkout.
  • At the payment section, enter your virtual credit card details in place of your normal credit card.
  • Submit payment and complete your transactions.
  • The funds will be deducted from your bank account that is linked to your virtual credit card.

Disadvantages Of A Virtual Credit Card

Create Virtual Credit Cards for Online Shopping

There are a few disadvantages to this type of card that you need to know. A virtual credit card doesnt earn interest for your money or get you discounts on purchases. There is no credit check when applying for one, therefore the card will not improve your credit score. So if credit score is important to you, this wont be a good option.

Being a virtual card, you can only use it with online merchants. Therefore transactions at a point of sale or ATMs are not possible. Moreover, not all online merchants accept virtual cards. You are also limited in terms of the duration of use because usually it has to be used within 24 hours and will expire within a month if you dont use it. Another thing to consider is that most online merchants once you have made a purchase it is very difficult to cancel and get your money back. Most merchants are able to give your money back using the same card number, which, in the case of a virtual card 24 hour limit, may have expired.

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% Safety At Your Fingertips

Take your money safety and payment security into your hands use virtual cards, issued by iCard, for online shopping, payments and subscriptions at known and unknown websites and apps. Even reputable web merchants can get hacked and your payment data can be stolen and abused. Its very simple: use a virtual Mastercard or Visa and never reveal your primary money account! Freeze the cards, whenever you dont need them, and unfreeze them before paying online.

All the virtual cards, issued by iCard, have two-factor authentication 3D Secure 2.0, which provides you with an extra level of security. Every time you want to pay online with your iCard virtual or physical card, you will need to confirm or decline the transaction from the iCard app. This additional security process protects your finances from a third party attempting to misuse your card details online.

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Why Use A Virtual Credit Card Generator

The main reason why you might need a virtual credit card generator is the fact that there are numerous websites and online businesses that are designed to take your money and vanish. Recognizing such establishments is getting more complicated, so fake credit cards are an excellent way to stay safe on the Internet.

Even with honest merchants, there is a possibility of hacking and third-party breaches that can endanger your bank account. Fake VCC will enable you to browse different websites without having to give away any of your confidential details.

Providing a dummy card number allows you to test a merchant and see if there is anything suspicious about their business. As there is no money on the card, they wont be able to charge anything. If you decide that the online store is legitimate, you can always use your actual VCC to shop for products and services.

Using one of the apps that generate credit card numbers is handy in case you are sure that no purchases will be made with that specific merchant, or if you are testing websites and their payment methods. You will be able to notice any fraudulent activities, while you can be sure that your funds are safe.

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Get A Virtual Debit Card

If you have a physical debit or credit card from ICICI Bank, you can request a virtual card via iMobile Pay. The ICICI Bank virtual debit card is available to all customers holding a Mine Savings Account or an Insta Save Account. The Mine Savings Account includes a regular debit card, online banking services, free email statements and cashback offers. You will have access to a virtual debit card as soon as you open an account. This service is available to all customers between 18 and 35 years old.

Another option is the Insta Save Account, a fully digital service. Customers can apply online and start using their accounts instantly. After registration, you can access your virtual debit card via the iMobile Pay app. Users also receive a physical debit card, a checkbook and reward points.

Remember that you can also apply for an ICICI virtual credit card. This service is free and can be used for online transactions only. If you live in the U.S. or Europe, you may order a virtual debit card from Skrill, Wise, Monese, Stripe, N26 or Revolut. Citi and other banks offer similar options. For example, Citi customers can request and use randomly generated virtual account numbers when shopping online.

Virtual Digital And Disposable Cardswhats The Difference

Learn How to create unlimited vcc

A virtual card is stored on your phone and can be used to pay contactless in stores or online, but has its own unique card number, expiry date, and CVC. A digital card is a copy of your physical bank card thats stored on your phone. Digital cards have the same card number, expiry date, and CVC as your physical bank card, and can be used with Apple Pay or Google Pay. A disposable card is a virtual card that can only be used once. Once youve paid, the card details cant be used again.

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The Pros And Cons Of A Us Virtual Credit Card

As great as they are when it comes to safety and privacy, virtual credit cards are not suitable for every type of payment or merchant. You can use it with any online retailer, but when a physical card is required, VCC wont do the trick.

You should pay special attention to the following:

  • Purchase of airline ticketsSome airliners require a credit card used for the purchase as proof of identification
  • Buying goods that you may want to returnSome retailers will require the same card for the refund and for the purchase, so check with your VCC if that is possible

What is excellent about virtual credit cards is that they allow you to set specific limits to the online and telephone purchases, so you can control how much you spend and where. Even though they are usually designed as one-time tokens, some VCCs can be used again. This is what you can do:

  • Limit the amount that you want to spend
  • Limit the card to just one merchant
  • Set an expiration date
  • Restrict the card to only one purchase
  • These features are useful if you want to set limitations on your purchases, or if you are sharing an account with another person.

    Pros of VCCs

    Additional fees

    Can You Finance Card Purchases

    Of course, you can choose the option that best suits at the time.

    Pay in instalments:

    Pay for your purchases in fixed or variable instalments. The minimum amount you can finance is 5% of your credit card limit, with a minimum instalment of 15.

    The applicable monthly interest rate is 1.50% monthly NIR, 18.00% annual NIR .

    Representative example for 1,500 drawn on 1st of the month, with financed payment option , and 48 fixed monthly instalments, on the assumption that there are no further drawdowns during that period or any breach of the terms and conditions of the agreement: 18.00% NIR 19.56% APR 47 instalments of 44.06 and a final instalment of 44.25. Total amount of credit: 1,500. Total amount owed: 2,115.07. Total cost of credit: 615.07. The calculation includes the card issuance fee: 0. This example does not consider the possibility of any new drawdowns from the line of credit or any non-payments during this period. The APR and the total amount to be paid are calculated on the assumption that the agreement will remain in force for the entire term and that the parties will meet their obligations under the agreed terms and conditions and repayment deadlines. Therefore, for this specific example, the cash purchase price would be 1,500 and the total amount to be repaid in instalments would be 2,115.07.

    Finance your purchase:

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    Virtual Credit Cards Faq

    Where Can Virtual Credit Cards Be Used?

    Your virtual credit cards can be used for online purchases with any Canada and international online retailers that accept such payment method.

    Why Is It Called Virtual?

    The virtual card can only be used where a card is not required to be physically presented to the merchant.

    Can I Use My Virtual Credit Cards As The Normal Credit Card?

    The virtual credit card reference card does not have a magnetic stripe or pin or chip and cannot be used at ATM or store. It can only be used for online transactions.

    Can I Use Virtual Credit Cards For Purchases Other Than Online Purchases?

    Yes. Your virtual credit cards can be used for telephone and mail order purchases.

    What Information Does My Virtual Credit Card Contain?

    The information on your virtual card is all you need for online, phone, or mail order payments. They are:

    • Your virtual credit cards number
    • The validity or expiry date
    • CVV2
    • The name of the account holder.

    Final Thought

    Virtual credit cards are meant to give you some level of financial security and rest of mind when making online payments, but they can only be used for online shopping.

    How To Generate Virtual Credit Card Online:

    How to: Create a Virtual Credit card (Blur Masked Card) [PART 1]

    There are numerous of authentic websites and apps which helps you to do so without any worry.

    In India, there are more than 10 digital wallet apps which provide you instant visa credit card generated virtually by adding money to the app wallet. But there are some companies like EntroPay which works from all parts of the world.

    #1. EntroPay

    EntroPay is one of the best and oldest website which only deals in generating virtual credit card by VISA. EntroPay is registered VISA partner for an instant virtual credit card.

    EntroPay gives you a comfortable, safe way to pay online in the form of a Prepaid Virtual Visa Card. The benefits using Entropay is that it is safe, it is prepaid hence no need for overcharging and it is virtual with instant card deliver on your screen as soon as you generate.

    The EntroPay prepaid virtual visa credit card works globally as a credit card, but only you know that it is a virtual credit card. To enable the prepaid VCC fro Entropay you need to create an instant account first online on

    Then you need load money on EntroPay from your bank account or another debit or credit card which is again totally secure. All major cards are accepted on EntroPay

    After the funds are being added to EntroPay account, you can genre ate virtual visa card and use it anywhere online or on the phone where VISA is accepted.

    #2. MyCard2Go

    #3. EcoPayz

    Note: There is 1.80 fee for activation on of tour EcoCard.

    #4. OKPay

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    How Does The Donotpay Free Trial Card Work

    Our virtual card works like any other VCC except that you dont have to link it to an existing bank account or an actual credit card. The app generates a card number that you can use to sign up for various free trials.

    The good news is that you can use any address, name, or expiration date provided by the app. This includes U.S. billing addresses, which allows you to unlock free trials reserved for U.S. residents.

    Another excellent feature is that it generates a random email address that protects you from endless promotional and advertising material providers tend to spam you with. The emails will be forwarded to your actual email address, so you can receive the information from the provider. Once the trial is over, the communication will be disconnected.

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