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How To Enter Credit Card Charges In Quickbooks

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S To Import Credit Card Charges Into Quickbooks Desktop

How to enter Credit Card Charges into QuickBooks

Importing with SaasAnt Transaction is a breeze with our simplified and powerful Import wizard. Just follow a simple 3 step process to bulk import your file data to QuickBooks.

  • Step 1 – File Selection: Select “QuickBooks Transaction Type” as “Credit Card Charge”. “Select Your File” – You can either click “Browse File” to browse and select the file from local computer folder or click “Sample Templates” to navigate to SaasAnt sample file in local.
  • Step 2 – Mapping: Set up the mapping of the file columns corresponding to QuickBooks fields. This step will be automated for you if you use the SaasAnt template file. Download Sample Template file.
  • Step 3 – Review & Import: Review your file data in the Review Grid screen and click “Send to QuickBooks” to upload your file data to QuickBooks.

More detailed instruction of the steps are available in this article.

Import Credit Card Transactions Into Quickbooks

Import Credit Card Statements from Supported File Formats directly into QuickBooks Desktop using SaasAnt Transactions – #1 user rated and Intuit trusted bulk data automation tool built exclusively for QuickBooks.

SaasAnt Transactions supports QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Accountant Editions.

You can download the free trial of the software directly from the SaasAnt Website. Follow this article for detailed installation instruction. You can easily import credit card transactions into QuickBooks Desktop.

Through Chart Of Accounts

Step 1. Click on the Accounting menu at the left after opening the QuickBooks.

Step 2. Locate the credit card account and click on the View Register link.

Step 3. In this step, select the specific transaction type from the Add expense drop-down.

Step 4. Fill out all the relevant information and click on save.

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How To Enter Credit Card Charges In Quicbooks

Cant seem to find an option to enter credit card changes in Quickbooks? Assuming you use Quickbooks Online the cloud-based variant of Intuits accounting software you can set up your account so it downloads charges automatically through Online Banking. Alternatively, though, you can enter credit card charges manually by following these steps.

To enter credit card charges manually in Quickbooks Online, log into your account and click the sign in the middle of the screen, followed by the Expense tab under the Vendors menu. Next, click the bank drop-down menu and select the credit card account from which the transaction was made. You will then need to complete the other fields on screen, after which you can click Save to complete the process and save the changes.

Say, for instance, you purchased $500 worth of business-related products on your Visa credit card. To enter this transaction manually into Quickbooks Online, you can click the icon, followed by Expense from the Vendors drop-down menu. From here, select the Visa credit card under Bank, at which point you can enter all charges associated with your Visa card. Sorry if you were expecting more, but thats all it takes to enter credit card transactions into Quickbooks!

Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of how to enter credit card charges in Quickbooks.

Did this tutorial work for you? Let us know in the comments section below!

Modify A Credit Card Transaction

Entering Credit Card Charges with QuickBooks Online (QBO ...

To modify a credit card transaction that appears in the register, click anywhere on the transaction. The transaction will open to allow you to edit any fields appearing in the register. However, not all fields that are available when inputting transactions appear in the register. To edit fields that do not appear in the register, click the Edit button immediately below the transaction, and the original expense input screen will appear:

Whether making changes directly in the register or editing the original input screen, be sure to save your changes when you are finished.

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Using The Receipts Feature

You can expedite this method of entry by using the Receipts feature in QuickBooks Online.

1. From the Dashboard, click Banking.

2. On the next screen, click Receipts.

3. Once on the Receipts screen, you can upload receipts. If youre using the QuickBooks Online app on your smartphone, you can use the app to add photos of receipts, then access and add them to your books from this screen.

Regardless of whether you use the first or the second method to enter your credit card charges, once entered you can now match the transaction from the Banking screen.

Note that the date of the transaction in the bank feed will always be a day or two later than the date of the transaction. This is because it takes a little bit of time for the transaction to settle, or be finalized, before it hits your credit card account.

How To Manually Enter Credit Card Transactions On Quickbooks Online

Manually entering each individual credit card transaction into QuickBooks Online is by far your most time-consuming option. For this reason, it really should only be used if neither of the first two methods are possible with your particular credit card issuer.

But if you do need to go this route, youll begin by navigating to Expense under the Vendors tab.

Next, youll select Credit Card as your Payment Account and Payment Method before entering your transaction category and description.

Finally, you can attach your receipt before clicking Save and close.

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How To Set Up A Quickbooks Credit Card Entry

Recording credit card transactions on your personal or business balance sheet is an important part of keeping your accounts updated and accurate. Intuit QuickBooks accounting software allows you to create separate credit card accounts for recording all credit card entries. You can also assign each transaction to an expense account or purchase order so that your credit card entries tie up with your main balance sheet.


Launch QuickBooks. Click Banking in the main navigation menu. Click Enter Credit Card Charges.



Enter the transaction amount into the Amount input field. Type the name of the vendor from whom you purchased the goods or services in the Purchased From field. Enter the date of the transaction into the Date field. You can also enter a reference number for the transaction in the Ref. No. field. If you want to provide more details about the transaction, enter a description of the transaction in the Memo field.




Youre Never Alone Were Here To Help

How To Enter Credit Card Charges In Quickbooks

Were here for you. You may be a bookkeeper looking for detailed QuickBooks help or you may be a business owner whos choosing to take control of your financial future using QuickBooks and Enterprise as your management tool.

In either case, well help you learn how to use your numbers in ways that are designed to help you boost your business success and profits!

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Choose The Quickbooks Account Where You Want To Upload The File

After youve selected your file, youll need to tell QuickBooks which account these transactions should be connected to. If you dont already have a option inside your Chart of Accounts, you can add one now by selecting Add New.

Once youve chosen or created your QuickBooks account, select Next and QuickBooks will begin manually importing your transactions.

Quickbooks Tip: How To Enter A Credit Card

How to Enter a Credit Card in QuickBooks – I know we’re excited about entering charges into QuickBooks but we have to create the account first…

  • Head into the chart of accounts
  • Right click and click ‘New’
  • Select Credit Card for the account type
  • Give an identifiable name “American Express #####”

How to Enter Charges – There are two ways you can go about entering charges. The first is to physically double click the credit card in your chart of accounts to pull up the register. The process then entails going through each charge and manually inputting them one by one with the date, vendor, account to hit, and amount. The easier way though is to download the transactions directly into QuickBooks from your bank and use Online Banking to your advantage.

Every charge should have the corresponding date, the vendor to which the payment was remitted to, the amount paid, and the appropriate account. The account might be a Cost of Goods Sold, an Expense, or perhaps an Asset to your business depending on what was purchased.

How to Record Payments – Payments to a credit card are easy, people though tend to make this more complex. A payment to a credit card is a transfer of funds, all you’re doing is moving cash from your bank to your credit card. No vendor or customer needs to be entered as you’re not receiving a payment or paying someone. If you feel the need to enter a name, this would be a time to use the QuickBooks ‘Other Name’ type.

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Enter Credit Card Charges

After clicking on the Enter Credit Card Charges icon, the credit card charge screen will appear:

From the credit card charge screen, you will notice that there are two buttons:

  • Purchase/Charge is used to record purchases.
  • Refund/Credit is used to record refunds or credits from a credit card company.
  • Since we are recording a credit card charge, click on the Purchase/Charge button.

    You will also notice that there are two tabs on the credit card charge screen:

  • Use the Expenses tab to record a business expense directly to an account listed in your chart of accounts
  • Select the Items tab if you purchased something that youve already set up as a Product or Service Item.
  • Its important to use Product Items for any transaction dealing with inventory. You can learn more about Expenses vs Items from the QuickBooks help section.

    Since we are recording a business expense, lets fill in the Expenses tab:

    Sample Credit Card Charge Entry in QuickBooks Desktop

    You need to enter relevant information in the credit card charge screen, including:

  • If you have multiple credit cards set up in QuickBooks Desktop, make sure to select the appropriate credit card for the charge you want to enter. If you only have one credit card, QuickBooks Desktop will select that credit card account automatically.
  • Vendor: Choose the vendor associated with the credit card charge from the drop-down list. You may also create a new vendor on the fly.
  • Date: Enter the date the credit card was charged.
  • How To Enter Credit Card Charges Using The Shortcut Method

    How to Track your Credit Card Liabilities in QuickBooks ...

    While the shortcut method can save you some time, it does have some drawbacks. It doesnt allow you to record a credit charge as an item, only as an expense account. You cant assign it to a customer job, mark it as billable, or assign it to a particular class. If you dont need the extra fields and you only need to organize your business expenses for tax time, then you can use the shortcut method.

    To enter a credit card charge in QuickBooks Desktop using the shortcut method, follow the steps below:

  • Select Use Register.
  • Enter credit card charge.
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    How To Receive A Credit Card Payment In Quickbooks Desktop

    For QuickBooks Desktop users, there are different ways to record credit card payments. For instance, you can enter credit card charges, reconcile your credit card account, process payment to open an invoice or in person. A invoice is helps to track your items records, learn to create invoice in QuickBooks with the guide. Here are the steps for receiving credit card payments in the Desktop version.

    Create A Credit Card Account

    Before you can enter credit card charges, you need to make sure that there is an account for your credit card in your chart of accounts. If youve read How To Set Up Your QuickBooks Account, you may have already done this. But well go over the process again briefly below.

    Begin by going to Lists> Chart of Accounts> Account> New.

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    Enter Credit Card Purchases And Pay Credit Card Bill

    I have figured out how to enter a bill and say it was paid with a credit card, but I do not know how to show that I paid my credit card bill at the end of the month and how does that affect the fact that the bills are already showing as paid by a credit card? I’m afraid if I enter the information wrong it will screw up my bank account information.

    Using Enter Credit Card Charges

    How to enter Personal Credit Card Charges into QuickBooks
  • From the tab at the top select the Banking menu.
  • Next, a list will appear and select the option saying Enter Credit Card Charges.
  • After that, a new window will open and the first option is to select the .
  • The Purchase/Charge option is selected by default. But you can select other option Refund/Credit if you want to refund the credit.
  • Select the vendor from the Purchased from drop-down menu.
  • Enter the appropriate date.
  • Record credit card payments in QuickBooks

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    How To Receive Credit Card Payments In Quickbooks Online

    In the latest update, Intuit released a dedicated feature named Pay down credit card. This feature makes your task easy to record credit card payments as it eliminates confusion between selecting which credit card account you need to pay and an account that funds the credit card to create payments.

    However, there are other methods you may try. Lets have a look at different methods of receiving credit card payments in QuickBooks Online.

    How To Enter Credit Card Charges In Quickbooks Desktop

    REVIEWED BY:Tim Yoder

    Tim is a Certified QuickBooks Time Pro, QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and CPA with 25 years of experience. He brings his expertise to Fit Small Businesss accounting content.

    This article is part of a larger series on Accounting Software.

  • 4WRAP UP
  • If youre using credit cards to purchase items or pay for bills in QuickBooks Desktop, then you need to know how to enter the charges correctly so that you have accurate financial statements. Today, well teach you how to enter credit card charges in QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier. In this lesson, we will cover the normal method, but also give you a shortcut method to consider.

    If you dont have a QuickBooks Desktop account yet, you can choose from QuickBooks Desktop Pro, QuickBooks Desktop Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, or QuickBooks Desktop Accountant. To help you decide which QuickBooks product is for you, check out our comparison of QuickBooks Desktop products.

    When you subscribe to QuickBooks Desktop Pro, one of our best small business accounting software, you will get a 33% discount on your first year. You can visit the QuickBooks website to learn more about the available discounts on the other QuickBooks Desktop products.

    Watch the video below and use the step-by-step instructions that follow. You can follow with your QuickBooks Desktop account to better understand each step.

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    Navigate To The Banking Transactions Menu

    Begin by selecting the Banking or Transactions menu from the navigation pane on the left. From there, youll select Banking.Even though youre technically looking to connect a credit card rather than a traditional bank account, the process for linking any type of financial institution is the same.

    Entering Credit Card Charges In Quickbooks In 3 Steps

    How to Enter Credit Card Charges in QuickBooks Online

    Entering credit card charges in QuickBooks can be accomplished in three easy steps.

  • Create an expense transaction.
  • Select your payment method and credit card account.
  • Enter the expense details and click the Save button.
  • Avoid double-counting expenses:

    Here are our detailed instructions for entering a new credit card charge.

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    Recording Credit Card Transactions In Quickbooks: Many Options

    Over the years I have seen many methods of recording credit card transactions. Some of the methods technically work, but they leave something out whether it is accurate dating of the transactions, detail of the individual transactions or the ability to reconcile the account to the statement. Using the method QuickBooks designed for credit cards addresses all of these shortcomings.

    S Of Entering Credit Card Charges In Quickbooks

    These steps will safeguard against any errors and make entering payments easier in your business. Follow these below-mentioned steps to enter credit card charges in QB:

  • Firstly, click on banking and then enter .
  • Now, you have to click on the .
  • You need to add the amount of the charge.
  • Next, locate the transaction and then click the account category for the expense by going in the detail section.
  • Finally, you are supposed to review the entry and then click save & close.
  • Further, we will share the steps to enter credit card charges in QuickBooks Online.

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    Situation : Youve Entered A Bill Into Your Quickbooks And Its Now Listed As An Outstanding Payable Youve Just Determined That Some Of These Quickbooks Bills Were Paid With A Credit Card What Do You Do

    Company owners and bookkeepers often use credit cards to pay QuickBooks bills.

    The motivation may be the ease and convenience of paying by phone or online, the person paying the bill may be at the vendors site and wants to pay the bill while there, it may be for security or tracking purposes, and/or to earn bonus points for travel or additional products.

    Paying QuickBooks bills with a credit card is a common occurrence and one that youll want to know how to handle.

    To record your Credit Card Bill payment:

    • Go to the bottom of the Bill Payments screen, and locate the Method field.
    • Change it from Check to Credit Card.
    • Then go to the Account field, and choose the credit card account that youll be using for payment.
    • Select the Bill you want to pay with a credit card.

    Just remember! QuickBooks will remember that you paid your Bills with that credit card, and the next time you pay Bills guess what it will default to the most recent payment Method you used.

    So if you just paid some QuickBooks Bills via Credit Card, and later choose to pay Bills in your regular way , and if you forget to change the Method and Account fields, you could end up with a lot of payments going against the credit card account. Aaargh! You may find yourself with lots of manual corrections to pull through.

    So always check the Method field at the bottom of the screen before you hit the Pay Selected Bills button.

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