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How To Create My Own Credit Card

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Conduct Market Research And Feasibility Studies

How to make your own credit card 100% working
  • Demographics and Psychographics

Issuers provide transaction services to banks that issue credit cards and to merchants that accept credit card payments. Card issuer products include transaction authorization and posting, statement generation and printing, and card embossing. Demand in this business or rather industry is driven by consumer spending. The profitability of individual companies depends on efficient operations, as services are sold largely based on cost.

Best For International Applicants

Who’s this for? The Deserve Digital First Card is good for anyone with zero or limited credit history who doesn’t have the means to put down a security deposit.

There’s no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees. Plus if you’re approved for the card, you receive instant access and can add it to Apple Pay.

Cardholders also receive up to 1.5% cash back, based on the amount of money you spend each billing period. Here are the levels:

  • 1% cash back: Purchases up to $500 earn 1% back.
  • 1.25% cash back: After you spend $500 in a billing cycle, you’ll earn 1.25% back on purchases until you hit $1,000 in spending.
  • 1.50% cash back: After you spend $1,000 in a billing cycle, you’ll earn 1.50% back on remaining purchases that billing period.

You can redeem cash back as a statement credit to offset your bill.

Decide What Niche To Concentrate On

In the world of business, the word niche refers to a distinct segment of a market. Why is it important to find a business niche? Even though youre focusing on a smaller section of what might be a wide market, youll discover youll find more customers by narrowing your focus.

The niche you choose might depend on your passion or experience, identified customers, test and launch, and many more ways. Niches in the credit and card Issuing business may include

  • E-commerce Software
  • Tax preparation
Level of Competition in the Industry

The credit card industry issues a massive volume of transactions about $4 trillion this year in the U.S. With so much money in play, its no wonder that a host of start-ups are trying to carve out a niche for themselves and offer services to merchants and consumers that will rewrite the value they get from every credit card payment.

But the credit card Issuing industry isnt going to change overnight. These start-ups are entering into an extremely complex and entrenched space. The credit card companies themselves arent going anywhere for now. Visa and MasterCard in particular will remain an indispensable part of the chain because they dont actually process payments.

They simply provide the rails that the credit card system runs on. Credit card processors like First Data that actually do the work of processing merchants credit card transactions on the back-end are also in a strong position.

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Die Cutting And Embossing

  • 5 After lamination has been completed, the finished assembly is cut and completed by die cutting methods. Each assembly yields a sheet, which is cut into 63 credit cards. This is achieved by first cutting the assembly longitudinally to form seven elongated sections. Each of the seven sections is then cut and trimmed to form nine credit cards. In subsequent operations, the card is embossed with account numbers. The finished cards are then prepared for shipping, usually by attaching the card to a paper letter with adhesive.

Decide Whether To Buy A Franchise Or Start From Scratch

38 Free and Premium Credit Card Mockups

Franchising is one of the surest ways of owning a business and becoming your own boss. Its brand affinity, a trusted product line and corporate support which is an essential feature if you want to make name and fortunes in the credit card issuing business. Buying into a franchise in the credit and card Issuing business grants you some major advantages like

  • Following a Proven Business system
  • You know exactly what youre getting
  • Youll Be Selling an Established Brand

6. Know the Possible Threats and Challenges You Will Face

Setting up a credit card processing business is not difficult but have few challenges just like any other business. These challenges may be unforeseen bridges or just mere steps you need to take to start your business. But in all, let it be known that the credit card processing business is a lucrative business not just for today but in the future too.

Before you start your credit card processing business, it is pertinent for you to be aware of some of the challenges credit card processing companies face among which is fraud and identity theft. You have to go into the business armed with the necessary information and techniques to prevent such problems and tackle them whenever they occur.

  • Studying existing credit card Issuing businesses
  • Choosing your niche market
  • Registering your business.

7. Choose the Most Suitable Legal Entity

8. Choose a Catchy Business Name from the ideas Below

  • Cretrek credit services
  • Legit credit repairs

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History Of Older Credit Card Designs

Earlier credit cards were made up of one or two colors and your credit card number lacking any distinguishable design. After a little while, banks came to realize the importance of visual branding and began to drive more efforts into making their card designs recognizable. Banks started to use the logo, color, advertising characters and endorsements to increase their brands exposure.

Figure Out Your Niche

Specialization is the best thing you can focus on when you are starting a credit card company. This requires you to know your niche and know who you serve.

For instance, youll need to consider different matters when serving cardholders trying to rebuild your credit, then you will serve people using credit to travel or start big businesses.

Think about the last time that you got one of those credit card offers in the mail. While this may seem like a random occurrence, it is actually due to companies pinpointing you based on lifestyle, demographics or other matters.

You will always need to hone in on certain customers in order to maximize your credit card business.

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Dealing With Credit Card Fraud Isnt As Difficult As It Sounds

How to start a Credit Card Business | $17k Per Month

If fear of fraud has made you reluctant to pull the trigger on your first credit card, understand that credit cards actually offer you more protection against fraud than debit cards do.

If crooks gain access to your debit card information, they could empty your bank account in an instant. You can report the fraud to your bank and recover your money, but that will take time to straighten out and in the interim, you could be strapped for cash.

When your credit card information is used fraudulently:

  • It’s the credit card company’s money at stake, not yours. Youll have plenty of time to dispute any fraudulent charges and remove them from your outstanding balance, typically right away.

  • You dont have to pay. Federal law minimizes your liability for unauthorized credit card purchases, and zero-liability policies of credit card networks like Visa and Mastercard generally bring your liability down to $0.

  • Getting a replacement card is relatively easy. After you call your issuer to alert them about fraud on your account, theyll cancel your card and send you a new one with a new number. No one will be able to make transactions using your old card number.

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Paying Late Comes At A High Cost

Missing your due date can get expensive quickly. Depending how late your payment is, you could face:

  • Late fees. The legal limits on these fees are adjusted annually. But generally, the first time costs well over $20, and subsequent violations can be close to $40.

  • Penalty APRs. Most credit cards no longer charge penalty APRs, but some do. A penalty APR kicks in when you pay late, and can increase your interest rate to 30% or more right away for new transactions. And if the payment is more than 60 days late, that penalty APR can also be applied to your outstanding balance.

  • Damage to your credit. Paying a day late wont hurt your credit. But if you pay 30 or more days late, your payment will also be recorded as late on your credit reports, hurting your credit scores.

Consider setting up automatic payments from your bank account. Or, if youre worried about overdrawing your account, note your due dates on a calendar as a reminder.

What If The Image I Want To Upload Doesnt Meet The File Format File Size And Pixel Dimension Guidelines

Certain disposable cameras, mobile phones, and other picture-taking devices dont produce high-quality, high-resolution images. As a result, you may not be able to alter the file to make it meet the guidelines.

Sometimes you can successfully alter your image files using a photo software application from your camera company or another photo-editing tool.

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What Should I Do If Wells Fargo Does Not Approve My Customization

Wells Fargo will notify you by email if theres a problem with the customization and image that you submitted, and we will invite you to try again with a different image that meets our posted Image Guidelines. In most cases, solving the problem may be as simple as selecting an image that isnt trademarked or under copyright.

You Can See The Rates And Fees Before Applying

.: DIY Credit Cards holder :.

Credit card issuers are required by federal law to publicly disclose certain terms, such as interest rates and fees, before you apply. These are displayed in whats called a Schumer box, a table that can usually be found on a credit cards application page online or on a slip enclosed in paper applications. The Schumer box includes the card’s:

  • Annual fee, or what it charges cardholders on a yearly basis.

  • Foreign transaction fees, or fees charged when making purchases outside the U.S. typically, 3% of the amount charged.

  • Late fees, which are charged when you pay late by even a day or if you don’t pay at least the minimum amount due.

Of course, there’s some information you wont get until after you apply. For example, in most cases you won’t know what your credit card limit is until your application is approved.

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How To Start A Credit Card Business


If you have a background in the credit industry, then you may have the experience necessary to start a credit card business. There are three ways to start a credit card business: affiliate programs, affinity partnerships or by starting a card-issuing company from scratch.

Raise The Needed Startup Capital

Most businesses need outside funding, but many entrepreneurs dont know where to find it, or how much to ask for. Whether you need loans, small business grants, angel investors, venture capital, crowd funding, or investments from friends and family, you can greatly improve your chances of securing business capital. Ways of financing your credit and card processing business may include:

  • Personal savings
  • Alternative funding source like Crowdfunding

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Brainstorm Possible Ways To Retain Clients & Customers

The competition in the credit and card processing business is based on getting and retaining customers. The customers who keep coming back to your business are your most valuable assets. The most loyal 15 percent of customers account for 55 to 70 percent of total sales.

Making sure they stay happy is the secret to a sustainable and highly profitable business. In other to retain your customers in your credit and card processing business, you have to:

  • Provide Exceptional Customer Service
  • Create a system for complaints
  • Develop an Outstanding Product or Service
  • Do small favours

Getting Too Close To Your Limit Can Sink Your Credit Score


The percentage of available credit you use is called your . This is a major factor in your credit scores. When your utilization ratio creeps up too high if, for example, you have a balance of $1,500 on a card with a $2,000 limit your credit scores can take a beating.

The lower your credit utilization ratio is, the better. To keep your score in good shape, try to use less than 30% of your limit at all times. That way, you can be sure that whenever the issuer reports your accounts status to the credit bureaus, your balance wont be too close to your limit.

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Develop Strategies To Boost Brand Awareness And Create A Corporate Identity

Brand affinity and awareness is the only way potential customers know who you are and what you do. Without it, your company can toss its snazzy content marketing out the window. Successful brand awareness is more than simple name recognition. It also requires that consumers know what you do on the most basic level. Ways to increase customer retention includes

  • Begin by creating a few reliable credit card processing lead sources
  • Pitch your clients
  • Follow up with your customers
  • Build a pipeline of prospects
  • Good marketing

23. Create a Supplier /Distribution Network

Due to the many regulatory requirements levied on businesses, the modern credit card processor is usually partnered with merchants through a concept known as software-as-a-service .

SaaS payment processors offer a single, regulatory-compliant electronic portal that enables a merchant to scan checks , process single and recurring credit card payments , process single and recurring ACH and cash transactions, process remittances and Web payments.

These cloud-based features occur regardless of origination through the payment processors integrated receivables management platform. This result in cost reductions, accelerated time-to-market, and improved transaction processing quality.

Through Tokenization, businesses are able to use this token to process charges, perform refunds, or void transactions without ever storing the payment card data, which can help to make the merchant system PCI-compliant.

  • Interest

What Should I Do If My Card Is Lost Stolen Or Damaged

Report lost or stolen cards immediately to Wells Fargo by going online , using your Wells Fargo MobileĀ® app or by calling us.

For personal credits cards, call 1-800-642-4720

For personal debit or prepaid cards, call 1-800-TO-WELLS

For business debit or credit cards, call 1-800-CALL-WELLS

If your card is already customized, your new replacement card will come with the same design that appeared on the card that was lost or stolen.

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If Youre Rejected For A Credit Card The Issuer Will Tell You Why

Getting rejected for a credit card is a bummer, but you can learn from it. Card issuers are required by federal law to send you an explanation for their decision, called an adverse action notice. For example, an issuer might say you were rejected because your income was too low, or you lack a credit history. This feedback could help you decide how to improve your chances for approval next time.

About the author:Claire Tsosie is an assigning editor for NerdWallet. Her work has been featured by Forbes, USA Today and The Associated Press. Read more

Enter An Affiliate Program

How To Make Credit Cards Work For You

An affiliate program is the most common way of entering the credit card business. With affiliate programs, you earn commissions by promoting an online credit card merchants products and services. As an affiliate, you need to be innovative about promoting yourself.

You can start a website, for example, and market your service. A website is useful for more than just promotions, though. Through an affiliate program, you use your website to link visitors to the merchant you are working with. There, individuals purchase the products and services they want, while the commissions come to you.

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Optional Fields On A Credit Card Application

Some applications may ask the following additional questions:

You may be able to add authorized users to your account, in which case the bank will ask for their names . These users will receive a card in their name and be able to make purchases with the card. Keep in mind, however, that authorized users are not cosigners. You alone will be responsible for making all payments on the account.

Balances to transfer

If the card allows balance transfers, you may request to have balances transferred from other credit card accounts to the new card. If you want to do a balance transfer, youll need to put down:

  • Payment address
  • Transfer amount

Keep in mind that you usually cannot transfer balances from other accounts at the same bank and the bank may only allow you to transfer a portion of the balance you request. Learn more about how to apply for balance transfers, and how the transfers work, here.

Donotpay Free Trial Card

Apart from testing various websites and protecting yourself from malicious merchants, VCCs are an excellent way to enjoy free trials of numerous streaming services. Since all of them offer different features, it gets hard to figure out which are suitable for you.

Thats why we all love free trials as we get the chance to check the service and decide if we like it based on personal experience. The problem is that with the number of free trials we sign up for these days, it is quite easy to forget to cancel a subscription once the initial period is over.

Some sites go even further, and you often end up subscribing to a service that you already canceled. Another nasty trick is that the providers make it so complicated to unsubscribe that you end up paying just because the cancelation process is too demanding.

DoNotPay designed its Free Trial Card to help you avoid these tricks. The card has everything a regular VCC needs to be approved by an online service provider, yet it is in no way connected to your bank account, and it doesnt contain any of your personal information.

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