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How To Create Amazon Account Without Credit Card

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How To Download Apps On Firestick Without Credit Card Information

How to create an Amazon account without a Credit card or Paypal (English)

Before we delve into the topic, let us understand, let us try to understand the meaning of two original words, streaming & …

Oct 7, 2020 ·3 min read >

Before we delve into the topic, let us understand, let us try to understand the meaning of two original words, streaming & Firestick, as these two words will help us grasp the subject concept easier and faster. Streaming is the process of directly viewing live programs over the internet. It is the process of listening to music or watching a program in real-time rather than downloading it on your PC and then viewing it. In this article, we will let you know how to Download Apps on Firestick without Credit Card.

Firestick, on the other hand, is an Android-based streaming device, that when connected to your TVs or computers HDMI port, enables you to watch your favorite shows, movies, play games, listen to music, download photographs, and stream contents of your choice using the Wifi or the internet. A good example is .

Amazon Sign Up: How To Create Amazon Account

To create Amazon account free, please follow the steps outlined below:

1: From your favourite browser, go to . In the top right corner, you will say a menu which says Hello. Sign in with Account and Lists under it. Take your mouse over it and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on the Start Here link which is directly below the yellow Sign In button.

2: Fill in your personal information in the Amazon Sign up form that shows up when youve clicked on the Start Here link. The Amazon registration form will need you to fill in your name, email address, and it will prompt you to choose a password for your Amazon account.

3: Click on Create your Amazon account link when you are done filling the Amazon sign up form to create Amazon account free. Once you click on the Create your Amazon account link, you will be taken to the Amazon welcome page. You now have an Amazon account. You can go ahead and enjoy the goodies on the Amazon platform.

4: Personalize your Amazon account. The next step after you complete Amazon sign ut or Amazon registration will be to personalize your Amazon account. You will need to enter more information about your Amazon account such as your addresses, payment options, phone number and more. This is not compulsory but it will be required when youre doing transactions on the Amazon shopping website.

Creating An Amazon Account During The Firestick Setup

If you want to avoid being asked to provide your credit card info every time you try to download an app on your FireStick, make sure you dont sign up for an Amazon account during the FireStick setup.

To use your FireStick, you need to sign in with an Amazon account. When you set up your FireStick for the first time, you are presented with a window titled Sign in with Your Amazon Account and you are given the following two options:

  • I already have an Amazon account
  • I am new to Amazon
  • If you already have an Amazon account, you simply need to choose the first option. If you do not have an Amazon account, you are likely to choose the option I am new to Amazon


    It is highly recommended that you create an Amazon account on a computer or mobile before setting up your FireStick. And, during the setup, choose the 1st option.

    I will tell you why!

    A lot of users complain that FireStick does not let them download apps from the Amazon Store even the free ones unless they have updated the credit card details in their Amazon Account. But, that wont be necessary if you create an Amazon account beforehand and not during the setup.

    I use an Amazon account on one of my FireSticks which neither has Prime subscription nor any credit card info. I have never been asked to provide a credit card for app downloads.

    Just make sure you have a valid billing address in your Amazon account and that you have enabled 1-Click Purchase.

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    How To Personalize Amazon Account

    It is easy to personalize your Amazon account. Simply log in to your Amazon account and click onMy Account and you will see the options to personalize your Amazon account. Select each at a time and add the required details as we have shown in some examples below. The My Account page is as shown below.

    Activate Amazon Prime Free Trial With Pc

    Make An Amazon Account Without A Credit Card

    In the following lines of the guide I will explain, in detail, both how to activate the Amazon Prime free trial and how to redeem a promotional code obtained from an external company.

    To activate Prime for free without a credit card from the computer⦠Linked to the Amazon homepage using your browser of choice, hover over the item⦠Accounts and lists located in the upper right corner and, if you already have an Amazon account, press the button Login toâ¦to enter.

    Otherwise, click the link Start here, enter the necessary data in the fields attached to the next screen and click on the Create your account on Amazon.

    If necessary, to activate the new profile, enter the Confirmation code that was delivered to you by email, within the appropriate field.

    Once you have logged into your account , you can proceed to the activation of the free month of Amazon Prime: place the mouse cursor on the entry Enroll in Prime and click the button Sign up, it’s free for 30 days from the menu that is offered to you.

    At this point, you should return to the introduction page for a valid payment method: if you prefer to use, instead of a credit card, a prepaid card belonging to one of the supported circuits , enter the data into the fields name on paper and

    Specify the expiration date using the appropriate menus and when you’re done, click the Add your card.

    To activate the Prime Student free trial, press the button Enroll – 90 days at no additional charge.

    Phone or tablet

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    Use Your Checking Account

    Though it may be less common, some online retailers let you use your checking account and routing information to make purchases. Check the payment options for the retailer to confirm that you can use your checking information.

    Checking account purchases are often made through EFT, or electronic funds transfer. EFTs digitally move money from one account to another. They are regulated by the Electronic Fund Transfer Act , which is designed to protect consumers.

    Can I Really Bypass Amazon Fire Stick Registration

    Firestick is the product of Amazon that means to use this device you are required to have an . People who purchase this device from their website get their registered. Unlike those who purchase it offline like any local electronic shop are required to register it by themselves.

    Now the question is, is there a way to use Firestick without Amazon Account? So, the simple answer is yes, there is a way to use it without using the account. This process is quite complicated and a user must have some knowledge of Unknown Source and jailbreak on a FireTV.

    It is because a user is required to instal a 3rd-party launcher and with the help of this it wont require to have an Amazon account. This is the reason why you should first learn about these terms and afterwards, you can simply check out this whole guide. As there are some complicated steps that you should read carefully or you end up having some problems.

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    Can I Share My Prime Membership With Others

    Yes, with the help of Amazon Household you can share your prime benefits with up to 2 adult persons and with up to 4 teens .

    • How many devices can you register with Amazon Prime? > You can register up to 6 devices.
    • How many users can use Amazon Prime account? > Up to 4 teens and 2 adults with a household.

    You can play up to three videos at the same time with the same Amazon account. You can watch the same video on more than 2 devices at once.

    Can I Set Up A Firestick Without A Credit Card

    Create Amazon Account Without Credit Card | Amazon Sign Up 2018

    No, Amazon requires to have a payment method added in your account in case you want to download apps. However, if you dont want to install anything then you shouldnt add your credit card information. Also, dont worry about it as if you are downloading free apps then it wont charge anything from your card.

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    How Do You Get Free Twitch Cards

    Get Twitch $15 Gift Card for free with Swagbucks

  • Sign up for Swagbucks. Sign up for free with just your email and password.
  • Earn 1500 SB. Complete surveys, take advantage of promos, find shopping deals, play games or watch videos.
  • Redeem your points for Twitch $15 Gift Card. Exchange your SB for a Twitch $15 Gift Card .
  • Create A Netflix Account

    Now, go to and enter the Gift card code that you received in the mail. Now, enter a valid email address to create a Netflix account. Click Continue.

    After that, you would be prompted to choose a plan. As you can see in the image below, there are three different plans that range from $8.99 to $17.99. Click Continue after selecting a plan.

    Secondly, add a password to your newly created account and proceed by clicking Continue.

    Click Start Membership to begin your Netflix journey.

    Enjoy and happy streaming.

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    How To Get Amazon Prime Video Free Trial

    This is straight to the point. Remember that in order to get your free trial, you have to make sure of two things:

    • Your account must have dormant for a full 12 months.
    • You are a completely new subscriber.

    Once you’re sure you’re in one of the categories above, do the following:

    • Visit the Amazon Prime website.
    • Click on Start Your Free Trial
    • Finish up the instructions given and you’ll get your free trial.

    Add Cash To Your Amazon Account With Amazon Cash

    How To Create Amazon Account Without Credit Card

    Last year, Amazon launched Amazon Cash, a no-fee way to load cash directly into your Amazon account.

    Open an Amazon account and find your unique barcode on the page. You can print your barcode or provide your phone number to have a copy of your barcode sent to your phone. Then, visit one of 30,000 participating stores including 7-Eleven, CVS/Pharmacy, Cumberland Farms and GameStop to instantly add cash to your card.

    The cashier will scan your barcode, you specify the amount you want to be added to your Amazon balance and can pay in cash. The amount is instantly added to your Amazon account.

    Amazon Cash is another no-cost way to shop online at any retailer that offers Amazon Pay, like Merrell or Purple, without a credit or debit card.

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    How Do I Get Amazon Prime Student Without Being A Student

    You can get an Amazon prime student offer without being a student. This is a trick by which you can get free amazon prime membership. There you need Edu email address and I have already shared 2 methods on my youtube channel Tech Sahil.

    You can watch those videos and can get your free edu email address. With that edu email address you can create amazon prime membership free for 6 months or free for 1 year.

    Amazon Prime Free Trial For 1 Year

    Amazon Prime Student Membership Trick

    buy prime video 6 months account at very cheap rate. you can contact to team tech sahil on telegram.

    just message to my partner at telegram


    First I want to tell you this is a well known method for my telegram channel members.

    Its the iban method. In this method we will use Germany Amazon Prime Student offer.

    But for a 12 months amazon prime account, here you need a Edu email address. You can watch my YouTube video for getting a free Edu email address. for watch the video of Free edu email

    This Method is Specially for amazon prime video free trial

    Update :This method is working mostly in Andhra Pradesh with Airtel network in India. Confirmed by many users.

    STEP 1 : Open this Amazon Student Offer Link. and Click on amazon prime student trial.

    STEP 2 : Click on Create Account.

    STEP 3 : Complete amazon prime student sign up process. Follow instructions given below.

    Update : Working Email services for Register : Hotmail, Outlook, Rediffmail, Gamail, Yahoo mail.

    STEP 4 : Enter the OTP code received on your email address.

    STEP 5 : Now Enter your edu email address, Select year 2021 or 2022 And fill all details as shown in picture.

    . Create unlimited amazon prime free trial for 1 year.

    STEP 6 : Open website showing in this picture and select Germany.

    STEP 7 : Now copy these details and fill in the next step.

    STEP 8 : OK, now fill this and click on Button.

    Method 2

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    Is There A Monthly Fee For Amazon Account For Firestick

    No, Firestick doesnt have any monthly fee in case you are not using any premium service like Prime Video etc. However, if you have Prime Video service activated then you will be charged each month. Other than this you can still use some free apps like Cinema HD, TeaTV, Cyberflix TV etc to watch free movies or TV Shows without getting charged.

    How To Get A Netflix Trial Without A Credit Card

    Amazon cloud- Create a free account. No credit card required, only debit card

    If someone has let you try out Netflix with a gift card or gift subscription, you dont need to enter your credit card details to enjoy Netflix. You can watch for as long as the amount of money on the card or subscription lasts.

    To get a Netflix trial without a credit card, simply go to in your web browser. Then, simply click in the empty box that appears and type in your gift card or gift subscription code, and click Redeem.

    If you arent signed into a Netflix account when you enter this code, you will be prompted to either log in or create a new account. If you create a new account in this manner, you only have to enter your email address and mailing code, and pick a password. No billing details required!

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    Donotpays Virtual Credit Cards

    Has it ever happened to you that you wanted a free trial with some company badly, but you changed your mind once theyve requested your credit card information on the submission form? Imagine being able to start a free trial without feeling unsafe about your information. With DoNotPay this is a realistic option. How do DoNotPay virtual credit cards work? Our virtual credit card generator creates a temporary account number and a fake email address, and the company sees them as real. You start your free trial without leaving any personal info.

    Our virtual credit cards dont contain any money, so when your free trial ends, the company cant charge you, and you get unsubscribed without having to go through the cancellation process yourself. The following is what DoNotPay does for you:

    • Generates a random credit card number
    • Stops automatic charges and auto-renewals
    • Cancels subscription for you
    • Unlimited access to audiobooks

    Not Disconnecting Vpn Before Powering Off Your Firestick

    Most FireStick VPNs, including ExpressVPN, offer the auto-connect option on startup. Meaning, they automatically connect to the same server when you turn on your FireStick if you turned off the device while still connected to the VPN server.

    I believe that it is a useful option. You dont have to reconnect to a VPN every time you restart your device. Also, you dont have to worry about forgetting to connect to a VPN after the device restart.

    However, there is a problem with FireStick that messes up with the device date and time when you turn off the device while the VPN is connected.

    If your FireStick is showing the wrong date and time , it is likely that it was caused due to this.

    To make sure this does not happen, turn off the VPN before powering off your FireStick.

    However, if you are not bothered by the incorrect date or time, I would say keep the VPN on. The date and time do not affect your streaming activities, especially if you are using third-party streaming apps.

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    Keeping The Default Privacy Settings

    Your privacy is being compromised and sometimes quite blatantly. While FireStick is an amazing streaming device, Amazon is using this device to track your online activities.

    The default Privacy Settings of FireStick allow Amazon to:

    • Collect Device Usage Data
    • Collect App Usage Data
    • Conduct Data Monitoring

    Unsuspecting users do not even know that their streaming activities are being constantly monitored. Ideally, Amazon should clearly let the users know about these settings and must first take the consent before enabling them. But, thats not the case.

    Thankfully, you can disable data collection and data monitoring from the FireStick Settings. Follow these steps:

    1. Select Settings from the FireStick home screen.

    2. Open Preferences.

    4. Disable or turn off the following:

    • Device Usage Data

    5. Now, press the back button one time and go back to Preferences

    Click Data Monitoring.

    6. Turn off Data Monitoring on the following window.

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