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How To Clear My Credit Card Debt

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5 tips to help clear your credit card debt

If youre in over your head and need some help gaining ground, here are some additional tips for getting out of credit card debt:

  • If youre experiencing trouble repaying your debts, your issuer is often more than willing to help you figure out a plan to get you back on track. Alternate payment plans or adjusted interest rates are just a few of the outcomes that can help you out. And besides, it never hurts to ask.
  • Seek professional help. Gaining control over your debts can be very difficult, especially at the beginning. It can be helpful to get professional advice and there are even a range of free services for debt management that you can consider.
  • Use your savings. Since your savings account could never offer an interest rate as high as the one youre probably paying on your credit card, it follows that you should be using your savings to pay off your credit card debts. Use the cash under your bed, that rainy-day fund and every penny you can find to pay off those debts, because theyll just swell up with interest if you dont. And once theyre paid off, youll have more money you can put towards your savings.

Why Would A Person Choose Consumer Credit Counseling Over Debt Settlement Or Validation

Depending on what your goal is will determine what program is best for you.

If your primary goal is to get the lowest possible payment and be done with the program in the quickest time frame, debt settlement and validation will surely be more appealing.

If you have a 750 credit score and have no late marks on your credit, your goal may be to preserve that perfect credit history.

Even though you can save more with debt settlement or validation, you may decide its not worth having to deal with the stress that comes along with debt settlement, about late and collection marks on credit, and the possibility of getting sued.

You have to consider the pros and cons of each option and weigh the benefits versus downsides side by side.

When it comes to financial hardship plans like settlement and validation, you need to be mentally strong and see the big picture and be ready to stick to the plan no matter how stressful things may get. A reputable debt relief company is experienced in helping its clients get through a hardship program no matter what happens. If they get sued, the company is aligned with attorneys ready to resolve a summons.

Split Your Payment In Half And Pay Twice

Credit card interest isnt calculated based on how much you owe on the due date or at the end of a billing period. Instead, if you carry a balance from one month to the next, your interest is based on your average daily balance. Because of this, making smaller payments more frequently can reduce the amount of interest you owe.

Lets say you owe $4,000 on your card and you can afford to pay $500 a month. If you make that $500 payment on the 25th day of a 30-day billing cycle, your average daily balance would be $3,900. But if you make two payments of $250, one on the 10th day and another on the 25th day of the billing cycle, your average daily balance would be $3,775. Therefore, you would be accruing interest on $125 less than you would be if you made only one payment. The more months you do this, the more savings youll enjoy.

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How To Negotiate Credit Card Debt

Thomas J. Brock is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Public Accountant with 20 years of corporate finance, accounting, and financial planning experience managing large investments including a $4 billion insurance carrier’s investment operations.

If you’re facing financial challenges that are making it seem impossible to pay off your credit card debt, then negotiating with your creditor to reach a settlement agreement may be an option to consider. And you don’t necessarily need to hire a debt settlement company to do ityou can negotiate a deal on your own if you approach it with some knowledge and determination.

Two Exceptions To The Rule

How to clear your credit card debt quickly

The rule is based on the fact that the cost of debt is usually much higher than the benefit gained from savings. Therefore your pocket gains more by getting rid of the debt than starting to save. The exceptions are in the few occasions when debts are cheaper than savings, or cost so much to pay off that there’s no point:

  • The penalty exception. If you’re locked into the debt, so that paying it off incurs a penalty, as with some loans or mortgages, then leave the cash sitting in a savings account until the penalty’s small enough that it doesn’t matter.

  • There are a number of products where this is possible: introductory 0% credit card offers , 0% overdrafts and Student Loans .

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It Allows You To Manage Your Loan Conveniently

All you have to do is log on to the customer portal with your user ID and password and you will be able to view your loans principal statements, balance and interest statements at your convenience. When you take a debt consolidation loan from one of the leading loan providers in the country, you will be able to access this information without contacting an executive or visiting the branch.Additional Read:4 Simple Ways to Manage Your DebtThese are some of the benefits that a debt consolidation loan offers, making it a worthy contender if your credit cards outstanding amount has you concerned. However, before you apply for it, ensure that you understand the eligibility for personal loan and check if its a good match for you. Using the handy personal loan eligibility calculator will tell if you can avail this loan, and also the amount that you can borrow. You can also avail pre-approved offers by Bajaj Finserv that help you save time and get instant financing. Just enter your basic details and check out your personal loan pre-approved offer.

DISCLAIMER:The content of this document is meant merely for information purposes. The personal loan features mentioned in this article are subject to updation, completion, revision, verification and the same may change materially based on policy revisions. For more details, please visit our Personal Loan terms and conditions page here.

Pay It Off With Savings

Youre probably being charged around 19% interest on your credit card spending. Possibly even more. So if theres £500 on there, thatll add on nearly £8 for the first month alone.

But if youve got that cash in savings, even the best buy current accounts at 2.02% a year will only make you 84p in the same month.

So if you were to pay off the card rather than keep cash in savings youd save £7.16 a month, or £85.92 a year. And itll be a much bigger saving if youve got a larger debt.

Its good financial sense to have access to emergency cash, but if you have a credit card available, then consider that as your back up and clear the debt.

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Apply Any Extra Money In Your Budget To Your Payment

Say you owe $5,000 on a credit card with an 18% APR and a minimum payment of $100. It would cost you $4,311 in interest if you just paid the minimum. But what if you cut your monthly expenses by $25 and made a $125 payment each month instead? You would save $1,618 in interest charges and almost three years of payments. If you could find an extra $50 in your monthly budget, you would save $2,328 in interest and pay your debt off four years faster.

Top Credit Card Wipes Out Interest Into 2023

4 easy ways to clear your credit card debt | Millennial Money

If you have credit card debt, transferring it to this top balance transfer card secures you a 0% intro APR into 2023! Plus, youll pay no annual fee. Those are just a few reasons why our experts rate this card as a top pick to help get control of your debt. Read The Ascent’s full review for free and apply in just 2 minutes.

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Using A Credit Card To Pay Medical Bills

Medical bills can be overwhelmingly expensive, especially if you’re uninsured. If you’re having trouble paying your medical bills, negotiate an agreement with the hospital or other company to whom you owe money. Don’t add to your bills and stress by adding exorbitant credit card interest rates onto them. You should also go through your medical bills a second or third time, making sure they are accurate and you understand all the charges.

How Long Does It Take To Get Out Of Debt

Theres no set one-size-fits all timeline for getting out of debt. Creating a budget and a debt payment plan for yourself will help you reach the finish line as fast as possible. Focusing on accomplishing one goal at time will also make the whole process seem much more manageable. Plus, if youre reading this, youve made a good start already!

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Pay Off Debt Before Saving

While it’s good to have a financial cushion for use in emergencies, there’s little logic in having savings if you also owe money on a credit card or overdraft.

The rates available on the best instant-access savings accounts are significantly lower than the average interest rate on a credit card, which typically will have an APR of 19%.

Using your savings to pay off your borrowing could save you hundreds of pounds a year in interest charges.

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage With Savings

Clear your credit card debt as soon as possible

Many people don’t think of their mortgage as a debt, but of course it is. However, the key difference is mortgages are usually at a much cheaper rate and less flexible.

In this case the difference between debt and savings is much smaller, but you’re still better off using the savings to clear your mortgage debt. And remember the above assumes you’re with a top savings account, which sadly most people aren’t.

Yet there are a number of exceptions and hurdles to this – for full details, including a specially designed calculator, read the Should I pay off my mortgage? guide.

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Researching Debt Settlement Companies

Before you enroll in a debt settlement program, do your homework. Youre making a big decision that involves spending a lot of your money money that could go toward paying down your debt. Check out the company with your state Attorney General and local consumer protection agency. They can tell you if any consumer complaints are on file about the firm youre considering doing business with. Ask your state Attorney General if the company is required to be licensed to work in your state and, if so, whether it is.

Enter the name of the company name with the word “complaints” into a search engine. Read what others have said about the companies youre considering, including news about any lawsuits with state or federal regulators for engaging in deceptive or unfair practices.

Drop A Brand When Buying Groceries

One way to have a positive impact on debts is to cut down spending where you can in other areas of your life.

An easy way to do this is to drop a brand when buying groceries. This doesnt mean ditching your favourite supermarket but means choosing a lower-level brand than you typically opt for.

If you usually buy branded products, then try supermarket own-brand. If own-brand is more your style, then give the value range a whirl.

Find out more: supermarket price comparison find the cheapest places to shop.

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Pay More Than The Minimum

Dont be fooled into thinking the minimum payment of £10 or £25 a month will help you clear your debt. In fact, the opposite is true. When you make the minimum payment, you will almost certainly pay more in charges than if you paid back larger sums. With the average , even if you paid £100 a month, it would take you over 3 years to pay it all back including over £800 in interest (based on the average APR of 21.6%. In this instance, you would be better off putting major savings on a back burner until your debts are cleared.

Double Your Minimum Payment

Clear Your Credit Card Debt

More than 1 in 10 Americans who have credit cards make only the minimum required payment. Minimum payments are enough to cover the interest on your account, so they can keep you from falling behind, but they don’t get you much closer to eliminating your debt. One simple way to make a huge impact is to pay double the minimum. Say you owe $2,000 on a credit card with a 20% APR and a $40 monthly minimum payment. If you could find an extra $40 in your budget and you paid $80 each month, you would save $1,727 in interest and get out of debt more than six years faster.

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Do A Balance Transfer

The less interest you accrue on your credit card debt, the easier it’ll be to pay it off quickly. And to that end, a balance transfer credit card can help.

When you do a balance transfer, you move your existing balances onto a new credit card with a lower interest rate. You may, in fact, be able to get a 0% introductory APR on your balance transfer. A balance transfer is especially worth pursuing if you have decent credit.

Reject Increases In Your Credit Card Apr

If you withdraw cash from a cash machine with your credit card or pay off anything less than the full amount on your statement, you’ll normally be charged interest by the card company.

If your credit card company decides to increase your interest rate, it must contact you at least 30 days beforehand to give you time to decide what to do. You should be given 60 days to reject the hike, cancel the card and pay back what you owe at the old rate.

Find out more: discover how credit card interest is calculated and how to find the best credit card deal that suits your circumstances.

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Why Does The Debt Snowball Method Work

Dave Ramsey explains: The debt snowball works because its all about behavior modification, not math. When it all boils down, hope has more to do with this equation than math ever will. If you start paying on the student loan first because its the largest account, it could take you years to get rid of that first debt. Youll see numbers going down on the balance, but pretty soon, youll lose steam and stop paying extra. Why? Because its taking forever to get a win! And youll still have all your other small, annoying debts hanging around too.

Dont Stop Once You Hit Zero

5 tips to help clear your credit card debt

Paying down your balances is no small feat. It takes a dedicated effort to consistently make responsible financial decisions. Once youve paid off your debt, use that newfound willpower to put yourself in an even better position for the future.

Take the money you were using toward paying down balances to supplement your emergency savings. While saving six months of expenses may feel unobtainable, remember that even a small cushion can help protect against having to take on more debt while you work toward your ultimate goal.

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Separate Debts And Savings To Avoid Them Setting Off

If you have debt and savings with the same provider then it has the right to set-off and use money held in your current or savings account to pay off debt such as a credit card or personal loan.

While its unlikely to happen, it can, especially if youre juggling your debt repayments, and would have a big impact on your personal cash flow.

The best way to avoid it is to move your savings to a different financial institution .

Find out more: use our free tool to check if your savings and debt are with the same financial institution .

Understand Why Credit Card Companies Negotiate

If you’re going to try and negotiate with a credit card company, then you should know what often motivates them to do so. Credit card companies, many of which are owned by banks, have several priorities. The first is to generate profit for the parent company and its shareholders.

When it becomes evident that someone may be unable to pay his or her balance, a shift in the credit card company’s priorities happens that can work to your advantage. The bank or credit card company becomes concerned with getting as much of the balance back from you as possible and closing or restricting your account. This allows them to avoid charging off the entire amount on their income statement, which would cause their stock to fall, management to get lower bonuses, and perhaps even dividend payments to shareholders to be reduced.

Absent some sort of unique set of circumstances, a bankruptcy filing would be the worst-case scenario for the credit card company because it stands to lose everything it has extended you. It means that they may be willing to forgive a large portion of the debt balance in hopes of getting back something rather than nothing.

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Be Aware Of Minimum Credit Card Repayments

The minimum repayment is the least you must pay back on your credit card each month to avoid a penalty. Of course, if you only ever pay the minimum itll take you far longer and cost you more to pay back what you owe.

Its not always a bad thing to pay the minimum, especially if youre struggling for cash in a particular month. However, if you make it a habit youll struggle to escape the debt trap.

If you only make the minimum payment on your credit card, not only could it take you years to repay the full balance but you may also be damaging your credit score as lenders may view this as you struggling to repay your debt.

You can use our to work out how changing your monthly repayments can impact how long it takes to pay back your credit card debt.

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