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How To Check Credit Card Balance Sbi

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How to Book Balance Transfer on Your SBI Credit Card Using ILA?

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Card card issuers are increasingly using technology to make it easier for cardholders to manage their credit card accounts. If youve lost your , it hasn’t come in the mail yet, or you just prefer a digital copy, you should be able to pull up your most recent billing statement online with a few easy clicks. Nearly all banks and credit card issuers offer online account access.

How To Check Sbi Account Balance Via Sms Number

In case, you dont have access to the internet or you are not registered for online banking, you can check the balance by sending an SMS. Heres how to do it. To get the balance, make sure you have registered for the facility by sending REG Account Number to 09223766666.

  • SMS BAL to 09223766666
  • You will get an SMS with the balance instantly.
  • Apart from checking the bank balance, you can also get a mini statement which is the last 5 transactions on the account. To get a mini statement, you can SMS MSTMT to 09223866666. Similarly, you can get an e-statement of the last 6 months by sending ESTMT < space> < Account Number> < space> < code> to 09223588888. Lastly, sending HLI < space> < Account Number> < space> < code> to 09223588888 will get you a home loan interest certificate.

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    Sbi Bank Balance Check Using Net Banking

    • Open the Official Website of SBI that is Online SBI on your PC, Laptop or Mobile
    • In the Personal Banking Head, click on the Login Button.
    • The click on the Continue to Login button.
    • Enter your Username and Password in the box.
    • Enter the Captcha as shown in the box and then make a successful SBI Login.
    • You can see your bank account number and branch name after logging in.
    • Then click on the link to know your available account balance.

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    How Can I Check My Sbi Credit Card Balance

    If you are an existing cardholder, you can easily check SBI credit card balance via both online as well as offline ways:

    Online ways to check SBI card balance:

  • Via Net banking

  • Offline ways to check SBI card balance:

    • Via SBI SMS Banking

    • Visiting the nearest SBI branch

    • Visiting the nearest SBI ATM

    • Via Missed Call

    Should You Pay Rent Using Your Credit Card

    SBI Balance Check by Missed Call Number 09223766666 ~ Toll Free Numbers ...

    Let us try to answer this question using a simple example. Here we have considered a cardholder paying rent using a credit card where his/her cards limit is Rs. 80,000.

    Monthly Rent Rs. 30,000

    The calculations below have been done based on the following assumptions:

    • Assuming that the credit card has only been used for rent payment
    • Assuming that the card user pays rent every 2nd of the month

    Following transactions were made:

    Rs. 58,500 + Rs. 1278.98 + Rs. 1001.09 = 60780.07

    *The interest levied for 29 days on total amount29*30,000*3.5%*12/365 = Rs. 1001.0

    **Interest levied from May 2nd May 19th on the balance of Rs. 28,500 + Rs. 30,0009*58,500*3.5%*12/365 = Rs. 1278.98

    For the statement generated on May 19th, the total amount due would be Rs. 60,780. In case the cardholder fails to pay the amount by the due date the interest incurred on this amount would be for 36 days i.e. from 2nd May to June 7th. This is because if the cardholder is unable to pay the due amount, his/her interest-free credit period will expire. Now, the credit cardholder will have to pay a total sum of Rs. 63297.86 plus additional late fee charges as applicable by the credit card issuer.

    Therefore, paying rent via credit card is a good option only if a cardholder is financially stable to pay the bills on time.

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    How To Check My Bank Account Balance In Bank Of India

    Bank of India provides multiple banking services to facilitate its customers. You can check your account balance, open an account, make payments, and perform various bank transactions. It allows its customers to use mobile banking and SMS services. The following are the different ways to check your Bank of India account balance.

    BOI Passbook

    When you open an account with Bank of India, it offers a passbook to every account holder. The passbook keeps a record of all the transactions from the day of account opening. However, you need to update your passbook each time by visiting the bank branch. Consequently, this method of account balance check is not in favor since the customer prefers checking their balance online.

    BOI mPassbook

    BOI has a facility to generate electronic passbooks for your account statements. It allows you to download the statement in a PDF format on mobile.


    Customers having an account with BOI can use an ATM card for checking account balance. You can do this by visiting the nearest BOI ATM or any other bank ATM. You need to follow the below steps to check your Bank of India bank account balance.

    • Swipe the BOI ATM card
    • Enter the 4 digit ATM pin
    • Select the Balance Enquiry Option.
    • ATM will display the account balance on the screen
    • Complete the transaction

    In case you want to check the last few transactions, you can print a mini account statement. The ATM print receipt contains the previous ten account transactions.

    BOI Net Banking

    BOI Mobile Banking

    How To Check Your Sbi Credit Card Balance Via Mobile Banking

    You can easily check the balance of your card through SBI mobile application. However, you must generate an account by clicking on the First Time User option to use this method.

    1. Download the mobile app of SBI card.

    2. Sign in with User ID and password.

    3. The card details will open on a new page. Subtract the outstanding amount from your credit limit to know the balance on your card.

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    How Can I Check My Account Balance Via Passbook

    Usually, banks issue passbooks to everyone on account opening. The passbook contains information about all the transactions in your account. To check your account balance, you can open your passbook. You can see the list of all debit and credit transactions. Hence, its essential to keep your passbook updated every time. However, to update your passbook, you need to visit the bank each time.

    Procedure To Check Sbi Credit Card Balance Via Sms Facility

    How to book Balance Transfer using SBI Card Website?

    You can use SBI’s ‘Simply SMS’ facility if your existing mobile number is verified with SBI. Via sending an SMS from their registered mobile number, the feature enables SBI credit card users to check their card balance. Below is the format for sending the SMS.

    • Type BAL last four digits of the credit card number and send it to 5676791
    • It is also possible to use the SMS service to identify the available credit cap, cash cap, and other credit card related services. That being said, a specific format must be used in the SMS to raise any request, as specified on the website of SBI.

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    Q7 How Can I Check Available Credit And Cash Limit Of My Card

  • Chatbot ILA: Login to ILA using your online account user ID and password and ask account information like available credit and cash limit etc.
  • WEBSITE: Login to your SBI Card account through and check the available credit and cash limit in Account Summary section.
  • APP: Log into the SBI Card Mobile App and check the available credit and cash limit under the Summary Tab. to download the mobile app.
  • Missed call service: Give a Missed call on 8422845513 from your registered mobile number, An instant SMS will be sent on your mobile with latest available credit & cash limit
  • SMS: SMS BAL where XXXX = Last 4 digits of your SBI Card or TATA Card number to 5676791 from your registered mobile number
  • EMAIL: Write to us at
  • Call us on our helpline number to check the details.
  • Faqs Related To Sbi Balance Inquiry

    Q. How to check SBI account balance via missed call?

    Ans. SBI customers can give a missed call at from their registered mobile number for checking their account balance.

    Q. How to get SBI account mini statement via missed call?

    Ans. SBI customers can give a missed call at from their registered mobile number for getting their account mini statement with the last 5 transaction details.

    Q. How to check if my mobile number is registered for Missed Call Banking?

    Ans. You can simply give a missed call at Missed Call Banking number and in case your number is not registered, you will receive an SMS stating that the number is not registered.

    Q. I received and SMS: Dear Customer,Your mobile number is not registered for this facility. How can I register?

    Ans. Customers can simply type an SMS e.g. REG < Your A/c Number> and send it to .

    Q. My number is registered with multiple accounts. Which account balanced will be receive on missed call?

    In case you have multiple SBI accounts associated with one mobile number and you give a missed call on the balance inquiry number, then the bank will send a message containing the balance information of all the accounts.

    Q. Is an ATM balance inquiry will be counted as a free ATM transactions?

    Ans. No. RBI asked banks to not count balance inquiry as a free ATM transaction on 14th Aug 2019.

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    How To Know Sbi Credit Card Balance By Sms

    SBI offers a Simply SMS service for all its existing customers. You can get details about your card just by sending an SMS from the registered number.

    1. Type BAL and send it to 5676791

    2. You can also view the credit and cash limit of your card by sending an SMS. Type AVAIL and send it to 5676791

    1. How to check balance in SBI card online?

    You can check the balance in your card online.

    • Through Netbanking
    • Using SBI cards app

    Check the step-by-step guide for checking SBI credit balance for both the methods above in the article.

    2. What is the SBI credit card balance check number?

    The State Bank of India card balance check number are 1860 180 1290 or 39 02 02 02 .

    3. How to check SBI card balance for free?

    You can check the balance of your card for free through online processes and dialing toll-free numbers.

    4. Do I need to pay charges for dialing SBI credit card balance check no.?

    You do not need to pay any charges for dialing the toll-free numbers for checking the balance in your card.

    5. How to check balance in SBI card without internet?

    You can check balance in your card without internet

    • Through simply SMS facility
    • Or dialing SBI 24×7 helpline numbers

    You can check the step-by-step process of every method in the respective sections of the article.

    6. How often can I check the credit balance of my State Bank of India card?

    There is no allotted limitation on the number of times you can check balance in your card.

    9. What should I do if I lose my SBI card?

    Procedure To Check Sbi Credit Card Balance Via Mobile Banking

    SBI Credit Card Balance by Missed Call: Know Available Limit

    SBI Credit Cardholders can now use the SBI Card mobile application to validate their credit card balance. Nevertheless, the app can only be used by registered net banking users as it asks user ID and password in order to sign in. Tapping on the ‘First time user’ option on the app, new cardholders can generate an account. Follow the below-listed steps to verify your SBI credit card balance once you have the mobile banking login credentials.

    • Open the SBI Card mobile app on your mobile phone and enter the user id and password.
    • You will find your credit card account details after logging into your account, which comprises the remaining balance, credit cap, cash limit, and your recent billing information. You can subtract the remaining amount from the credit limit to identify the available balance on your credit card.

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    Use Your Banks Mobile App

    Download your credit card companys app on your mobile phone, and youll access your account and see recent transactions, payments and balance. You can even make payments or chat with a customer service representative.

    Avoid storing your password, and possibly even your username, on your mobile app. Anyone who picks up your phone can access your account if its not protected.

    How To Check Sbi Credit Card Balance & Outstanding By Estatement/statement

    You can also check SBI Credit Card Balance in your eStatement or Physical Statement. An Example of eStatement is given below where your can see your Available Credit Limit, Available Cash Limit, Total Amount Due and a few other necessary details.

    Please note that this Total Amount Due is at the time which you got your Statement. However, if you have made any payment after that, that amount is considered to be deducted from the Total Amount Due which is the current Outstanding Amount. You can check the current Outstanding of the credit card by the above 2 methods.

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    Benefits Of Sbi Credit Card Transfer

    With the SBI credit card transfer, the outstanding credit card balance can be consolidated and repaid using flexible modes. Here is why you should apply for a SBI credit card balance transfer.

    • Reduced Financial Burden: SBI offers lower credit card balance transfer rates starting at 1.27% along with processing fee of 2.00% on SBI credit card transfer. Thus, you can save on the outstanding balance by transferring your credit card to SBI.
    • Improved Credit Score: If you make timely payment of your balance transfer EMIs, you can improve your credit score with a low-interest rate and an interest-free period of SBI credit card balance transfer.
    • Easy Repayments: With SBI credit card balance transfer, you can consolidate multiple credit card accounts into one account. It will make regular payment easier and organized.
    • Interest-Free Periods : SBI also provides interest-free periods for a specified tenure if you avail of the balance transfer facility of SBI depending upon the current offers at the time of balance transfer.

    Through A Missed Call To Sbi Account Balance Check Number

    How to check sbi account balance online.| sbi check account balance.

    You can also have an SBI Balance Check through a missed call but first, you will have to register yourself for this service. You will have to send an SMS REG< Space> Account Number to 9223488888. Then you will receive a confirmation message that confirms that the service has been activated for your SBI account.

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    Know Sbi Credit Card Balance And Limit By Sms

    SBI activates SMS services by default for its Credit Card customers. The cardholders will get SMS alerts from the bank every time they use the card for making payment. You get real time info about the credit card balance as well as the transaction amount via SMS.

    You can also send an Sms BALXXXX to 5676791 to know the available balance on your credit card. To know available Cash limit, send an SMS AVAILXXXX to the same number.

    Note!!!: Where XXXX is last four digits of SBI credit card number.

    State Bank Of India Credit Card Balance Check Faq

    1. How to check State Bank of India credit card balance on mobile?

    You need to download and install the State Bank of India mobile app on your phone. If you already have login credentials login using that else create an account. Once logged in choose the credit card tab below which you can find the credit card balance option

    2. How to check State Bank of India credit card balance?

    You can check your State Bank of India credit card balance through net banking, mobile app, ATM, SMS alerts, customer service, visiting a branch and the monthly statements.

    3. How do I do an State Bank of India credit card balance enquiry online?

    You need to register your credit card with State Bank of India net banking facility. If you are an existing customer your credit card will be directly mapped with your account else, you will need to do it manually. Once registered you can click on credit cards in the menu and choose credit card balance.

    4. What is the State Bank of India credit card balance enquiry number?

    You can call the toll-free number 1800 180 1290 for any credit card related queries including State Bank of India credit card outstanding balance.

    Thank you!

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