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How To Check Citibank Credit Card Status

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Statuses Of Citi Credit Card Application

How to Know Citibank Credit Card Application Status Online

Following are the different types of application statuses that might be shown on your screen when you check for it. Read all the below-mentioned points thoroughly to understand what all these statuses mean:

  • On-hold: The on-hold status means your application by the bank has been kept on hold due to incomplete information, issues in the verification process, etc. The bank will ask you to provide the required information or documents to continue with the application scrutinizing process.
  • In-progress: The in-progress status means that the bank is still processing your credit card application.
  • Approved: Approved status is reflected when the bank has accepted your credit card application.
  • Disapproved: The disapproved status is reflected when the bank has rejected your application for various reasons like non-fulfillment of eligibility requirement, wrong documents submitted, etc.
  • No record found: There are chances that you can fill the wrong application reference number in the required field for tracking the details, in this case, you will be shown with no record found status.
  • Dispatched: On the approval of your credit card application, you will be notified with the message on the registered number regarding the dispatch of your citi credit card along with the shipment tracking details.

How To Check Credit Card Application Status Online

these days are trending, we use credit cards the most to make the payment to the merchants from whom we purchase products and services. These cards can be used both offline and online to make payments and are quite safe as well because there is no need to carry paper cash with us while we go for shopping outside in local market etc. The use of credit card is safe till you dont share your PIN with anyone, and I am sure you know but still let me tell you one thing. Banks will never call you or send you an E-Mail asking you your personal details like PIN etc.

So if in case you get any such calls in future then make sure you dont share any such personal information about your credit card or debit card and even Internet banking account details. In this guide on Online Indians, we will tell you the procedure which you need to follow to check Credit card application status online. You can check it online by entering your Application Reference Number and your mobile number, I will let you know the complete procedure in further part of this guide.

In this guide of Credit Cards, I will tell you the complete procedure which you need to follow to check credit card status of State Bank of India, Kotak Mahindra Bank, HDFC Bank, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, IndusInd Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank. You can find the procedure to check the status of the banks whose name I have mentioned in this paragraph.

But before that checkout the credit cards which I have listed below,

  • .


How Do I Know If My Credit Card Application Is Approved

You can find this information by going to the banks official website and selecting the Credit Cards tab. You can check the status of your application by clicking To Know Your Status on the right. Click Proceed, and you will be taken to a new page that says Track Your Online Application Status.

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How To Track Your Citibank Credit Card Status

Citibank is one of themain private segment banks in India catering to varying financial services. Itoffers a wide variety of Credit Card options obliging different necessities ofits developing client base. Citibank Credit Cards are accessible in differentclasses, for example, travel, shopping, fuel, way of life and money backenabling the clients to pick one that precisely suits their necessities.

Applying for a CitiCredit Card and following the application status has been made simpler with theassistance of the web. When you have connected for Citibank Credit Card, youcan utilize both on the web and disconnected strategies to follow your CitibankCredit Card application status.

In either case, all youneed is the application reference number and your portable number. Anapplication reference number is an 11-digit number sent to you through an SMSonce your credit card application comes to Citibank.

When you get your reference number, it might take as long as 24 hours for the bank to refresh your application status. Hence, its encouraged to check your credit card status daily after youve gotten your reference number.

Your portable numberought to be equivalent to the one youve entered in your Citi BankCredit Cardapplication.

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  • Online Credit Card Payment

    How to Check Citibank Credit Card Application Status ...

    Pay your post paid mobile bill on Citibank Online. Just realized you have less than a day to make your Citibank Credit Card payment- No worries! You can still make payment on time through Citibank Online, Citi Mobile or NEFT.

    Go to the link of Pay Your Credit Card Bill available in the credit card section as shown below.

    E-Pay :Citibanks E-Pay lets you pay your Credit Card bills online even if you dont have a Citibank banking account. This will normally take 2 working days to get credited into your account depending on the time taken by your Bank to process the payment.

    After you agree the disclaimer you will be navigated to payment portal.Successful payments will normally take 2 working days to get credited into your Credit Card account.Fields marked * are mandatory

    Step 1 : Enter Citibank Credit Card NoStep 2 : Re-enter Citibank Credit Card NoStep 3 : Enter E-mail IdStep 4 : Enter Mobile NoStep 5: Enter Payment Amount Step 6 : Select Bank AccountStep 7 : Click E-Pay Now Button

    Kindly Note :** On clicking EPay Now, you will be securely redirected to the payment interface of your chosen Bank where you will be required to enter authentication details.** Transaction status screen will display the status as Success or Failure or Pending.** All Saturdays except second and fourth Saturday of every calendar month are working Saturdays.

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    Citibank Credit Card Processing Procedure

    The Citibank credit card approval process & verification process is simple and much quicker for existing Citibank customers. They can apply online and get pre-approved offers on credit cards with attractive benefits or sign on bonus.

    The application process is different for other customers. The card applicant needs to either apply online or directly download the application form from the official website or visit the nearest Citibank branch. They can also call the Citibank credit card customer care to proceed with the application process.

    A Citibanks representative will collect the filled in application form and all the necessary documents required for verification. The bank will do a background check on the customers home and professional information. If there are any discrepancies with the information provided, the Citibank credit card application is likely to be denied. After passing through document verification and eligibility criteria, the card will be approved and will be sent via courier or registered post.

    In case your credit card application was rejected you will receive Citibank credit card rejection letter which will have details on why your application was rejected. You can also find sample letters online by searching for Citibank credit card rejection letter sample.

    How Do I Check My Citibank Credit Card Application Status Online

    listed down are the steps that would help you track your Citibank credit card application status online:

    • visit the official website of Citibank –
    • go to credit cards > track application status
    • further , you will be redirected to the check your credit card application status here page
    • you will be asked to fill in the details such as application reference number and mobile number
    • enter the requisite details and submit them to view your credit card application status

    in the application process of Citibank credit credit, there are numerous stages that include in-progress, approved, on-hold, disapproved and no records found. once your credit card is dispatched or out for delivery, you will receive a message on your registered mobile number for the same. if you see messages like on-hold, disapproved and no records found then it is advised to contact the customer care department of Citibank to know the exact reason.

    can i check my Citibank credit card application status offline?you can easily check your Citibank credit card status offline if you do not have a stable internet connection. you are required to keep your 11-digit application reference number handy while visiting the branch or calling the customer care department.

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    How To Track Citi Credit Card Application Status Online

    You can check Citibank credit card application status online through the Citibank Online website. Here are the steps you need to follow for Citi credit card status check

    • Go to the Citibank Online page on your device

    • Under the Menu bar, click on Credit Cards

    • Select Track Application Status to place the Citi credit card application track request

    • Once redirected, enter your mobile number provided with the application and your application reference number

    If the submitted application details are correct, you will be notified of your Citi CC application status.

    Citibank Credit Card Status With Reference Number

    CitiBank Credit Card Application Status Online SMS

    Citibank has a different dedicated page for tracking Citibank Credit Card application status where you can check for the same using your registered mobile number and application number by following the below-mentioned steps.

    • Step 1: Go to Citibanks official website and click on the option credit cards.
    • Step 2: From the dropdown menu click on the option track application status.
    • Step 3: You will be redirected to a new webpage.
    • Step 4: Enter your application reference number and mobile number.
    • Step 4: Click on submit.

    The status of your application will be there on your screen in a few seconds if you have entered the details correctly. On the other hand, if you have entered the wrong information, you will only see a message saying No Reconds Found.

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    Tracking Citibank Credit Card Status:

    Applying for a Citi Bank credit card has become convenient due to the internet. Also, tracking the status of the credit card application is also convenient.

    Citibank credit card status can be checked using both online and offline ways.

    An 11-digit application reference number as well as a registered mobile number is all that is required to check the application status.Customers can receive this 11-digit application reference number via an SMS once the application is received by Citibank.

    The bank can take upto 24 hours to update the application status.

    The reference number should be retained by the customers as it is required for all future queries until the credit card is received by the applicant.

    Citibank Credit Card Rejection Faqs

    1. Are there any Citibank no rejection credit cards?

    Since credit cards are a type of unsecured loans with high risk on the part of the bank they will verify the application thoroughly and will reject any credit card application if they do not cater to their eligibility criteria

    2. Where can I get details of Citibank Credit cards?

    You can get the details from Citibank website, by visiting the local branch you can receive all the details. You can also contact Citibank credit card customer care to get the details.

    3. What Is the Citibank credit card processing time?

    Once the application is submitted Citibank will take about 7 15 working days to run the background verification to approve the credit card.

    4. How to check Citibank credit card process status?

    You can contact Citibank credit card customer care to get the details.

    5. Why was my credit card rejected/disapproved though I have good credit score?

    As mentioned apart from credit score there are other factors that need to be satisfied before your Citibank credit card can be approved. If you do not cater to any criterion your credit card application will be rejected.

    6. How to apply for Citibank credit card?

    You can apply for a Citibank credit card on the banks website or by visiting the nearest branch where you can find the application form which must be filled and submitted.

    7. What does Citibank credit card status: disapproved mean?

    8. Does a rejection affect credit rating?

    Thank you!

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    Fill Out The Online Citi Credit Card Application Form

    Once youve decided on the Citi credit card to apply for and have all the requirements ready, you can proceed with the Citibank credit card online application.

    How to Apply for a Citibank Credit Card Online:

  • Visit the online credit card application page
  • Tick the appropriate responses to the questions from Citibank
  • Fill out the Citibank credit card application form. Youll be asked to provide your contact details, personal information, and employment data.
  • Concerned about the security of your personal data online? Worry not because Citibank uses 256-bit encryption for its online facility. This makes it hard for hackers to access your sensitive data.

    When youve completed the form, youll get your qualification result online based on your responses. Citibank will let you know right away whether you can or cannot go ahead with the next step of your credit card application process.

    Checking Citibank Credit Card Application Status Online

    How to Check Your Citibank Credit Card Application Status ...

    To make the banking process hassle-free, the Citibank has introduced a simple process to track your credit card application status online. The following steps are involved in checking the Citibank credit card application online.

    You can visit the official website of the bank. You can go to the credit cards section of the bank. By providing details of your application reference number, application form number, mobile number or date of birth, you can view the progress of your credit card application.

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    How To Check Citibank Credit Card Application Status In Bankbazaar

    BankBazaar is a financial website which offers a variety of online services for its visitors. From comparing financial products to purchasing them, its a one-stop shop for all your financial needs. It covers a wide variety of products including credit cards, loans and other financial services.

    For those who apply for a credit card through BankBazaar, the site offers a feature to track application of the same. As an authorised partner of many of the public and private sector banks, the site provides credible information to its users.

    Through the Track application feature, one can track the application status of credit cards or loans, all at one place.

    You just need to enter your application number, mobile number, and date of birth PAN number to get the details in just a few clicks.

    The company also offers a BB mobile app, which makes your task even easier. All you need to do is find Track Citibank Credit Card Application option, may it be on website or on app and enter the details. You will get the status of your application as soon as you hit the track application button.

    Citibank Credit Card Application Status Online

    To know if your Citibank credit card application has been approved, you can track your cards application status on the banks website. To check the status of your application, you will have to enter your application ID and your area PIN code. You can also use other methods to check the status of your application. These include providing your phone number, date of birth, and area code, or by visiting your local Citibank branch.

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    Tracking Citibank Credit Card Status With Airway Number

    Once the credit card application is approved by Citibank, the applicant will receive a letter that includes Air Way bill number of the shipment that carries the credit card. The credit card status can be tracked by the Air Way bill number.

    Go to and select Track your credit card. Another page will open up wherein you can enter your Airway bill number. After number verification, you can track the whereabouts of your credit card and its timeline for delivery

    What Do You Need For Tracking The Status Of Citi Credit Card

    How to Check Citibank Credit Card Application Status Online

    To track your Citi card status, you would need the application reference number. An application reference number is an 11-digit number that functions as a reference ID for your application. Once your application is received, it is sent to you via SMS. However, it can take up to 48 hours for the number to reflect in the system. As a result, you should only request for Citi card application status two days after applying.

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    Rbl Credit Card Application Status

    To know the status of your RBL Credit Card application, follow the steps given below:

    • Visit the banks official website and click on Credit Cards tab on the homepage
    • On the right of the page, click on To know your Application Status
    • Then fill in the reference number and mobile number and click on Submit
    • The page will display the credit card application status

    Goods And Services Tax

    Effective 01 July 2017, the Goods and Services Tax will be applicable instead of Service Tax. GST may be applicable from time-to-time, presently the GST rate for banking and financial services is at 18% .

    If you have any other query regarding Citi Bank Credit Card Status then please tell us via below comment box

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    Citibank Credit Card Tracking By Date Of Birth

    You can track your Citibank credit card application status using just your date of birth or mobile number. You can either go the official website of the bank or download the Citibank app in your mobile phone. Select Track your credit card and you will have to just enter your date of birth and submit it. Once the details are verified, you will be shown the status of your credit card whether it is in process or approved/rejected or despatched.

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