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How To Cancel Maurices Credit Card

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How can I pay my Bank of America credit card?

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How To Apply For A Maurices Credit Card

It is very easy to apply for a Maurices Credit Card. To successfully apply for a Maurices Credit Card, follow the steps below.

  • Open the official Maurices homepage.
  • You can enter your personal information such as First and Last Names, Social Security Number, or alternatively, your Bank Account Number , City, State, or Mobile Number.
  • Create an online profile, then click Continue.
  • On your screen will appear a message acknowledging that you have registered.
  • Congratulations! You successfully completed the registration.
  • Maurices Credit Card Login Online

    Maurices Online | Apply Now


    Maurices Card is a credit card issued by Comenity Bank. It can be used at Maurices Stores. Maurices Credit Card has low credit card requirements and no introductory APR rate is charged. Normal APR rate is 27.24. Its cash advance APR rate is N/A. Cash advance fee N/A and there are no yearly charges.

  • Activate card
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    Alternatives To Earn Real Rewards

    Whether were talking about your everyday spending on gas and groceries or those occasions when you treat yourself to a day of shopping, you should make the most of the money you spend by earning rewards.

    You can do this by choosing a credit card that allows you to earn reward points that can be redeemed later, or by getting a card with a cash back option to help put money back in your pocket.

    Two options to consider: the Citi Double Cash Card card and the Discover it card.

    When Can Users Request Maurices Credit Limit Increases

    Maurices Credit Card Online Login

    Although there are some differences between a traditional credit card and a Maurices card, the process for asking for increases is similar. Once you’ve shown that you can pay off your balance consistently, you have created a relationship that should pretty easily allow for a in most circumstances. In some cases, a credit will be automatically expanded once a customer has proven that paying off balances is not a problem.

    Another key element of credit increases is the income profile, which is actually a requirement by the federal government for anyone issuing credit. Anyone looking for a Maurices credit limit increase should remember to keep up-to-date income information on file to make it easy for Comenity Bank to approve an increase. You should also keep the following in mind:

    • Overall credit history
    • Number of hard inquiries

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    What If Comenity Bank Is On My Credit Report

    Based on our experience, some debt collectors may credit-report, which means one may mark your credit report with the debt they are trying to collect. In addition to or instead of the debt collector, the original creditor may also be on your credit report in a separate entry, and its important to properly identify these entities because you will want both to update your credit report if or when you pay off the debt.


    If Comenity Bank is on your credit report, we can help you dispute it. Mistakes on your credit report can be very costly: along with causing you to pay higher interest rates, you may be denied credit, insurance, a rental home, a loan, or even a job because of these mistakes. Some mistakes may include someone elses information on your credit report, inaccurate public records, stale collection accounts, or even being a victim of identity theft. If you have a mistake on your credit report, there is a process to dispute it, and my office will help you obtain your credit report and dispute any inaccurate information.


    Maurices Credit Card Review

    Editors Note: Maurices credit card, mentioned in this article, is expired and is no longer available

    Maurices is known for its competitive prices and range of sizes from 1 to 26. If youre a frequent shopper at Maurices, you probably have already heard about the stores credit card and optional rewards program. Before you decide if this card is a good match, consider the big financial picture, including the rewards, benefits, and the costs.

    Getting reward points on clothing you would have bought anyway is an attractive prospect. Keep in mind that this credit card, like most retail cards, comes with a high annual percentage rate . Unless you pay off your balance every month or very quickly, small purchases can end up costing significantly more than the sticker price.

    Before you apply for a Maurices credit card, evaluate your finances to figure out if you can afford to make regular, on-time payments to get the most out of this credit card.

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    Getting A Maurices Credit Limit Increase With Donotpay

    Requesting credit limit increases doesn’t actually have to involve checking your credit limits and possibly some light math. Instead, DoNotPay has you covered in six simple steps:

  • Go to the Credit Limit Increase product on DoNotPay.
  • Select which type of card you own and your credit provider.
  • Tell us more about your card, such as when you first created this card, your current credit limit, what you would like your new limit to be, your card number, and whether you’ve missed past payments.
  • Tell us more about your current income and expenses and why you would like to request a limit increase.
  • Indicate whether you want to allow hard inquiries to be made into your credit history. Upload a copy of your ID and provide your e-signature.
  • Submit your task. DoNotPay will deliver the request letter on your behalf. You should hear back from the card provider with confirmation or a request for more information within a few weeks.
  • How To Close A Credit Card Without Hurting Your Credit Score

    Seen At 11: Reduce Risk When You Swipe Your Debit Card

    Many or all of the products here are from our partners that pay us a commission. Its how we make money. But our editorial integrity ensures our experts opinions arent influenced by compensation. Terms may apply to offers listed on this page.

    Ready to cancel a credit card? Don’t get out the scissors yet! There are a few important steps to take to ensure closing your card doesn’t drag down your . Here’s everything you need to know about how to cancel a credit card.

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    Register Maurices Credit Card Online

    If you want to register online with your Maurices credit card, please proceed as follows Never forget a step to know. Register online with your Maurices credit card.

    Step 1: First, visit Maurices Credit Cards official website or click this link .

    Step 2: After visiting Maurices Credit Cards homepage, click Register for Online Access or.

    Step 3: Next, enter your Account Number or Username, Zip or Zip Code, and fill in the last four digits of your social security number .

    Step 4: After filling in all the details, click on Find my account.

    Step 5: After verification, your Maurices credit card is successfully registered.

    After following this process, I hope you can easily register for Maurices Credit Card online through Maurices Official. Website

    How To Manage A High Apr

    Retail credit cards give cardholders a good opportunity to establish positive credit history while earning reward points in stores at which they already shop. Many retail cards also tend to charge very high interest rates, and Maurices is no different. To manage the high APR and avoid paying large amounts of interest over time, its important to manage credit card debt strategically.

    One of the best ways to step around this credit cards high interest rate is to pay the balance in full every month and avoid interest charges completely. If you cant pay your balance in full, pay it off as quickly as possible to avoid adding too much interest to the final price tag. To understand how much the APR affects a budget, consider the following two scenarios:

    Catherine spent $300 on her Maurices credit card. She only paid the minimum on her credit card every month . It took her 15 months to pay the balance, and this extra time cost Catherine an extra $54 in interest.

    Michelle spent the same amount on her credit card, but she paid $60 each month. She paid the balance off in 6 months, and it only cost her $22 in interest charges.

    If you pay off the balance each month, you can maximize the benefits of the retail card while minimizing additional fees.

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    Maurices Credit Card Login Guide

    • Enter your Credit Card Number, Zip Code or Postal Code, Identification Type, and Last Four Digits of the Identification Type
    • Provide your name, email address, phone number, and date of birth
    • Create a username and password
    • This will authorize your online account access.

    What Require to Login for Maurices Credit Card?

    There are some essential and mandatory things to be kept with you and information vital information to be provided like:

    • Your account username and its password.
    • A multimedia gadget like a laptop, mobile, or any other internet surfing device.
    • A good speed internet connection.
    • Basic knowledge of languages like English or French.

    How To Get A Maurices Credit Limit Increase

    How Do I Cancel My Maurices Credit Card

    Even though there are plenty of reasons to obtain a credit limit increase, it’s common to be worried about any potential impacts on your credit score. Too many credit inquiries can result in a negative hit to your credit, of course, but correctly expanding your credit can also have positive benefits as well. Instead of going straight to the source to see if you qualify for a Maurices credit limit increase, DoNotPay can put you at ease and help you breeze through the process with confidence.

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    Get Your Free Consultation

    If you applied , your score may not be high enough to get approved. If your credit score is preventing you from qualifying for this card, we strongly recommend signing up for a fast, free consultation. One of our friendly Credit Repair specialists can help you determine if you can boost your score , so you can get approved!

    Login Maurices Credit Card

    Without much ado, see to the steps implemented when a member wants to login his credit card account. Ones with an online access log in their accounts using the method placed below:

    • Just launch your internet web browser to visit this website > >
    • Move straight to the left side of the page to enter your credit cards username and password.
    • Hit on Sign in at the end of the form after you finished making the entry.

    That is just what you need to log the account. However, qualifications that guarantees safe login is a username and password that is pertinent to the credit card. That said, you must have an active Maurices credit card.

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    Why You Shouldn’t Cancel A Credit Card

    You paid off your balance: Getting your balance down to $0 is cause for celebration, but it’s not necessarily cause for closing your credit card. As long as you can be trusted not to go into debt again, it’s usually better to leave the card open. This will help your credit score by keep your credit utilization and average age of accounts intact.

    You don’t use it often: Closing unused credit cards might seem like an obvious move, but as discussed above, leaving it open can be better for your credit. As long as your card doesn’t charge an annual fee, it’s often a good idea to leave it open.

    You think you have too many credit cards: It’s a myth that having a lot of credit cards is bad for your credit. In fact, as long as you use them responsibly, having multiple credit cards is better for your credit than only having one. Just make sure you can manage multiple payment due dates, and don’t apply for too many cards in a short period of time,

    You want a different credit card: If you come across a credit card offer that better suits your needs, and you qualify for it, go ahead and apply. You don’t need to close your old credit card just because you got a new one.

    Minimum Credit Score For The Maurices Credit Card

    how withdraw money from blocked credit card & top 10 faqs #blocked credit card refund

    Comenity Bank issues the Maurices credit card. The bank doesnt specify a minimum credit score needed for approval. Although most retail cards accept applicants with less than perfect credit, chances of approval are best if an applicants recent credit is clean with no recent delinquencies and a fair to good credit score.

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    How To Make A Maurices Credit Card Payment Online

    If you like to pay your bills from the comfort of your couch, you can make your Maurices payment online. First, youll need to register for online access. Heres how:

  • Navigate to the online registration page.
  • Enter your credit card account number, ZIP code and Social Security number to locate your account and complete registration.
  • Once youve registered, you can log in to make online payments. Heres how:

  • Go to the Comenity Bank for your Maurices credit card account
  • Have your bank account number and bank routing number handy.
  • Follow the prompts to select how much you want to pay and schedule the payment date. You can pay the minimum amount due, the entire balance from your previous statement or any amount up to and including your current balance.
  • Top Debt Collection Violations

    Debt collection laws provided a laundry list of what collectors can and cannot do while collecting a debt. Based on our years of experience handling thousands of debt collection harassment cases, heres what collection agencies most often do to violate the law.

  • Left you a message without identifying the companys name.
  • Left you a message without disclosing that the call is from a debt collector.
  • Disclosed to a third party that you owe a debt.
  • Contacted you after you said stop calling.
  • Threatened you with legal action .
  • Continued to call you after you have told the collector you cannot pay the debt.
  • Communicated with you after you filed for bankruptcy.
  • Failed to mark the debt on your credit report as disputed after you disputed the debt.
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    Maurices Credit Card Apr And Other Fees

    Maurices offers this credit card with no annual fee. The variable 27.24% purchase APR is based upon the Prime Rate and market changes. Maurices calculates the minimum monthly payment based upon the greater of the following: 3.5% of the new balance or $5. In any month that you are eligible for interest charges, Maurices charges a minimum of $2.00. Both late and returned payments cost additional fees of up to $37.

    Mauricescapitalonecom Vip Credit Card Highlights

    Maurices Credit Card Online Login
    • 10% off purchases
    • Free shipping
    • Membership comes with a special birthday gift
    • Members will receive 1 point for ever dollar spent
    • 100 Bonus Points for new members
    • Invites to special events
    • First look at new style hitting Maurices

    The MauricesCreditCard loyalty program is provided exclusively by maurices and is subject to the mauricesCreditCard loyalty program terms and conditions. mauricesCreditCard VIP Credit Cardholders are not automatically enrolled in the loyalty program. The loyalty program requires customers to enroll in stores or on Capital One, N.A. is not party to the mauricesCreditCard loyalty program or the terms of the loyalty program.

    Any questions in regards to a maurices VIP Credit Card application can be directed to toll-free 800-701-4135.

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    Maurices Credit Card Customer Service

    Should in case your problem for intending to contact Maurices credit card customer service is because you wish to know more about your credit card, its credit limit, how to sign up, login the account, how to pay for the credit card and other related stuffs, save your time and go to

    Visit this link and get all your questions answered on a page. You can take the opportunity to know other details and other activities related to your credit card. Regardless, you must still wish to contact the customer service, just call 1-866-248-4488.

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    About Maurices Credit Cards

    With more than 1,000 stores in North America, Maurices is an established apparel store with 90 years in the retail space. For regular shoppers, a Maurices credit card offers plenty of incentives, including free shipping, discounts on just about everything, and even exclusive invitations for special events. Issued by Comenity Bank, a Maurices credit card can also be an easy way to establish credit for either young shoppers or those looking to rehab their credit.

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    Other Considerations: Hard Vs Soft Inquiries

    Once you do call customer service, it’s critical to ask whether a credit increase request will result in a hard or soft credit inquiry.

    Which one will negatively impact your credit?

    Soft Pull
    Hard Pull Yes

    Asking beforehand will give you a chance to rethink your credit increase request in case the process will yield a hard pull inquiry. And if a hard inquiry will be the result of your request, make sure your finances are in good order, so you have confidence you will receive the limit increase.

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