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How To Buy From Dhgate Without Credit Card

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Are The Shoes On Dhgate Authentic


Does DHgate sell fake shoes? Dhgate does sell fake shoes like Nikes, AirJordans, Balenciaga, Yeezys and more. If you dont want to buy a fake on Dhgate, then ensure that the price you are paying is a reasonable price and its not too low and check with the seller about the authenticity of the product before buying.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Buying Shiba Inu

Like all other cryptocurrencies, Shiba Inu also tends to have some prospects and limitations. Lets find out a few of them below.



  • Riskier Investment: Investment in Shiba carries a high risk. Besides price fluctuations, changing fees could also become a concern for potential users, especially the newbies.
  • Lack of independence: Unlike other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Tron, Shiba Inu is based on the Ethereum network.
  • Limited information: Because it is a recent addition to the crypto space, there isnt much information available. Potential investors need you to keep visiting the companys official website and forum for updates.

How To Use My Coupon

When you are going to pay your order, check whether you have available coupon and check the detailed information about the coupon. If you have coupon, please choose the coupon code and select the order you want to redeem the coupon.

This course is to provide you with the basic guidance of your transaction behavior on DHgate. It aims to protect your interest and boost your business. Hope it will be helpful to your experience on DHgate.

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How To Buy Off Dhgate Without Debit/credit Card : Chinaglass

How to buy off dhgate without debit/credit card. Hi guys, so I want to make a purchase off dhgate, a bubbler to be specific, how can I buy something without having a debit or credit card? 8 comments. share. save. hide. report. 67% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Are There Hidden Fees On Dhgate

Credit Card Holders Without Zipper Bus ID Holders Identity ...

It is shocking how there isnt enough awareness about import duties.

There are no hidden fees on DHgate. You add the goods to your cart. You visit your cart, see the subtotal of the goods along with the shipping cost and thats the amount you pay to DHgate.

After that comes import duties, when the goods arrive in your country from another one, you have certain taxes you need to pay. It is advisable to check the laws of your own country when you are sourcing goods from another.

The sellers of DHgate cant keep track of all the custom laws of every country. It is the buyers responsibility to do so. There is no way for the seller to be able to calculate it. Besides, you cant pre-pay it anyway.

If you are ordering someone a gift, make sure they know that they can be liable to pay some import duties as a part of the receipt even if they dont have to pay for the goods themselves.

Some countries have a cap on the purchase limit for which they are not allowed to charge import duties. If your order is within that limit, you can avoid these import taxes.

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Dhgate Is A Legit Online Marketplace

There is a widespread misconception that DHgate is not a legit online marketplace, but that is far from the truth. It is indeed a legit and reliable marketplace just like Alibaba and AliExpress. It has a huge variety of products to choose from, which greatly benefits businesses.

Its legitimacy can be verified by the fact that it is part of the Shopify platform. Furthermore, it has also been a participant in international e-commerce and finance ventures like being a member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation since 2011 and making a Sino-Turkish economic platform in 2016. All of these indicate that DHgate is legit and a reliable online marketplace.

Variety Of Products On Dhgatecom

Another great aspect about DHgate is that there is a great variety of products all found in one place this is very convenient for businesses who deal in more categories of products.

The range of goods is from electronics and automobiles to home décor and health/beauty. This means that businesses can easily source all the products from one place this saves time and effort to look for products on other sites.

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Free Shipping Then Why Seller Charges For Shipping

Free shipping option is available on DHgate if you select that option your parcel will be delivered by economic shipping via services like ePacket or China Post. It is also dependent on the volume and value of goods that you buy.

On the other hand, if you choose the commercial shipping method, then shipping wont be free, especially for low-volume and value products. Free shipping may still be available if products are very valuable. The costs of shipping will then be added to your expenses.

In short, the free shipping method is available but it really depends on the methods you choose and what kind of products youre buying.

Is Dhgate Safe Read Before You Buy Goods From China Using Dhgate Advisoryhq


Is DHgate Safe to Buy from? The DHgate platform handles transactions so that money is exchanged through the site not directly between buyer and seller which does add a level of safety and buyer protection. As a large and well-established site, DHgate is a legitimate website, and DHgate is safe with your credit card information.

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Is Dhgate Legit Or Scam

by Admin

DHGate will be thoroughly examined in this review, in order to know if they offer quality materials or not. The customers complaints and feedback from popular scam watch platforms online will also be evaluated.

Yes, DHGate is legit. It is not a scam because they will never steal your money or credit card info. And you will get any item purchased from the platform.

But does DHGate send out quality items as advertised on the store? Read on

Why Dhgate Has A Bad Reputation For Quality

DHGate has a poor reputation online because buyers often have unrealistic expectations for quality.

Remember, 90% of the sellers on DHGate are from China and they may have a different standard of quality than what you are used to.

For example, when you buy a product from a department store in the United States, every product sold goes through a rigorous quality control process.

Sellers on DHGate however, are often just trying to offload excess product at a major discount. They usually dont perform much quality control and as a result, you have no idea what youll receive in the mail. Its almost like gambling!

As mentioned earlier, DHGate is not a great place to find wholesale suppliers for your ecommerce store. Quality control will always be a problem and most sellers come and go so theres very little stability.

However, there are many great products and deals to be had on DHGate. You just have to understand the right way to shop on the platform.

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Dhgate Common Bad Reviews

Is DHgate safe, according to the DHgate reviews? Lets take a look at some of the most negative reviews of DHgate as a reference

DHgate Complaints

Users often find it challenging to communicate with suppliers and DHgate employees. DHgate is often accused of standing with suppliers without trying to understand the nature of the problem.

Unlike the items listed

A common complaint is that the items delivered are entirely different from those displayed on the website. The vendor becomes unable to contact and does not respond to queries. But the payments have been released by DHgate.

High shipping costs

Some sellers will charge very high shipping costs to offset the low prices offered. Its best to check the transportation costs before you place the order.


The most common DHgate scam listed on various review sites is the sellers deliberate sending of empty envelopes to the wrong address. Currently selected, currently delivered to support, service release payments. In fact, the item was never shipped and never received by the customer.

Fake product

Another type of Dhgate scam is counterfeit products. The supplier has sold the product at the price of good quality. As it turns out, these products almost always fake.

You may have to read the mountains and mountains of DHgate reviews to come to a reasonable assumption that it is DHgate safe or not before buy from DHgate.

Return Policy Offred By Dhgate

Credit Card Holders Without Zipper Bus ID Holders Identity ...

On DHgate you can choose to refund, return or exchange your products if you can provide legit claims for each of these services. The mechanism for each of these options is given on the dhgate.com website.

In each case, you choose the feature of Open a dispute and then deal with the sellers directly by agreeing to or drafting a proposal or through DHgate via their mediation service.

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Payment Methods: Pay On Dhgate With The Utmost Ease And Convenience

In business, having critics seem to be inevitable. For instance, despite DHgates apparent success, some write-ups and reviews tag the platform as scams or fake. But come to think of it. Would the payment giants and established banks negotiate with a counterfeit business? Well, if you are having doubts about the legitimacy of this business, take a look at the list of payment methods below.

Customers Think The Customer Service Cant Help Tackle The Dispute Between The Sellers And Them Well

Buyers often encounter such questions: the dispute between them and sellers cannot be tackled by themselves. Then they will request DHgate to mediate in the dispute, as DHgate is not the party involved, they judge who should be responsible for the problem just according to the evidence provided by sellers and buyers. Sometimes, both sellers and buyers are unsatisfied with the judgement result.

Hence, as buyers, you should maintain abundant evidence to prove that sellers should be responsible for the problem, including the chatting records, videos about unpacked the box, relevant pictures of the defective item, etc. In part 3, I will explain buyer protection in detail.

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The Interface Of Dhgatecom

The interface of DHgate.com is very user-friendly and convenient. It lists the categories on the left side of the interface. On the top, it lists all the new sales, offers, and deals. New products and popular products are also listed so that customers can find the products that might be looking for.

Furthermore, at the very top, all the terms of service aspects and details of the site are mentioned, such as buyer protection and customer service to aid the buyers in their business transactions.

All these options and more are also linked at the very bottom of the interface so customers can navigate through all possible details and have the know-how of every aspect.

Binance Best For Low Fees

Having Payment Verification Issues on DHgate? This should help!

Capital At Risk

Founded in 2017, Binance is the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange. The platform is well-known for its low trading cost. It accepts clients from more than 200 countries worldwide.

Besides having a quick sign-up process, the exchange is pretty fast to process deposit and withdrawal requests. It makes it convenient for customers to buy their favorite crypto asset using multiple payment options, such as card payments, bank wire, and e-wallets. Traders can either buy Shiba Inu coins via the Binance web terminal or mobile trading app. Binance P2P exchange is yet another viable option to consider for purchasing Shiba coins.

The exchange also accepts fiat deposits so traders can use their debit or credit cards for deposits. The crypto exchange doesnt ask for too much private information. Clients can proceed to account verification after filling in the essential details on the registration page. The platforms customer support team remains readily available to help clients on a runtime basis. On the exchanges pricing structure, it charges a small fee from both makers and takers depending on the volume they have traded in the last 30 days. Clients can also have special discounts on purchases made with Binance native token .

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Icons Indicating The Attributes Of The Seller

Several features indicate whether a seller on DHgate is trusted and reliable. These include rating scores which are given as percentages from 100 and are calculated from the proportion of positive reviews. The number of happy customers can also be seen from this. Besides, there is a feature that lets you know how many transactions the seller has done.

Check Sellers Profile Before Buying

Similar to checking the reviews and feedback of a specific product of the seller youre interested in purchasing, you should also check the sellers profile.

You should look for 4 things in the sellers profile:

  • Total feedback score must be 95% or above
  • Review score
  • Establishment year of the seller

Apart from these, I recommend buying from Top Merchant or Premium Merchant sellers.

However, its not necessary to buy only from the sellers who got top merchant or premium merchant badges but recommended because the sellers are rewarded these badges by DHgate only if theyre providing excellent service, and high-quality products to their customers.

Heres an example of a reliable seller and how you can check those 4 important things in the sellers profile:

This seller has a total feedback score of more than 99%, 6th year of establishment, a great review and service score, and the seller is Top Merchant as well.

As far as I know, it is very unlikely that sellers like these will scam you.

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Is Safe To Buy The Brand Product From Dhgate

You will get counterfeit and what they call over their products high copy. You can not sell any of the above online. It looks just like there is a bunch of cheap rebranded stuff. Prices are much lower than AliExpress. Just dont buy anything that says Nike on it or any other well-known brand. You should be okay if you stick to cheap trinkets and dont care about infringement. So DHgate is not safe to buy brand products.

Is Dhgate Good For Buying Branded Stuff

How do you fix this issue? Does anyone else have it? Iâve ...

Clearly, no! DHgate is not the right platform to purchase branded goods. In fact, I would say it is the worst place for buying branded stuff.


Because almost all the listed branded items on DHgate are going to be fake or in other words, copies of real branded products also known as replicas.

People usually fail to notice scams when they see popular brands listed at an incredibly low price.

Just use common sense when you see an item listed for an extremely low price, for example, a Gucci belt listed for $50 rather than its real price of $500.

Apart from that, remember that there arent official stores of many well-known brands on DHgate and those whore selling branded goods with the name or logo of the brand are most probably scammers or the product may be a replica.

In short, never buy branded goods from DHgate, Aliexpress, or any other similar marketplaces.

However, if youre thinking of buying replicas then you should go for it but before purchasing, make sure the seller is reliable.

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What About Dhgates Quality Of Goods

The quality of goods from DHgate depends on the seller youre buying from, so there is no one-fit answer to this question.

Sometimes you may find yourself happy and sometimes unhappy with the product, it all depends on the seller you choose.

Before buying any product, kindly go through the sellers ratings and take a look at multiple product photos uploaded by other customers in the reviews to get an idea of the kind of quality to expect.

To sum it up, DHgate offers some excellent deals with great product quality, but not all products are legit, the quality may not be good, and there are counterfeit items as well.

So its your responsibility to find good quality products and reliable sellers by following the tips I shared with you above to avoid getting ripped off when buying something from DHgate.

However, one last thing to keep in mind is that you get what you pay for. Dont expect to get iPhone 12 Pro quality while paying the equivalent of an iPhone 6.

What To Avoid On Dhgate

As you shop on DHGate, youre likely to see brand name goods on the platform. For example, you might find Gucci bags, Ferragamo shoes, Nike products and more!

These are all fake!

Whatever you do, do not buy these products and try to sell them because its illegal to do so. In fact, your products can be seized in customs and you may face criminal prosecution.

You should also be wary of re-selling any product that involves the safety of the customer. For example, I would avoid selling bicycle helmets or any product that could result in bodily harm or injury.

Remember, the quality standards of the sellers on DHGate may not match the standards of your home country. Listing photos also may not be representative of the actual product sold because sellers copy images from legitimate sellers on a regular basis.

The only way to tell the quality of a product is to buy a single item first before placing a bulk order.

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How To Buy From Dhgate Without Credit Card

Does DHgate accept prepaid debit cards? Can I pay with Visa gift cards at DHgate? Can I pay at dhgate.com using prepaid debit card, prepaid gift card, … Are you looking for “how to buy from dhgate without credit card”? Here it is! Now you don’t have to look anywhere else for the answer, ….How To Buy From Dhgate Without Credit Card

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