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How To Apply For Uk Student Visa

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How Long Can I Stay In The Uk

How to Apply for a UK student visa

How long you can stay depends on the length of your course and how much of it youve already completed. If youre 18 or over and your course is at degree level, you can usually stay in the UK for up to five years. If its below degree level, you can usually stay in the UK for up to two years, according to

Using Your Uk Student Visa

When you enter the UK, a UK Border Agency officer will put a stamp on your passport that states the duration of your stay in the UK. For example, if your course is 12 months or more, you can stay for the full duration of the course plus an additional four months. You cannot extend your stay beyond this period.

Before you arrive, you must make sure you are fully immunized, remembering to pack your immunization record in your hand luggage in case you are asked to show the Border Agency officer at your UK port of entry. You should also carry the documents relating to your studies , your proof of finances and your proof of accommodation.

Depending on where youre from, you may also be required to register with the police within seven days of arrival in the UK.

Receiving Your Cas Number

Once you have accepted an unconditional offer for your programme, and paid any mandatory deposits required, your academic School will start the CAS process. You will be sent a draft CAS email asking you to confirm that your details are correct. Once you have replied to the draft CAS email, we will process your CAS and email it to you as soon as it is ready, but no more than six months before your course start date.

Please read our guidance before you start to fill in your Student route application and download our guide to completing the online visa application form.

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When Can You Come To Oxford

The date you can arrive in the UK will be the ‘valid from’ date on your visa. This will usually be seven days before the intended date of travel you put on your visa application but cannot be earlier than one month before your course starts. You should not attempt to enter the UK before your travel visa is valid. If you are coming for less than six months, and are not on a pre-sessional course, you will be issued with the full-length visa which is stuck into your passport before you travel but it will only start seven days before the course.

Can I Have Dependents With A Uk Student Visa

UK Student Visa

Yes, you can bring your dependent family members to the UK with you as you pursue your studies. This includes:

  • Your spouse, civil partner, or unmarried partner.
  • Your dependent children under the age of 18.

You and your family must prove each of you has enough money to sustain your stay in the UK. In addition to the financial requirements of yourself , each family member must also have the following funds:

  • £845 per month for courses in London
  • £680 per month for courses outside London

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I Am Applying For An Extension Of My Visa As A Continuing Student

If you are a current student at the University of Westminster and you need to extend your visa because you need extra time to complete your course but you are not repeating, please contact Student Advice to check whether you can extend your visa in the UK.

You must be in attendance on a course to be sponsored by the University for a student visa. If you are not required to attend for 60 days or more, you may be required to go home for a period of time before returning to resume your studies. Your registry office will be able to tell you about your course. This rule normally only effects students who are deferring part of their course or are repeating and will have a gap. Students who are only repeating their dissertation/project will normally not be sponsored as they are not attending classes.

If you can extend your visa in the UK, you will need a new Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies . You must apply for your visa extension before your current visa expires.

Can I Extend A Uk Student Visa

Yes, you can extend a UK Student Visa provided that you are accepted into a different course in the UK. The course must be at a higher level than the one you have completed. You can also extend your student visa if you have a Tier 4 Student Visa. You can apply no earlier than three months before your new classes start.

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Academic Progression: I Am A Current Student At The University Of Westminster

If you are applying to re-sit an exam, repeat a course module or you have re-sat exams or repeated course modules in the past and you now need to extend your visa to compete your course, you will be exempt from meeting the academic progression requirement. Your new CAS must confirm that you are exempt from academic progress.

If you have previously changed course, having met the relevant requirements to do so, your re-sit or repeat must be relevant to your new course and not your previous course. You are required to submit a transcript of results to demonstrate that your re-sit or repeat relates to your new course.

You are also exempt from the academic progression requirement if you are extending your visa to undertake a study abroad year or work placement or you have previously completed a study abroad year or work placement and you now need further time to complete your course.

Please note there are additional factors that the University needs to check before they can issue with a new CAS. The University will check your mode of attendance, when your re-sit or repeat module will take place and whether you are within the time limit to study in the UK.

If you are continuing on a course at the University of Westminster, please contact Student Advice for further advice and ask to see the Retaking/repeating part of your degree course the effect on your student visa or the Information for students on a student visa considering taking a work placement information sheet.

Your Cas Reference Number

Guide to UK student visa (ENGLISH)

We will send you a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies when we offer you a place to study and have confirmed that we will be able to sponsor you.

Your CAS will have a reference number which you must state on your visa application form. Your caseworker will check it when they process your visa.

Your Student Route visa only allows you to study at the institution which issued your CAS. If you move to another institution, you must apply for a new visa, even if your current one is still valid.

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What Type Of Information Is Included In Your Cas Letter

CAS is a very important electronic document that contains confidential information. It has your personal details, details of your study program, and the payable fee amount. One section of the CAS document requires you to provide all of your current academic qualifications, like your high school transcript or bachelors degree. You will need to have the original documents for this part.

In addition to that, you might also need to sit for an English language test, such as the IELTS test, as part of your application. If the English language test is needed, it will be mentioned in your form. You will have to include this CAS form in the final application that you send.

Can I Work With A Uk Student Visa

Yes, international students in the UK can work under certain conditions. For example, you can work as a student union sabbatical officer, but you will not be able to claim public benefits and pensions. What type of work you can do in the UK while on a Student Visa will depend on what you are studying and if you will be working during the term-time or during breaks.

Some jobs are also off-limits, such as working as a professional sportsperson or sports coach or being self-employed.

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Example Questions To Prepare

  • Why do you want to study in the UK?
  • Why did you choose your institution?
  • Where is your institution?
  • How big is your institution?
  • What other institutions did you consider?
  • Your course and your future career plans
  • Why did you choose this course?
  • What other courses did you consider?
  • How will you be assessed?
  • What modules will you study?
  • What do you want to do after graduation?
  • How will this qualification help you?
  • How much are the tuition fees?
  • How long is your course?
  • What qualification will you receive when you graduate?
  • Living in the UK
  • How will you pay for your studies/living costs?
  • How much will your accommodation cost?
  • Are you planning to work while you are in the UK?
  • Become A Uk Permanent Resident

    Visa requirement

    After five years in your graduate job, you will qualify for the Indefinite Leave to Remain visa. Besides having a full-time job and stable income, you must also have a track record of good moral conduct and zero criminal charges. You must also pass the Knowledge of Life in the UK test and a recognised English language test.

    Heres where your years of building a solid portfolio come in handy. You will be able to prove that you would be a valuable UK permanent resident and that having you in the country would be of mutual benefit. You can later go on to apply for British citizenship, at which point you will qualify for full rights and benefits.

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    Your Uk Tier 4 Student Visa Application

    SI-UK’s visa consultant is registered with the Home Office OISC* and has extensive knowledge of the latest immigration legislation, rules and regulations.

    SI-UKs Student Visa Service offers advice and assistance to international students wishing to obtain a UK visa, specialising in:

    • Tier 4 / student visa to enter the UK
    • Tier 4 / student visa extension in the UK
    • Student Visitor Visas

    Family, work, business, EEA nationals family, settlement and British citizenship visa advice is also provided.

    If you would like to purchase the Student Visa Service or have any questions, arrange a free consultation with our visa team in London by using the form below.

    Which Documents Are Required For A Uk Student Visa

    When you apply for student immigration permission, you may need to produce a number of documents, along with your CAS. These could include:

    • a current passport or other valid travel documentation with at least one page that is blank on both sides
    • proof that you can support yourself financially and pay for your course
    • proof of parental or other legal guardian consent if you are under 18
    • your tuberculosis test results, if youre from a country where this is applicable

    You may be asked to provide additional documents depending on your individual circumstances. Supporting documents are usually returned within 14 days.

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    Who Cannot Switch To A Student Visa In The Uk

    If you have one of the following visa types you cannot apply to switch in the UK:

    • short-term student
    • parent of a child student
    • seasonal worker
    • domestic worker in a private household
    • a visa granted outside the immigration rules

    Everybody else can apply to switch and must meet the other eligibility criteria.

    Should you apply to switch your visa when you are not entitled to, your application will be invalid. This could lead you to overstaying which has serious consequences.

    Uk Student Visa Course Requirements

    How to apply for a UK visa

    You can get a Student Visa for the UK if you have been accepted into one of the following courses:

    • A full-time, below degree-level course . Referred to as the RQF level 3, 4, or 5, this includes A levels , apprenticeships, or the first two years of a Bachelor degree.
    • A full-time course leading to a degree level or above degree-level qualification. Includes RQF level 6, 7, and 8 .
    • A part-time course at a degree level above RQF 7 .
    • An approved program for postgraduate doctors or dentists.
    • An English language course in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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    Student Visa Application Service

    In order to complete your UK study visa application quickly and increase its likelihood of success, your immigration matter will be dealt with in a few simple stages:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Provide a checklist for necessary supporting documents
  • Completion and submission of your online application to UKVI
  • Book an appointment for your documents to be submitted at a UK visa centre
  • Communicate with UK visa and immigration on your behalf
  • Prepare For Your Interview

    You may be interviewed as part of the visa application process. An interview can take place at the visa application centre when you submit your application or any time between then and you receiving your visa . There is no way of knowing whether you will be selected for an interview.

    You can find detailed information about the interview process on our visa interview page.

    There is no need to be worried about the interview. Use our guidance to prepare and make sure you think about what you want to say in advance.

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    The Visa Process Has Been Simplified For Masters Students From 27 Universities

    Now you can apply for visa processing that is streamlined to pursue a masters program at any of the 27 institutions eligible in the pilot scheme for Tier 4. The duration of your course must be no longer than 13 months, and you can apply anywhere in the UK. The pilot scheme lets you stay longer after completing your study also means that you will not need to submit documents proving your academic achievements or proof of financial status. But, youll still be required to keep these documents in case they be needed in the future, and youll still have to follow the rest of the requirements for immigration.

    Canadian Visa To Study In Canada

    The Right Way to Apply for UK Student Visa

    Canada is a popular country for UK students because they can expect to receive a world-recognized qualification with a lower price tag. The average fee for an undergraduate degree in Ontario, Canada, is $6,463, and a postgraduate degree is $7, 056 as of 2020. Canada offers both cheaper and more expensive options than the UK, dependent on your program of study and choice of institution.

    If youd like to gain a Canadian qualification take the first step by enrolling at a designated learning institution to receive a letter of acceptance which is a required document when you apply for your Canadian visa.

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    Get Your Documents Ready

    When you apply, you should submit

  • as many of the documents needed for a complete application as possible
  • We wont be able to finalize your study permit until youve submitted a complete application.
  • Waiting to submit documents will cause delays in processing.
  • If you plan to study in Quebec, you must provide a valid certificat d’acceptation du Québec or proof that you applied for one.

    Collect Your Documents / Get Your Documents Shipped

    Once you know that a decision has been made on your visa application and your documents are returned to the visa application centre, go and collect your documents and visa application decision. You will need to bring your receipt issued by the visa application centre and your identification documents to collect your documentation. You can also send a representative to collect your documents but you will need to provide them with a letter of authorization signed by you, and they will need to bring their government-issued identification documents. Along with your submitted documents, you will also be given a letter to either confirm that you were granted a Tier 4 Student Visa or explaining the reasons for refusing your visa application.

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    Can I Switch To A Uk Student Visa

    If you are already in the UK, you can switch to a Student Visa as long as your current visa is not one of the following:

    • Visit visa
    • Parent of a Child Student visa
    • Seasonal worker visa
    • Domestic worker in a private household visa
    • Leave outside the immigration rules

    You can apply to switch to the UK Student Route up to three months before your classes are scheduled to begin. You must be accepted into one of the approved institutions and your current visa must still be valid.

    Check If You Need A Visa

    UK student visa application

    If you’re an EU or EEA national who was resident in the UK prior to 31 December 2020 and are now considering studying with us, you’ll need to ensure that you have Settled or Pre-settled Status to continue living, working and/or studying in the UK after 30 June 2021.

    If you are an EU national who does not have settled or pre-settled status or are a national of any other country, you may need a visa to study in the UK. You need a Student Route visa if you want to study a course for longer than six months.

    Remember, some other types of visa can be used for study. This depends on your individual circumstances and what type of visa you have. You can discuss this with us by before applying for your course.

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