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How To Apply For Canada Work Visa

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Employer Extends Temporary Job Offer

How to Apply for Canadian Work Permit/Visa Outside Canada

The employer must send a copy of the positive LMIA along with a detailed job offer letter to the foreign skilled worker.

Canadian companies are required by CIC to prepare a formal employment contract or what our industry refers to as the Job Offer Letter, which must include:

  • Job title for the position
  • Job description
  • The name and address of the employer

Canada Service Agency will ensure that the job offer is legit and real. Once the Canadian immigration department has confirmed the job offer with an LMIA, then the CIC will grant employment authorization for the companys future employees to work in Canada. Once the LMIA is granted, the Canadian employer can extend a temporary job offer to the foreign skilled worker.

How Long Is The Canada Work Visa Valid

The temporary Canada work visa is valid for 6 months or less. After that, you have the option of applying for an extension to the Consulate or return to your home country. The amount of time that you are allowed to stay in Canada with all extensions is no more than 4 years. The length of the extensions though depends on the Canadian Consulate decisions.

Employer Applies For A Labour Market Impact Assessment If Necessary

The Canadian government has two categories of work permits. A work permit either needs a labour market test or is exempt from requiring it. In some cases, the labour market test is required to demonstrate that the issuance of a work permit to a foreign national will not have a negative impact on the employment and wages of workers in Canada.

What is an LMIA?

The name of the labour market test is called a Labour Market Impact Assessment . The federal government department that oversees the LMIA process is called Employment and Social Development Canada . A positive or neutral LMIA is issued by ESDC when it is satisfied that there is no Canadian citizen or permanent resident available to do the job. A negative LMIA is issued when it believes there are domestic workers available to do the job and hiring a foreign national will harm workers in Canada.

Typically, employers in Canada that wish to hire a foreign national are required to get a positive or neutral LMIA from ESDC. Once this is granted, the foreign national can then go to the federal department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to get their work permit. Once they get their work permit, they can go ahead and move to Canada to begin working for the employer.

ESDC and MIFI have made available to employers a streamlined LMIA process to fill selected positions in Quebec without having to include proof of recruitment efforts.

When is an LMIA not required?

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When Is A Medical Examination Required

If you plan to remain in Canada for six months or less:

  • you generally do not require a medical exam.

If you plan to remain in Canada for another six months or longer:

You will need a medical exam if you have lived temporarily for six or more months in a row

Find out more by checking the Medical examination requirements for temporary residents.

Medical instructions

You may either:

  • complete an upfront medical examination by contacting a Panel Physician or
  • wait until your application is reviewed and medical instructions are provided to you by the immigration office.

Get the instructions to complete the medical examination.

Note: When medical results are submitted up-front, routine cases benefit from faster processing since we do not have to request them at a later date. If you choose to have an upfront medical exam, you must submit proof that you completed the medical examination with your application. Failure to do so may result in processing delays.

Canada Lmia Based Visa

Canada Work Permit Application Form Download

The Canada LMIA Based Visa does not require a point system to fall or qualify. Every year, thousands of foreign worker go to Canada to work there temporarily on LMIA based visa.

To temporarily work in Canada, the visa applicant must hold an offer of employment or employment contract from a Canadian employer and a positive LMIA from ESDC. However, in some jobs, LMIAs do not require.

Note: – Visas Avenue does not offer consultancy on / overseas jobs/work permits/international or domestic placements.

You can even live and work in Canada without the requirement of LMIA approved job offer or LMIA based visa.

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Know How To Apply Canada Working Visa Or Short Term Visa

Canada is hotspot destination offering the ideal environment for the worldwide people to work, business or study in Canada. Every year, thousands of foreign workers enter Canada to work temporarily or permanent basis.

The Government of Canada wants people to enter and work legally in Canada and apply for the relevant visa. Hence, it is crucial to know about the various visa categories, to choose the one that is first best with your eligibility and requirements. The different Canadian visa categories are as follows:-

  • Temporary Workers Program
  • Open Work Permit Canada

    An open work Permit differs from a regular work permit in that it does not specify a particular job or employer. Generally, the job and employer are both indicated on Canadian Work Permits, thereby restricting the holder to those circumstances while in Canada. An Open Work Permit allows its holder to work for any Canadian employer, in almost any capacity.

    Open Work Permits do not require the applicant to have either an offer of employment or a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment .

    As per Canadian immigration regulations, Open Work Permits may be applied for by:

    • Spouses or common-law partners of temporary foreign workers in a level 0, A or B occupation, according to the National Occupation Classification

    • The spouses or common-law partners of foreign students engaged in full-time study

    • International students who have recently graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution

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    Dont Apply To Every Job Posting

    Be selective about the jobs you apply for because some companies will likely talk to each other about your application and realize you copy-pasted the same cover letter each time. This does not give a good first impression.

    Also, many companies use recruiters to find the right candidates and if your application keeps on coming up for two months or more, recruiters may steer clear of your application as there may be a reason you have not landed a job yet.

    There are some great job portals that you can use for jobs in Canada, here are just a few of the most common ones you can upload your CV on.

    General Job Listing Websites in Canada

    Canada Job Bank is a great all-round job site and is one of the most used job searches around
    eJobbo matches your skills and qualifications with jobs ads in Canada
    Career Builder is a general job listing website that can keep you up to date with the latest job postings
    Eluta is another useful company that shows you Canadas top 100 employers
    Monster offers great career assistance with expert advice to help you find the right job
    Simply Hired offers both part-time and full-time job postings
    Indeed is a global company that caters to industries of all shapes and sizes
    Workpolis has been around for more than 15 years to help small and corporate sized business find the perfect candidates
    Wow Jobs can advertise up to 100,000 jobs at any time giving you the option to find the perfect one for you

    How Do I Know The Expiry Date Of My Temporary Resident Status

    HOW TO | Apply for Work Permit (Visa) in Canada | What you should know

    Temporary residents travelling with passports:

    When you arrived in Canada and gave your passport to the officer, they authorized your stay by placing a stamp in your passport and/or issuing an additional document. Check your passport. If you find a stamp, it should look like one of these.

    For example, if the officer specified a date as shown in the above illustration, your temporary resident status would expire on June 30th, 1993.

    If there is no stamp, a handwritten date or document in your passport, your temporary resident status will expire six months from the day you arrived in Canada.

    If you were given a visitor record, study or work permit, the expiry date is marked on the document.

    When applying to change conditions or extend your stay in Canada, you are required to submit photocopies of passport pages clearly showing the stamp made by Canadian authorities on your most recent entry to Canada.


    Travelling outside Canada while your work permit is being processed:

    If you have applied to extend your work permit and plan to travel outside Canada while your application is in process, you can leave and come back. However, one of three things will happen when you return to Canada:


    Its possible that you will not be able to enter Canada. The final decision is always made by the officer at the port of entry.

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    Get Your Canadian Work Visa In 3 Easy Steps

    When you start the application process to get a Canadian visa, you will soon find that the process is not as complex as you may have initially thought. Moving to Canada, or any country will take time, no matter how you go about applying for a visa, but by following the right steps and getting expert advice, like from a Canadian government-approved RCIC, you will be able to avoid any potential mistakes with your application and the entire process that surrounds it.

    To immigrate to Canada, there are three steps to follow, other than seeking credible advice, that will aid in the process of getting your Canadian work visa:

    How To Apply For Canadian Work Permit

    However, applications for work permit are generally done at the same time at the embassy or consular office you get your visa. But due to COVID-19, most applicants now need to apply online. Below are the guidelines for online application of Canadian work permit.

    • Firstly, to apply online you will need the following:
    • a scanner or camera to create electronic copies of your documents, and
    • a valid credit or debit card
  • Secondly, make sure you read the instruction guide before you complete the your work permit application. It will explain how to complete each field on the application form.
  • After that, you will need to answer some questions before you uploads your forms. The answers you provide to these questions will be used to create a personalized document checklist for you.
  • Then, after uploading your application, you will asked to pay the applicable fees for the work permit which are as follows:
  • work permit fee: $155
  • open work permit holder fee: $100
  • Finally, create your online account. You will need an account to apply online, moreover, the account will help you
  • pay your fees
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    S To Apply For Jobs In Canada

    We all know that applying for work in Canada can be really difficult if you dont know where to start. Do you need a work permit or dont you? If yes, which type of work permit? What are the best Canadian job platforms? How do you update your resume to meet Canadian standards? In this blog, we walk you through the 6 most important steps to consider when applying for jobs in Canada.

    As a bonus, check out our informative guide on finding the best jobs in Canada! We discuss LMIA-exempt jobs and how to network like a pro!

    Canada Work Visa How To Get Work Visa For Canada

    How to get a Canadian Visa?

    Recently, changes have been made to the way a person must apply for a Canada Work Visa. The fact still remains however, that in almost every case, a job offer is required. In addition, most Canada work visas also require labor market verification, known as a Labor Market Opinion . Once an employer wishing to hire a foreign worker obtains a positive LMO they may apply for a Canada work visa.

    There are certain categories of Canada work visas that do not require an LMO. These categories are generally based on reciprocal treaties, the transfer of senior employees, or individuals who have been preliminarily selected for Canadian permanent residence but have not yet received their visa.

    It is important that the foreign national applying for a Canada work visa have the credentials to perform the job in Canada. If the position is one of Canadas regulated occupations, the foreign worker must be certified to practice their profession in Canada before they apply for their Canada work visa.

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    Get The Right Application Form

    You wont get the right application form, unless you provide these answers in the online tool:

    • For the first question What would you like to do in Canada?, select
    • Study if you have a valid study permit or
    • Work if you have a valid work permit
  • When asked What is your current country/territory of residence?, select Canada.
  • Answer the questions on the next pages about your work or studies.
  • You may be given the option to extend your current study or work permit or apply for a Temporary Resident Visa. Make sure you select Temporary Resident Visa.
  • The application form listed in your document checklist will be called Application for Visitor Visa Made Outside of Canada . This is the form you need to fill out, even when you apply from inside Canada.

    To apply online, you need an account. Use your account to pay your fees and check your application status.

    Where To Get A Canada Work Visa

    For individuals who are residents or citizens of countries that do not require a visitors visa to enter Canada , a Canada work visa can be obtained at the border .

    If you are from a country that requires a visitors visa then you must apply for your Canada work visa at the visa office responsible for your country. For more information on how long it takes to obtain a Canada work visa from a Canadian visa office, .

    FWCanada is a Montreal-based immigration law firm that provides professional legal services on Canadian immigration. For more tips and updates on Canadian immigration follow FWCanada on , , and .

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    Canada Work Visa Extension

    Since the Work Visa is not permanent once it is about to expire, you can either apply to extend it or return to your home country after expiry. If you want to extend your work visa, you have to apply for a visa extension at least 30 days before expiry.

    You can only apply for a work visa extension if:

    • You sign a new work contract with your employer AND
    • Your employer gets a new Labour Market Impact Assessment OR
    • Your employer pays for the employer compliance fee and submits a new employment offer

    You can apply for the work permit extension in one of two ways: online and on paper.

    To apply online you will need to create an account on IRCCâs website. There, you can find document checklists, application forms, and guidelines on how to apply. To apply on paper, you need to download the application package, fill out all the application forms, print and sign them, get all the necessary documents, pay the fees, and mail them to the address given on the application package.

    Canada Work Permit Work In Canada

    HOW TO | Apply for a Work Visa in Canada | What You Should Know

    Foreign nationals wishing to work in Canada on a temporary basis usually require a work permit.

    Two of the main programs through which work permits are issued are the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and the International Mobility Program .

    The TFWP offers work permits for candidates whose employers obtain a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment .

    A positive LMIA confirms there is a need for a foreign worker to fill the job at hand and that no Canadian worker is available to do the job.

    IMP work permits do not require a positive LMIA. They do require the employer to submit an employment offer under their employer portal.

    Canada issues two types of work permits: employer-specific work permits and open work permits.

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    Get The Application Package

    The package includes the application guide and all the forms you need to fill out.

    Read the mailing instructions on this page carefully before you fill out the form.

    Please note the following:

    • You must fill out and sign your own form, even if you are travelling as part of a family. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must sign your form.
    • We will not refund your processing fee.
    • Even if you send a complete application and all the needed supporting documents, you may not get a visa.

    Be sure to send us all documents we asked for. Missing information or documents can delay your application.

    How Can I Get A Canada Work Visa

    Before a Canada work permit can be issued, the Canadian employer who wishes to hire temporary foreign workers will need to apply for and be granted a positive Labour Market Opinion by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada . HRSDC will grant a positive LMO if they are satisfied that there is no Canadian permanent resident or citizen available to do the job.

    You should apply as soon as you receive written evidence of your job offer or contract of employment and your Labour Market Opinion of HRSDC. You must show the Immigration departments officer that you meet the requirements and that you will be in Canada for a temporary stay.

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    Complete The Online Visa Application

    • Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application, Form DS-160 Learn more about completing the DS-160. You must: 1) complete the online visa application and 2) print the application form confirmation page to bring to your interview
    • You will upload your photo while completing the online Form DS-160. Your photo must be in the format explained in the .

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