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How To Accept Payment Through Credit Card

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How To Choose A Payment Processing Solution

Accept Credit Card Payments on a Website (With PayPal Express Checkout in Woocommerce)

Now that you know the different kinds of payment options available to you, when choosing a payment processing solution, consider the following:

  • Transactionfees: For new and small businesses, solutions like Square and PayPal with flat fees and no monthly minimums are usually the most affordable. As your business grows, solutions with interchange-plus or membership pricing such as Payment Depot and Stax by Fattmerchant, can offer the lowest rates.
  • Tieredpricing: Tiered pricing models are typically the priciest and least transparent option. Avoid these pricing models.
  • Monthlyfees: Some solutions offer low transaction rates but have high monthly fees.
  • Startup fees and applications: Traditional merchant services accounts typically have longer setup processes than third-party credit card processing solutions because there is an approval process.
  • Contracts and requirements: Some solutions require you to sign up for a year or more others require your business to meet monthly transaction minimums.
  • Compatibility with your website: Make sure the service you choose integrates well with your website hosting service.

Online Credit & Debit Card Payments

Retailers and most other online businesses need to be able to accept traditional credit card payments, as shoppers arent likely to go through the hassle of providing their banking information for a one-time transaction.

Although theres no way to accept credit card payments for free, choosing a processor with low, competitive fees can still save your business a lot of money. The cheapest credit card processor for your business depends on what and how much you are selling.

Did You Know?

Debit and credit cards are one of the most popular payment methods for online shopping, and Worldpay Global forecasts credit, debit, and digital wallets will account for some 85% of online payments by 2024.

If youre a retail business needing to accept credit cards online to sell products, the most straightforward and economical option may be to use an ecommerce platform or website builder with built-in payment processing. Opting for an ecommerce store with integrated payments simplifies the process of setting up and managing your store. It also allows you to collect and act on more detailed information about your customers.

The most affordable online store solutions with built-in payment processing include:

Both Square and Shopify also have native tools to set up recurring billing or subscriptions. Learn more in our comparison of Shopify vs Square.

The most affordable merchant services for online payments include

The Best Way To Accept Credit Cards For Small Business

As a savvy merchant, youre probably looking for the best and cheapest way to accept credit cards. The bad news is, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Heres the good news: if you weigh your businesss needslike the volume of transactions and where these transactions take placeyou should be able to narrow your search down to several providers that offer convenient solutions at favorable rates.

To help you get started, weve compared five of the most popular credit card processing providers for small businesses.

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Different Ways Businesses Accept Business Cards

Depending on how you operate your business, there are probably several options for accepting credit cards. If you run an online-only business, for example, you might find that credit cards are the easiest way to accept payment. You might have some choice here, toomany brick-and-mortar businesses have switched to mobile payment providers instead of the traditional credit card processors.

Other Details To Consider

Do It Yourself  Tutorials  How to Accept Credit/Debit ...
  • Some companies require a contract, and canceling before the contract is up can be costly. Other companies offer month-by-month subscriptions that you can end at any time.

  • More complex payment products, especially POS systems that allow highly customized menus, might require installation, setup or training, all of which can cost extra.

  • Customer service varies. If there’s a problem, will you want to speak to a person immediately?

  • Some companies share pricing details openly while others offer custom quotes to each prospective client.

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Payment Service Providers Vs Merchant Account Providers

When a card transaction is completed, the funds go to a particular kind of bank account called a merchant account. In most cases, the money will be transferred to the business’s account in one to two business days.

If you’re working with a payment service provider sometimes referred to as a third-party payment provider, payment facilitator or processing aggregator the merchant account technically belongs to the payment service provider it aggregates all of its customers funds into one or more merchant accounts, which can then be transferred into individual accounts. Square and PayPal are examples of payment service providers.

Whether the funds from card transactions land in a dedicated merchant account or one that belongs to a payment service provider, the process of getting paid is basically the same. There are some advantages and disadvantages to each method, though.

Payment service providers pros

  • Most cost-effective option for businesses with low sales volumes generally, less than $10,000 a month.

Payment service providers cons

Merchant accounts pros

  • More cost-effective for businesses with higher sales volumes.

  • Generally not tied to a single brand of POS system.

  • Generally offers greater access to support representatives who know about your specific business and activity.

Merchant account cons

What Rates Or Fees Do You Charge When I Swipe Credit Cards Enter Them Manually Or Accept Them Online

To compensate for the risk of fraud, processors charge different rates depending on how you process a payment. Because there is less fraud associated with cards that are physically swiped in a terminal , there is usually a lower rate. If someone calls you to buy something and gives you their number over the phone, the chance of foul play goes up a bit, as does the processing fee.

Online purchases have the highest incidence of fraud, so payment processors cover their risk by charging a higher rate. Make sure you know what those rates are and then figure out how much of each type of processing youll do to get a rough blended rate.

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Integrate Payments Into Your Custom Mobile App

If youve developed a native mobile application for your customers, its because you wanted to create a seamless end-to-end experience for them. If your app bumps them to another website or forces them to login through a desktop to make payments, though, this adds friction to their user experience.

It also makes it more difficult for your business to actually get paid.

Make it easy by enabling secure credit card or ACH payments directly within your mobile app. Look for a solution that ensures PCI compliance at every step of the transaction so you can keep your customers information safe.

Integrate Your Website With Shopping Cart Software

How to Accept Credit Card Payments Using Your iPhone or Android Smartphone

Using the above solutions, adding payment capability to a new or existing website can necessitate just a little work and be incredibly convenient, to boot.

However, these methods often do not offer as many tools and options as you will get with an eCommerce-hosted software solution.

That said, one of the best choices is to use Shopping Cart Software.

This is a great solution for anyone, whether you want to integrate it into an existing website, or even if youre starting a new website from scratch.

The term shopping cart no longer refers only to the buggies you see at the grocery store.

Nowadays, shopping carts are fully functional eCommerce software applications.

They provide an all-in-one, hosted entry into the world of eCommerce.

Any eCommerce business will need to make some choices: What platform to use and what domain name, to mention a few.

You will also need to pay for the web host to serve your website for the Internet at large.

Shopping carts often offer everything you might need under a single umbrella: Hosting, online product management and sales, and even a way to buy a fitting domain name directly.

More advanced shopping carts will also enable you to centralize your control of sales, no matter how many different channels you use.

If you sell on eBay, on social media, or some other channels, they will enable you to organize all your fulfillment of orders using a single platform.

What if you dont have a website, though? Isnt that a problem?

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Choose A Merchant Service Provider

Once you know how youll process client credit card payments, youll need to choose a merchant service provider. Merchant service providers are companies that provide businesses with the products and services needed to process credit and debit card payments. When evaluating merchant service providers for your business, its important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What fraud protection do they offer?
  • Do they offer other related services, like payroll solutions?
  • What kinds of payments can the MSP process: online, mobile, in-store?
  • What fees does the MSP charge the business owner?

Choose a merchant service provider that suits the specific needs of your business and charges fees youre comfortable paying.

Start Accepting Payments Online For Free

No matter which payment processing software you choose, the most important part is making it easy for the customer to pay. And the more ways they can pay, the more likely your customers will follow through on a purchase.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in April 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

Originally published Aug 17, 2021 12:15:00 PM, updated August 17 2021


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How Can You Pay Rent With A Credit Card

It may be possible to pay rent directly with a credit card, just as you would other types of bills. Check with your property manager or landlord to see if they accept credit card payments. Unfortunately, many property managers and landlords do not. Plus, those who do will typically charge extra for the privilege. Any time they accept a credit card payment for rent, they are charged a processing fee of 2.5% to 2.9% by the credit card company, according to Experian. So on the average Americans rent of around $1,200, that would cost you between $30 and $35 extra per month. If youre lucky, you might not have the processing fee passed off onto you, but dont count on it.

If your landlord or property manager does not normally take credit card payments, you can always try to convince them by arranging to pay for your rent a couple of months in advance or reminding them of how many would:be late payments theyll avoid. This would result in a win:win situation for both parties. However, be sure find out if they would tack on a processing fee to your normal rent charge.

If your property manager or landlord refuses to accept credit card payments or if their system is too expensive, there are still other ways to pay with plastic. Weve broken them into two categories: those involving third:party apps and others that dont.

How Can I Accept Credit Card Payments For My Small Business

how to accept payments on ebay without paypal

If you decide to accept credit card payments, there are a few ways to do so. Youll want to think about how your business operates and is structured. Shopping with a credit card is common these days because there are so many ways to conduct credit card transactionsin recent years, revenue-minded payment processors have been aggressive in making the process as simple as possible. With a little bit of planning and research, you can find a credit card payment system that works for you.

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How To Accept Cards In Person

Once you have all the necessary software and hardware, you can start accepting credit card payments. Connect your POS and card reader to the internet to facilitate payment processing, then swipe, tap or insert your customers card into the payment terminal. The customer may have to enter a PIN or provide a signature to validate the payment. The POS should notify you whether the payment was approved. Successful transactions will deposit funds into your holding account, then transfer them to your connected bank account.

Payment Buttons That Sell Online

One more way to enable payments on an already existing website is with a payment processor that also offers payment buttons.

Shopify, for instance, offers an array of packages.

Their most inexpensive option, known as Shopify Lite, offers the ability to use payment buttons.

This plan will also grant you a way to sell on Facebook, which well talk about in the next section. And it will give you access to mPOS, Shopifys point-of-sale and inventory management solution.

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Why You Can Trust Bankrate

At Bankrate, we have a mission to demystify the credit cards industry regardless or where you are in your journey and make it one you can navigate with confidence. Our team is full of a diverse range of experts from credit card pros to data analysts and, most importantly, people who shop for credit cards just like you. With this combination of expertise and perspectives, we keep close tabs on the credit card industry year-round to:

  • Meet you wherever you are in your credit card journey to guide your information search and help you understand your options.
  • Consistently provide up-to-date, reliable market information so you\’re well-equipped to make confident decisions.
  • Reduce industry jargon so you get the clearest form of information possible, so you can make the right decision for you.

At Bankrate, we focus on the points consumers care about most: rewards, welcome offers and bonuses, APR, and overall customer experience. Any issuers discussed on our site are vetted based on the value they provide to consumers at each of these levels. At each step of the way, we fact-check ourselves to prioritize accuracy so we can continue to be here for your every next.

Accepting Credit Cards Can Give Small Businesses A Boost

How to Accept Credit/Debit Card Payment using Paypal on Own Website | Woocommerce WordPress Tutorial

Thomas J Catalano is a CFP and Registered Investment Adviser with the state of South Carolina, where he launched his own financial advisory firm in 2018. Thomas’ experience gives him expertise in a variety of areas including investments, retirement, insurance, and financial planning.

Running a small business means keeping a tight handle on cash flow. One way to facilitate the movement of money in and out of your business is to expand your payment options to include .

Allowing customers to pay via credit card can make managing cash flow less stressful and eliminate the delays associated with waiting for check payments. If your business isnt yet accepting credit card payments, changing that may be easier than you think.

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Incorporate Emv/chip Card Solutions

EMV or chip card solutions are an important consideration for todays businesses. Cards with chips, versus just magnetic stripes, make it more difficult to create counterfeit cards or run fraudulent transactions.

If youre accepting payments online, make sure your payment solution has incorporated EMV into their platform. You can learn more about these more recent changes to credit cards in our previous posts: Preparing Your Business for EMV and How Will the EMV Change Impact my Business?

Are All Relevant Charges Made In The Same Month Or Do You Charge Billbacks

Its pretty common for a payment processor to attract customers with low rates.

Sometimes, though, that great rate applies only to particular types of cards.

You might find out too late that many of the transactions made in a particular month happened to not qualify for that low rate.

For instance, in February you might think youre getting a terrific 1.9% rate on all your payment card transactions. In that time frame, you also processed a few rewards cards.

Come March, you might find that your processor has charged you retroactively or billed you back at a higher rate because you accepted those rewards cards even though you did that last month.

The problem comes when you realize you now have two different rates on two separate statements all for the same transactions.

This makes it much more difficult to sort out the actual rate youre being assessed for these transactions.

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A World Of Value At Your Fingertips

Payment processors offer additional products and services to help merchants operate their businesses and get the most out of their payment processing technology. Its helpful to have an idea about your top priorities. Some popular value added services include:

  • Free 24/7 customer support
  • Fast funding to fuel growth
  • Data reporting and analytics

Alternatives To Paying Rent With A Credit Card

Now Accepting Credit/Debit Card Payments

If you dont have a credit card : or you do, but arent keen on adding a hefty processing fee to your already:expensive rent bill : there are several additional payment methods that will get the job done. For starters, the third:party payment apps listed above all work for debit cards as well. The fees for those are typically cheaper than those for credit cards . Or, you could use one of these methods:

  • Do a bank wire transfer
  • Use a debit card

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