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How To Accept Credit Card Payments On My Phone

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How to Accept Credit Card Payments Using Your iPhone or Android Smartphone

Lindsey McGee

Accepting credit card payments isnt just a choice anymore. In a society that is slowly going cashless, its an essential part of your business strategy. But sometimes it can feel hard to keep up with all the new credit card technologies, from EMV cards to virtual terminals.

NFC contactless payments are still growing in popularity at an exponential rate, but many business owners still dont know how NFC transactions work. Thats why weve developed this complete guide to answer all your questions, from How does NFC work? to Is NFC safe? and more.

Accepting Credit Card Payments Over The Phone Moto Processing

MOTO processing an acronym for Mail Order/Telephone Order credit card processing, and is a typeof card-not-present credit card processing service offered by many merchant banks and eCommerce merchant account providers online. As any other type of CNP transaction, Mail Order/Telephone Order transactions do not require the physical presence of the credit card, just the credit card details, and, sometimes, the personal details of the cardholder.

As the name suggests MOTO credit card processing is conducted by e-mail, fax, and/or telephone. This means that clients will have to either send e-Commerce merchant an e-mail order, a fax order, or simply phone them and order merchandise or a service. There are many nuances when dealing with MOTO credit card processing and MOTO e-Commerce accounts, and these will be dealt with further on in this article. But first some basicsâ

MOTO transaction can be conducted in three ways: a) Touch-Tone Processing, b) POS Software, and c) Virtual Terminal .

The disadvantages of Dial-Tone MOTO credit card processing are in itsâ phone bills and in the possible human error when keying in the long numbers without possible visual verification before submitting.

The disadvantage of POS Software is in itsâ expensive software packages that are needed to conduct online credit card processing. Nonetheless, POS Software provides some more detail in regards to transaction statistics than Virtual Terminals.


Types Of Businesses That Can Accept Credit Cards

Basically, any business that sells goods or services can accept credit cards. This is true whether you are a small business with employees or a sole proprietorship with no employees besides yourself. Brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce retailers, and mobile businesseslike food cartscan also all offer credit card payments, but there are different options depending on how youre established.;;

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How To Accept Online Payments


eCommerce is booming in part because its easier than ever to accept payments online. Payment gateways allow businesses large and small to accept online payments securely and efficiently. How can online payment gateways help your business grow? Well explain.

The;eCommerce revolution;is transforming the very nature of commerce itself, opening doors to new markets and expanding possibilities for businesses the world over.

This guide aims to introduce business people like you to the world of payment gateways: from accepting credit cards to alternative payments; security and fraud management to regulatory matters. Well introduce payment gateways and explore how they help businesses tap into the eCommerce opportunity.

UK consumers are clearly gravitating to eCommerce. In the UK alone eCommerce accounted for more than;£170 billion;in 2018 sales. Worldpays 2018;Global Payments Report;projects those sales will grow 9% annually to reach £240 billion by 2022.

Lets take a look at how;online payment gateways can help your business grow.

Cost Effective And Scalable

How to Accept Credit Card Payments on Your Phone

Every entrepreneur knows what they could do with an extra $1,000 or $5,000 in their pocket. Where most traditional POS systems require a hefty upfront investment, mobile POS systems are inexpensive by design. The low price tag keeps startup costs under control and opens up expansion possibilities for your organization.

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Turn Your Cash Backinto Crypto

Just toggle on the Purchase crypto feature and choose your favorite of four types of crypto. When cash back is transferred to your Venmo account at the end of every month, well use it to automatically purchase crypto without any crypto transaction fee.

Crypto is volatile, so it can rise and fall in value quickly. Like all currencies, theres potential for gains and losses be sure to take it at a pace youre comfortable with.

Download The Mobile Payment App

Generally, youll need to use a mobile credit card reader and payment app from the same processor. Bottom line: Many credit card processing companies dont want the liability of using another companys subpar or faulty equipment to process payments. So, your final step is simple. Once youve picked a mobile payment processor and equipment, youll download their mobile payment app.

This app is the digital hub where your team will handle credit card transactions and store card information, so you want to make sure its user-friendly and secure top to bottom. This is especially important if youre exclusively using a mobile POS to run your business, or youll rely on it for other tasks like invoicing, employee scheduling, or inventory. Our advice? Ask to demo the mobile app or do a trial run for a couple weeks to make sure its the right fit.

How much you ultimately pay to accept credit card payments on your phone depends on the equipment and level of mPOS software you get. The average mobile processor is going tocharge a variety of payment processing fees, such as mandatory transaction fees or monthly fees for service.;

But theres an exception: Nadapayments. We offer a free credit card processing solution called a surcharge program that helps you hold onto your revenue and avoid unnecessary costs.

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Determine What Credit Card Information Is Required

After you have a payment provider and access to a virtual terminal, youll need to determine what credit card information is required in order for you to accept credit card payments over the phone. Each provider and the corresponding virtual terminal that you work with may have different requirements; therefore, youll want to know what information you need before talking to any customers.

Additionally, the major credit card providers each have specific regulations regarding card-not-present transactions, so consider reading through these documents to ensure youre complying with their rules as well.

Generally, youll at least be required to ask your customers for the following information in order to process their credit card through your virtual terminal:

  • Customer name.

  • Billing ZIP code.

You may also need to ask for the type of card , as well as the customers address, email or phone number. If youre going to be shipping orders, youll need the customers shipping information, and if youre going to be sending email or text receipts, youll need the respective email or phone number.

Using Your Apple Card

How to accept credit card payments anywhere using your mobile phone

Immediately after opening your Apple Card account, you’ll have a digital version of the card available in Apple Pay. You can begin using it to make purchases right away — I bought some coffee at Starbucks just a few minutes after setting up my account.;

The process for using your Apple Card through Apple Pay is the same as it’s always been: Place your phone near a payment terminal and use Touch ID or Face ID to approve the transaction.;

Apple will also add your Apple Card to Safari’s autofill feature, which you’ve likely seen a prompt for when ordering something in Safari on your phone or Mac. If you’re not being prompted to use your Apple Card, or any card for that matter, when making purchases in Safari, go into your iPhone’s Settings app and select Safari>AutoFill and turn on .;

If you want to use your Apple Card on a website that doesn’t accept Apple Pay, and you’re not a Safari user, your Apple Card has a semipermanent virtual card number . You can find your card’s number on your iPhone by opening the Wallet app and selecting your Apple Card and then the three-dot icon in the top-right corner followed by Card Information.;

There you’ll find a card number, expiration date and security code — all of the information you’d need to make a purchase online or over the phone.;

The Wallet app shows you transactions and spending habits, and gives control over your Apple Card account.

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What Is The Venmo Credit Card

The Venmo Credit Card is everything you love about Venmo in a Visa® credit card. Seamlessly manage the card right from the Venmo app. Its that easy. The Venmo Credit Card lets you make contactless payments, split your credit card purchases in the Venmo app, request a new virtual card number, earn cash back rewards* on your purchases, and more all without an annual fee.**

The card itself is printed with your personal Venmo QR code which makes activation a snap. Even better? Your friends on Venmo can scan the QR code to pay you or get paid back on the spot. I-owe-who?

Get Your Credit Card Payment Software And Hardware In Place

Once you have a method of processing credit card payments in place you may need to update your point of sale software and hardware to actually accept them.;

For example, if you run a brick-and-mortar business you may need to purchase checkout software to accept card payments or install a card reader that’s EMV chip-enabled at the checkout. Some payment service providers will also supply the equipment you need to get set up for accepting credit card payments in-store or via a mobile card reader.;

If you plan to accept credit cards online you’ll also need to set up a payment gateway for that. Again, this may be included with your merchant account or payment service provider plan.;

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Understanding Pricing Fees For Mobile Card Readers

Pricing fees for mobile merchants accepting payments via credit cards and debit cards can be very confusing because they differ from one mobile card reader to the next.

However, there are general fees you should expect irrespective of whatever credit card reader you get for your Android phone.

Processing costs: This is the fee that you pay for every successful sale. It also includes a small percentage amount as well as an extra flat fee for the total transaction.

Keyed-in fees: All phone credit card processors provide an option for merchants to key-in card data manually for reasons best known to them.

But be warned because these processors charge a much higher processing rate for manual transactions than dipped or swiped transactions.

Pay-as-you-go or monthly fees: Some mobile card reader processors charge per transaction only, while others charge a monthly fee.

If you process plenty of transactions, it is best to go with the monthly plan. If your card transactions are few and far between, the pay-as-you-go plan is your best option. Always be on the lookout for long term commitments.

Do You Charge Billbacks Or Are All Charges Related To A Transaction Billed In The Same Month

How to Accept Credit Card Payments on Your Mobile Phone ...

Its not unusual for a payment processor to entice you by quoting low rates. But sometimes that low rate only applies to certain types of cards . You may only find out after the fact that many of your transactions during the month didnt qualify for that low rate.

For example, in January, you think youre getting a 1.7% rate on your credit card transactions, but you processed several rewards cards. Even though you processed the transactions in January, come February, your processor charges you back, or bills you back, a higher rate. Now you have two different statements with two different rates for the same transaction, which makes it much harder to figure out the actual rate youre paying.

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Go Wherever Business Takes You

Your business takes you beyond the office. Whether youre on the road, in a clients home, or traveling, you need flexible payment technology that goes with you.;

With mobile credit card processing, you make it easy to do business, which could even help you generate more customers and clients. People enjoy flexibility, its really that simple.

Are There Regulations For Accepting Online Payments

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard protects consumer credit card data by reducing the risk of data breaches and payment fraud. Major payment schemes including Visa, Mastercard and American Express established PCI DSS as a common security baseline for businesses that accept credit cards.

Every business that accepts credit cards needs to be in compliance with PCI DSS. Complying with PCI DSS is mandatory, but doing so offers benefits beyond compliance. Following data security standards reduces your vulnerability to potentially devastating impacts of data breaches and fraud.

Staying in compliance is easier than you think. Depending on how your payments are set up you may be able to achieve compliance through a self-assessment, reduce the scope of compliance, or your compliance requirements may be fulfilled by your eCommerce platform vendor.

Regardless of how you achieve compliance, PCI DSS standards represent common sense best practices that help reduce security risk and can save your business money.

Is it time to connect with a payments expert?

If you want to open your own online storefront, a conversation with a payments expert can help answer any questions you may have. Perhaps youre ready to dive in and get the ball rolling. Whether youre ready to connect to the world of payments or simply need to ask a few more questions before you get started, a payments expert at Worldpay can help.

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Whats The Cheapest Way To Accept Credit Cards

The cheapest way to accept credit cards depends on how you want to save money. If your business is very small or new, a PSP is probably the least expensive way to accept plastic. The basic PSP hardware is cheap, and the services usually charge a percentage of each transaction along with a flat fee per transaction. Because of this, if you operate a high-transaction business, the PSP fees can add up.

A merchant account might be more expensive in the short terma POS usually requires a large initial investment. The per-transaction fees over time, though, are often cheaper than a PSP. You should research your options and costs before deciding.

How Do Mobile Wallets Make Money

Accept credit card payments on your smart phone with the Square

The apps’ banking partners pay the mobile wallet companies a small percentage of every purchase their customers make through the app. For example,;Apple earns 0.15% of each Apple Pay transaction.

For peer-to-peer payments through Venmo, the app charges the payer a percentage of the transaction’s value . Businesses that accept Venmo payments assume this fee and pay a 2.9% fee for each transaction.

Key takeaway:;Mobile wallet app companies earn money by taking a small percentage of every transaction made through their apps.

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What Fees Do You Charge Each Month

This question is deceptively simple since some processors might provide you with a seemingly small upfront monthly fee. But be sure to dig deeper some additional fees might be hidden in the fine print. These can include fees for batch processing or fund transfers from a merchant account to your bank account, as well as statement fees. Processors might waive some of these fees to get your business, but could add them back in after a promotional period.

Accepting Credit Cards On Iphone Vs Android

The best mobile credit card processors offer applications that are platform-agnostic. These apps work across all devices, and on iOS and;Android operating systems. Some processors work exclusively with one platform, but most companies have mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

Some apps offer different functionality based on the operating system, though. Apple’s iOS, for example, tends to be more popular, thus some processors give the iOS-based mobile applications more attention and more frequent updates. However, some mobile apps vary more in functionality based on the device itself rather than the platform. For example, some mobile payment processing apps have more feature-rich offerings on a tablet than on a smartphone.

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Pay Attention To Credit Card Payment Processing Fees

Accepting credit cards through a merchant account or payment service provider isn’t free; both charge service fees to facilitate those payments. As you get ready to accept credit card payments, consider how those fees factor into your operating and overhead costs.;

If the fees are going to take a serious bite out of profits, you might compensate by increasing prices for your products or services. Or you could add on a surcharge or convenience fee for processing credit card transactions below a certain dollar amount. But be sure you’re aware of state and federal regulations on credit card surcharges to avoid any illegal practices.;

Benefits Of Mobile Credit Card Processing

Accept Credit Card Payments On Phone

We live in a world of convenience. Your customers and clients are used to quick shipping, food delivery services, and paying however and whenever they want. They may love the work you do, but do they love your payment options?;

If youre searching for how to accept credit card payments on my phone, you probably already understand what youre missing out on. Here are five major benefits of mobile , not just for your customers, but for you as well.

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How To Accept Credit Cards Without A Merchant Account

This article was co-authored by Michael R. Lewis. Michael R. Lewis is a retired corporate executive, entrepreneur, and investment advisor in Texas. He has over 40 years of experience in business and finance, including as a Vice President for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. He has a BBA in Industrial Management from the University of Texas at Austin. This article has been viewed 85,190 times.

Accepting credit card payments can be a challenge for new businesses and entrepreneurs with poor credit histories. Most traditional credit card merchant account providers will either deny the business an account or make account fees cost-prohibitive. However, business owners who are judged as a credit risk can often accept credit cards without a merchant account by enrolling with a third-party credit card processor or a third-party merchant. These third-party merchants allow you to process customer purchases through an online payment portal.

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