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How To Accept Credit Card Payments On Iphone

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Accepting Credit Cards On Iphone Vs Android

How to Accept Credit Card Payments Using Your iPhone or Android Smartphone

The best mobile credit card processors offer applications that are platform-agnostic. These apps work across all devices, and on iOS and Android operating systems. Some processors work exclusively with one platform, but most companies have mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

Some apps offer different functionality based on the operating system, though. Apple’s iOS, for example, tends to be more popular, thus some processors give the iOS-based mobile applications more attention and more frequent updates. However, some mobile apps vary more in functionality based on the device itself rather than the platform. For example, some mobile payment processing apps have more feature-rich offerings on a tablet than on a smartphone.

Accept Chip Cards And Apple Pay Too

With Square Reader for contactless and chip, you connect wirelessly to your device to accept contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and chip cards, too. Square Reader for magstripe is included in the box, so youre ready to accept every way your customers want to pay.

Square Reader for contactless and chip$49

Set Up Delivery Confirmation

Finally, if youre shipping orders to customers after youve taken a credit card payment over the phone, you might consider purchasing tracking or insurance for the shipment, especially if its a particularly costly purchase. Similarly, you might require a signature from the customer when they receive the shipment, or you might require your shipping service to provide you with proof of delivery.

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How To Accept Credit Card Payments On Android Vs Iphone

Before choosing a mobile card reader, check if it integrates with your mobile device or not. Most top card readers are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. However, various providers only cater to one of these operating systems. Apart from compatibility, check how the attributes of both these devices can be beneficial. SimplyPayMe is available on both Apple& Android App Stores.

Apps And Readers For Mobile Credit Card Processing

How to Accept Mobile Credit Card Payments
July 16, 2018 Sig Ueland

With credit card apps and readers, merchants can sell to customers at events, pop-up shops, or wherever they meet-up.

Here is a list of apps and readers for mobile credit card processing. The apps include a variety of features to manage inventory and transactions. There are free and premium readers to handle all levels of mobile sales.

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Clover Go: Best Overall

Accepts: Magstripe, chip and contactless payment methods.Price: $99.Fees: 2.3% plus 10 cents and up depending on monthly plan.


  • The reader processes all three types of payments.

  • Clover’s transaction fees are transparent.

  • The POS software is well-developed.


  • Most plans require a monthly fee.

  • It doesn’t have a screen to display transaction details.

Why we like it: The Clover Go is a compact, portable card reader that connects to comprehensive POS software. Clover offers a free monthly plan for those looking for just the basic features. Paid plans come with highly competitive transaction rates that start at 2.3% plus 10 cents.

Image courtesy of SumUp.

Ask Customers For All Of The Appropriate Information

The next security measure you can take is to ensure you get all necessary information from your customer and confirm with the individual to make sure theyre correct.

Youll want to make sure that you ask for the persons credit card number, security code, name on the card and billing ZIP code at the very least. If youre shipping the order to the customer, you may want to check the billing ZIP code to the shipping ZIP code, and if they dont match, ask the customer why theyre different. If the customer doesnt have a clear and appropriate answer, you may consider asking for another type of payment to ensure that the transaction isnt fraudulent.

Another prudent action to take in this regard is to review the cardholder guidelines for card-not-present transactions to ensure youre complying with the rules laid out by the respective networks.

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How To Accept Credit Card Payments On Your Iphone

An earlier version of this post originally appeared on OPEN Forum.

Thanks to recent developments in mobile software and hardware, you can now accept credit card payments via a swipe on your cellphone. As this technology spreads, it could mean big changes for small businesses, traveling merchants, part-time vendors, or boutique owners.

Within the last several weeks, at least three services have popped up, designed to turn a smartphone — primarily, Apple’s iPhone, but eventually others — into a tiny point-of-sale system for processing credit card transactions. Each includes a way to swipe a credit card, input that data into your phone, and run a transaction.

We’ve also found a few apps that already exist commercially, which eliminate the swipe and enable transactions with just a credit card number, expiration date, and touch-screen signature.

The idea is that small retail merchants or even individuals will be able to accept secure credit card payments for goods and services where either cash or more complex payment-processing infrastructure was necessary before. Imagine being able to accept credit cards at a flea market, or as a roaming service provider — hair stylist, for instance. Or imagine being able to replace your bulky point-of-sale setup with an iPhone or iPod touch.

So who are these companies? What are these products?

Here are seven ways to turn your phone into a credit card terminal >

Latin America And The Caribbean

iPhone & iPod accept credit card payments with Square Reader


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St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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What Is The Best Way To Accept Credit Cards

While most payment processors will send you a free mobile credit card swiper that scans the magnetic stripe on cards, it is wise to invest in an EMV-compliant card reader. EMV chips work with card readers to encrypt the transaction data and protect it while it is in transit EMV chip cards are far more difficult to counterfeit than magstripe cards.

EMV-compliant readers have become the standard in credit card and debit card transactions failing to use one opens your business up to liability for any counterfeit fraud that results from unwittingly accepting a counterfeit card using a card swiper.

Even though it’s not free, an EMV-compliant mobile card reader is generally very affordable, costing between $20 and $50. The best mobile card readers are also NFC-enabled. NFC stands for near-field communication, and it allows you to accept contactless payments, such as those from digital wallets like Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay, as well as contactless cards.

How To Accept Credit Card Payments Over The Phone

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list ofour partnersandhere’s how we make money.

  • Security measures
  • While there are more ways than ever for your business to accept credit cards, you may find in some cases that you need to take orders and accept payments in a more traditional way: over the phone.

    In order to accept credit card payments over the phone, youll need to work with either a merchant account provider or payment service provider. With your chosen provider, youll be able to take phone payments by inputting credit card information into a virtual terminal on your computer, smartphone or tablet, or if you have a POS system that allows you to do so, you can input phone-based payments this way.

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    Choose A Reputable Payment Provider

    The first and perhaps most significant measure you can take to ensure that your credit card phone payments are secure is to work with a reputable payment provider. Researching your options and choosing the right provider for you is essential, especially since this is the company that youll be working with to actually accept and process credit card payments.

    Youll not only want to ensure that the provider you choose can give you access to a virtual terminal, but that the providers solution includes security measures, especially PCI compliance. PCI compliance refers to a set of standards that dictate how businesses accept credit card information to maintain security and prevent fraud.

    Some payment providers handle PCI compliance on behalf of their customers, whereas others require more action from the merchant themselves. Either way, youll want to ensure that PCI compliance is part of your payment solution and that youre adhering to the necessary regulations.

    Best Credit Card Readers For Iphone In 2021


    Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list ofour partnersandhere’s how we make money.

  • iPhone credit card readers comparison
  • When paired with a mobile point-of-sale app, iPhone credit card readers can allow you to accept and process credit cards via Magstripe, chip and even contactless payment.

    Ultimately, the best credit card reader for your iPhone should take all types of payment methods and be compatible with useful POS software and cost-effective payment processors. These iPhone-friendly credit card readers meet the criteria.

    Image courtesy of Clover.

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    What Clover Go Is Missing

    • POS on the app: The iPhone/iPad app itself does not have a POS system. It does offer the ability to create inventory, including special pricing and some variations, calculate taxes, send receipts, and more. If you have a small inventory, this might be enough.
    • Potential for a bad merchant account: Clover does not police its resellers, so be cautious about what merchant account you choose, or you could end up with hidden fees and fines for breaking your contract early. While Clover Go is free, you must have Clover itself, which often comes with monthly fees or contract obligations. Square and PayPal are the best obligation-free choices.
    • Microbusiness capability: Clover can be more expensive and difficult than a solopreneur, hobbyist, or microbusiness wants or needs. For a simple app, consider Square, Zettle, or Payanywhere.

    How Can I Accept Credit Card Payments

    In a world where people are leaving their wallets at home and just making in-person payments with their mobile phones, is it reasonable to expect your customers to always pay with cash? .

    The bottom line is, if you dont accept credit cards, youre missing out on potential sales. And if customers have to hunt down the nearest ATM to complete a transaction, the hassle involved makes it likely that they wont rush back to visit your business.

    But if youre worried that accepting credit cards will take a big chunk out of your sales or otherwise be a headache, dont worry. Here are some reasons why you should take credit cards at your small business:

    • Your sales will be higher. Customers spend 12 to 18 percent more on products and services when they pay with a credit card instead of cash, according to a recent study. Its not hard to see why: you might have only a limited amount of cash in your wallet, which your credit limit far exceeds.

    • Your customers will feel good about shopping with you. When customers see the logos of the major credit cards you accept, they see your business as more trustworthy and legitimate. For better or worse, cash-only businesses are often regarded as sketchy.

    • It wont cost you much. Credit card transactions wont eat up your profits. In fact, payments taken with Squares contactless and chip reader cost 2.6% + 10¢ per swipe, tap, or dip.

    Accept EMV chip cards everywhere.

    Order the Square contactless and chip reader.

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    Best Credit Card Readers For Iphone Compared

    Square offers competitive rates with no monthly fees or upfront costs, yet it provides reliability, security, and cutting-edge features, making it the best overall credit card reader for the iPhone. While it can be more expensive than other providers for small-ticket sales, Square makes up for this with top-notch chargeback support, a suite of business management tools, and scalable hardware should you need a full-fledged register in the future. Youll find Square on our lists of best credit card apps, best credit card payment app for Android, best credit card readers, and best mobile credit card processors, usually in the top slot.

    Mophie Marketplace Case For Iphone

    How To Accept Mobile Payments With Paypal & Credit Cards On iPhone & Android using Paypal Here

    Mophie is best known for making iPhone cases that include extra batteries inside, which effectively double the length of a phone’s battery life. Now, the company is making more sophisticated cases, including “Marketplace,” which is “coming soon.”

    Like VeriFone’s case, the Mophie case adds a magnetic card reader to an iPhone. Mophie software will handle emailing receipts, digital signatures, etc. But no word yet on pricing or other features.

    Image: Mophie

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    What Paypal Zettle Is Missing

    • Offline mode: Zettle says it needs to be connected to a 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi to process transactions. All the other mobile card readers on our list have at least a limited offline mode.
    • Limited integrations: While PayPal itself integrates with just about anything you can imagine, Zettle is limited to BigCommerce, QuickBooks Online, Shopify, and WooCommerce. For more variety, consider Square.
    • Reputation for held funds: PayPal ranks among the highest payment processors for complaints about held funds or canceled accounts. In addition, its customer service is often not helpful with this kind of issue. If that concerns you, then look at Payment Depot, which has very few complaints, or for smaller-scale needs, Payanywhere, which still has complaints, but far fewer than PayPal.

    Square Offers The Best Option For Accepting Credit Card Payments Usingan Iphone Or Ipad

    Whether you’re a small business, consultant, or freelancer, for example, or even an artisan showcasing your work at a local crafts show, one of the easiest ways to set up a merchant account, and be able to accept credit card payments within a few minutes, is to use the Square app and service:

  • From your primary computer or Apple mobile device, begin by visiting to set up a free account.
  • Next, from the App Store, download the free Square app .
  • To use the Square service to accept and process credit card transactions, there are no upfront costs, no contracts to sign, no recurring monthly fees, and no hidden charges. You simply pay a flat 2.75 percent fee per transaction . Without the card swipe, there’s a $.15, plus a 3.5 percent per-transaction fee.

    Square even provides a free and extremely small credit card swiper that attaches to the iPhone or iPad through the unit’s headphones jack . You can use these swipers to swipe credit cards and process transactions, or you can manually enter credit card information from your customers or clients.

    The free Square app accepts an on-screen signature from your customer, processes the transaction, and promptly emails your customer a detailed receipt. The proceeds from the transaction get transferred directly to the checking or savings account you have linked to your Square account.

    To set up a merchant account with Square, here’s what you’ll need to get started:

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    How Can You Accept Credit Card Payments Without Fees

    There are always processing fees associated with accepting credit card payments the banks, credit card networks and credit card processing companies all want a small cut of every transaction you run.

    In some states, you can pass transaction fees on to your customers as a surcharge, but the laws around this are tricky, so you should consult a lawyer before doing this. You should also be aware that this strategy could be a turn-off to your customers.

    Typically, the best way to handle the expense of accepting credit cards is to build it into your pricing. The alternative is to set a minimum purchase requirement for customers who pay by credit card.

    Paypal Zettle: Best For Alternative Payment Options

    Apple Thoughts: You, Yes You, Can Accept Credit Card ...

    Accepts: Chip and contactless payment methods.Price: $29 for new customers, $79 for additional readers.Fees: 1.9% plus 10 cents and up depending on method.


    • PayPal doesn’t charge a monthly fee.

    • Fees are transparent and easy to understand.

    • It has a screen to display transaction details.

    • PayPal Zettle’s POS app offers a variety of features.


    • The Zettle doesn’t process all payment types.

    Why we like it: Unlike competitors, PayPal Zettle works with PayPal and Venmo. Lower transaction fees apply when customers pay with PayPal or Venmo QR codes. All transactions made with Zettle go straight into your PayPal account and can be transferred to your bank.

    • It has a screen to display transaction details.


    • It doesn’t process all payment types.

    • POS software options are limited without a QuickBooks Online account.

    Why we like it: If you have a newer QuickBooks Online account, you can use this card reader to automatically record your transactions in the accounting software. The sleek design and flat rates make it a smart option for businesses already working with QuickBooks.

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