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How Much Is An Australian Visa

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Visiting Or Tourist Visa

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Close to 17 different visa options are available for those visiting Australia. This includes holiday visitors, extended working and holiday visas, business travellers, frequent visitors from the Peoples Republic of China and medical visas to name a few. The fees, length of stay and ability to work can vary depending on the type of visa you qualify for. Read the details carefully on the Visiting Visa Options page to find the visa that is best for you.

Can You Help Me With My Application And With The Form 888 Requirements

Yes, we certainly can! We help hundreds of people each year get an Australia Visa and we specialise in the Australian Partner visas whether that be as the spouse, de-facto partner or fiancé of an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Many people are concerned about the forms to complete, such as Form 888 as well as the application forms for the applicant and the sponsor. That is where we come in. We guide you on the evidence collection requirements for your Australian visa, as well as complete and lodge your partner visa application on your behalf. We liaise with the department as your representative and keep you up to date when the Australian Government either asks more questions, updates your file, or changes the Australian visa processing times.

We hope this provides you with the information you need.

Remember we are here to help with providing Visa Advice and can talk to you about your needs. Simply BOOK A CALL below to start the process

Australian Visa Application Status

The Australian authorities notify the applicant of the outcome of their request. Sometimes, more information is required to assess the application.

If the request is referred for further assessment, the applicant can track its status by logging into the online system and selecting the Check an ETA or Check an eVisitor option.

If the application is denied, foreign nationals can complete a new request or apply for a different visa.

Delays may occur near bank holidays or due to incorrect/incomplete information in the application. Applicants should check their email spam/junk folder if they notice that their request is taking longer than expected.

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What Can You Do With An Australian Visa

Different visa options for Australia open up the country to visitors, students, workers and family members of citizens depending on the needs. But finding the right visa for your circumstance is crucial as it will determine how long you can stay and what conditions you have to meet.

Note: having an Australian visa does not determine eligibility for citizenship. To become a citizen you will first need to become a permanent resident of Australia.

Here are the 3 most common types of visas for Australia and what you can do with each:

How Long Do I Wait To Get An Australian Visa

Age limit changes for the Australian Working Holiday visa.

You dont have to wait long before you get your visa. For ETA you can get it within 20 min, to more than a day.

The standard waiting time is 24 hours, but some factors may lead to a delay are:

  • Your application is referred to Australia high commission
  • You have a criminal record
  • Submitted wrong or incorrect information during the application process.

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Are Medical Or Health Exams Required When Applying For An Australian Visa

There is no clear-cut answer to that, as it depends on a lot of factors. But you can easily find out if you need to undergo health examinations. Heres how:

  • Log in to your ImmiAccount.
  • Go to your application. Find the Applications Status section.
  • Tap on the View health assessment link.
  • If you need to undergo medical or health examinations, you will see a link called Organise health examinations. If there is no link, no need to have health exam.

    Australian Partner Visa Costs Everything You Need To Know

    So you are in a relationship with an Australian and want to get a spouse, partner or marriage visa for Australia? We are here to help.

    As an Australian Migration Agent, we help hundreds of people every year achieve their dream of living in and we are constantly asked four big questions about partner visa applications:

  • How much does it cost for an Australian Visa?
  • What is the processing time for an Australian Spouse Visa?
  • What do I need to provide?
  • Can you help me with my partner visa application, and how do we get the Form 888 filled in?
  • So to tackle these questions one at a time.

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    What Is The Grant Number In The Application Form

    On Page 3 of the Application Form, you will be asked, Does this applicant have an Australian Visa Grant Number?

    If its your first time applying for an Australian visa, choose NO.

    If youve been granted a visa before, choose yes and enter the number. Youll find the Grant Number in the Grant Notification for your previous visa. Heres where I found the visa number on my previous grant notification.

    Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417

    Paano ako nakarating sa AUSTRALIA? | NO SHOW MONEY | WORKING VISA | Za Jimenez

    Getting a tourist visa for Australia also allowing you to work is possible: this is what an Australian Working Holiday Visa is for, as this permits allows you to work during your stay in Australia, and to travel to and from Australia as many times as you want while working or studying.

    With a working holiday visa you can have the freedom to work to pay for your holiday, or study for up to 4 months. It is a temporary visa that is valid for up to 12 months from the date you enter the country. It cannot be extended. You can remain in the country up to 12 months, and you can leave and enter Australia as often as you like. Read more about working holiday visas for Australia.

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    Which Documents Are Required For Canadian Visa

    You should apply for a student visa after you get the college acceptance letter. You should begin with the visa process around June if aiming at the September intake. The following are the documents needed to apply For Canada Student Visa.

    1. Valid Passport

    You would need a Valid Passport to be able to apply for a Study Permit. As of the Canadian High Commission, it is important that you have a passport whose validity covers the intended stay in Canada. For instance, if you plan to travel to Canada in September 2022 for a two-year course, your passport should be valid until at least September 2024.

    2. Proof of Acceptance by a Designated Learning Institution

    You would need the acceptance letter from the university/institute you are planning to attend. A Designated Learning Institute is a University that is recognized by the Immigration Department. . In case you are applying for Quebec, you would also need a CAQ which would be duly notified.

    3. Proof of Funds

    At the time of application for your Study Permit, you would have to show proof of funds. As per the present standards, you would have to prove that you would have enough funds to pay our tuition fees as well as take care of living expenses. The Canadian Immigration deems a student would require at least CAD 10,000 for every year of your stay. Apart from the above two, the student would also have to prove that he/she has enough funds for a return fair as well.


    4. Passport Size Photographs

    7. Statement of Purpose

    How Much Bank Balance Is Required For An Australian Tourist Visa

    While there is no specific or set amount that you are required to have in your bank account, the Department of Home Affairs will want to see that you have enough money for the length and breadth of your visit in Australia. This can be proven through:

    • Personal bank statements
    • Tax records
    • A letter from who you are visiting stating that they will be providing for your stay

    You may also be asked to show proof that you intend on returning home, like evidence that you have work, school, family members or property to return to. ²

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    Tourist Visas For Australia Available To American Citizens

    A standard Australian tourist visa authorizes visits of up to three months at a time and is valid for 12 months after the date of issue. Unlike traditional visas, there are no paper applications to complete, and you will have no visa labels or stamps in your passport. Instead, your tourist visa for Australia will be electronically attached to your passport.

    United States citizens can apply for a tourist visa to Australia using their passport, and the passport number will then be linked to the visa. If you lose your passport or it is stolen before you enter Australia, you will need to re-apply for a new vacation visa.

    Apart from the standard ETA tourism visa, there are a few more specific tourist visa types one can request in order to travel to Australia as a tourist: if you feel an ETA does not satisfy your needs, you will need to determine the most appropriate visa for you among other visa options.

    The most common short-stay tourist visa types for Australia are:

    • Work and Holiday Visa formally known as Australian Visa Subclass 462
    • Tourist stream formally known as Australian Visa Subclass 600

    Who Has To Pay A Subsequent Temporary Application Fee

    Parent visa to Australia

    This fee only applies to visa applicants who meet the following conditions:

    • The applicant is in Australia at the time of the application.
    • The applicant is applying for these temporary visas:
    • Tourist Visa- subclass 600.
    • Work and Holiday Visa- subclass 462.
    • Temporary Activity Visa- subclass 408.
    • Temporary Skill Shortage Visa- subclass 482.
  • The applicant is a holder of a previous Australia visa with the exception of bridging visas, criminal justice, or enforcement.
  • This additional charge is not applicable to visas that lead to permanent residency or long-term residence.

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    How Do I Apply

    The online ETA application takes about five minutes to complete. To start an application, click Apply for an ETA.

    Step 1: Select whether you need a Tourist ETA or a Business Visitor ETA, and certify that you are currently located outside Australia.

    Step 2: Enter your personal details, whether you have an alias, answer a question about your criminal record and enter your passport information.

    Step 3: Enter your address, phone number and email. Select whether you wish to receive communications by SMS and declare whether you hold any passports issued by other countries.

    Step 4: Confirm your information.

    Step 5: Pay the online service charge of 20 Australian dollars using a credit card.

    Australian Visitor Visa Visa Costs And Required Funds

    It is a million dollar question How much money do you need to have to show to the Australian Immigration in order to have your visa granted?

    Required funds for Australian visitor visa

    If you call the Department of Home Affairs and want to enquire about required funds for visitor visa this is usually a script:

    A: Hi, I would like to apply for visitor visa. How much money do I need to have?D: You need to have at least AUD$1,000-1,500 if you apply to stay for one month.A: But my air ticket will cost me at least AUD$2,000, are you sure?D: Do not worry about the ticket. Have at least AUD$1,000-1,500 and that would be good for one month. If you have a relative, somebody to provide you with free accommodation, in that case you will need even less than that.

    Please note that on the Department of Home Affairs website and in all their correspondence it is stated that You should not rely on the Departments advice but rather consult a Registered Migration Agent.

    We advise clients not to rely on the content of the Departments website, because the published information is only general and may not be valid for your case.

    Requirements for Australian visitor visa

    I previosly wrote about the requirements for visitor visa to find out more. Please note that you can meet all the general requirements and still do not get the visitor visa. It is all up to the government do judge your circumstances and whether you actually have some other motives besides simply visiting Australia.

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    How To Apply For A New Zealand Student Visa Online

    Candidates should note that the preferred mode of submitting your New Zealand Visa Application is via the online method. The online method is not only less time-consuming but also less expensive as compared to post. Here is how to complete your application online using NZ Immigration Online.

    Gather your documents as mentioned above and scan and prepare all your main and supporting documents in PDF format. Ensure you have scanned and attached a photo of yourself. Candidates are instructed to visit the official website for photograph specifications required by the embassy.

    The average time taken by the New Zealand High Commission for the visa procedure is approximately 63 calendar days depending on the individuals background. So the students need to apply for their visas at least three months prior to their course commencement. Complete your online application You need to create an account online and fill in the form.

    How To Apply For Australia Visa Online:

    US visa rejection / AUS visa granted and experience in depth about US visa.
  • Choose your preferred type of Australia Visa based on your Travel type
  • Make payment online
  • Submit documents online on our portal
  • Receive your Australia Visa once approved
  • addremove Are you still having doubts about the Australia Visa process?

    We have you covered across India with presence in all the major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow and many more.

  • addremove

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    Australia Student Visa Process

    International applicants must apply for their Australian student visa at least 6 months before the course begins. Let us now brief the overall process involved in getting your student visa to study with Australian universities:

    Step 1: Before You Apply

    • Organize your health exams
    • Abide by the law

    Step 5: Visa Outcome

    The decision on your Australian student visa application will be sent to you in writing. If you are accepted, the letter will consist of your visa grant number, the date on which visa expires, and conditions on your student visa.

    After obtaining the Confirmation of Enrollment from an Australian University, arrange for finances and other documents. Apply for Australian Student Visa by following the below-given steps:

    • Submit documents and pay $413, basic Student Visa Fee
    • Create ImmiAccount on or download in pdf format for offline application.
    • Attach the above-mentioned documents maximum 60 files/ person of up to 5 MB
    • Fill and Submit the final application

    Im Being Asked To Submit Form 956a What Is It

    Form 956A is a document that grants someone else authorization to receive files from the Australian Government. In the Application Form, you will be asked if you have an Authorized Representative who would be receiving documents on your behalf. If you answer YES to this, you will be required to complete and submit Form 956A.

    I encountered this form when I was applying for my mother. My mom doesnt speak or understand English. And being a senior citizen, she doesnt have an email address and isnt interested in getting one. Because of this, we decided to have me as the Authorized Representative and receive the documents on her behalf.

    Be careful when accomplishing Form 956A. This form is also used to withdraw authorization, so make sure youre filling out the right sections and skip the withdrawal parts.

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    How Much Is Sufficient Funds For Australian Visa

    When you are travelling to Australia for fun or as a student specifically, you may be asked to show evidence of adequate financial means. This is an important part of the application that should be looked at carefully. It is possible for you to be rejected if you are not able to verify and meet the requirements laid out by the Department of Home Affairs.

    And while showing financial means is one thing, you also need to prove you have access to the money as well. So if the money is provided by someone else, you will have to show evidence of the relationship with that person, that company or the loan agency in your application.

    Lets see how much is exactly needed for students and visitors.

    What Do I Need To Provide

    Australian visas to cost more from 1 July 2017

    The Australian Department of Home Affairs will need to see evidence of your relationship with your application. Now dont panic too much, we specialise in helping you with the evidence collection and have some great Partner Visa Document Checklists to help you along the way. We have developed these based on our 12 years of experience in getting partner visas successfully granted as quickly as possible for our clients.

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    Duration And Validity Of An Australia Tourist Visa

    Tourist visas are valid for varying periods of time, depending on the type of visa.

    The ETA is a 12-month tourist visa. It is a popular visa, but it is limited regarding the length of stay and only allows visitors to remain in Australia for 3 months or 90 days at a time. You can enter as often as you like as long during the one year the tourist visa is valid.

    For a visit of longer duration or if you want to stay more than 3 months during any period, you will need a different Australian visa. The tourist visa stream has a length and duration that can vary based on the purpose of the stay. In most cases though, Australian tourist visa validity lasts at least 12 months.

    As an example, the Australian e600 visitor visa is a 6-month tourist visa for Australia. It also allows you to stay in the country up to one year depending on the reasons for your visit. You can also enter and leave the country as needed as long as the visa is valid.

    The subclass 870 visa instead is a longer-term 3-year tourist visa specifically designed for parents. With it, parents can stay in Australia for 3 or 5 years and no more than 10 years. This allows them to enter and re-enter Australia as needed to visit their stepchildren, adopted children or biological children more conveniently and affordably.

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