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How Much Does Intuit Charge For Credit Card Processing

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Quickbooks Credit Card Processing Background

Accepting credit cards in Quickbooks PC-Intuit Quickbooks Merchant Services

Most people refer to QuickBooks accounting software when they talk about QuickBooks in general. However, the company also provides a credit card processing service and point of sale software. All the services aim to ensure that a business records sales, transactions, expenses, incomes, and other business accounting aspects in an automated method.

Previously, QuickBooks did not have a credit card processing option, and the accounting software was only useful for cash transactions. It was a disadvantage because more customers are willing to pay using credit cards. Therefore, business owners were pressed to incorporate credit card payments in their payment options.

The company developed payment software compatible with their accounting software to help business owners account for transactions with ease. Overall, the service is an excellent addition for businesses that use QuickBooks accounting software, which is easy to add credit card payment options.

The best QuickBooks package for companies that want to add credit card payments into their system is Intuit QuickBooks. Intuit is a creation of Scott Cook and Tom Proulx, and it has been part of QuickBooks since 1983. In 2019, it was among the best performing accounting software in the USA.

Is It Legal For Processors To Refuse Gun Dealers


Some states, such as Georgia, have laws regarding discrimination against firearms businesses but the laws dont necessarily apply to processing companies.

Honor Defense, a gun dealer based in Georgia, brought the issue to the forefront of state politics when payment processor Stripe refused to do business with the company. At the end of June 2018, reports that the Georgia Attorney General said though a spokesperson that the current laws apply to federally chartered banks, not money transmitters, such as Stripe.

Fortunately, there are many gun-friendly credit card processors. If you need assistance opening a merchant account for your firearms business, were happy to help. Fill out a free, no obligation business profile to get started.

Provided Card Type Is Invalid Provided Token Is Invalid Back To Top

If you receive an error like Provided card type is invalid. Provided token is invalid., there is likely a JavaScript conflict or error of some kind on your Checkout page, typically with your theme or another plugin. Often times, optimization plugins interfere with how JavaScript loads on your checkout page and cause this error. A few conflicting plugins to look for are:

  • Autoptimize
  • SG Optimizer
  • Hummingbird Pro

If you are using one of these plugins, disabling the plugin completely or adjusting its settings so they dont optimize your checkout page should help resolve the error.

If the error persists, try briefly changing to a default theme, such as Twenty Nineteen to rule out any theme conflicts.

Having a different problem? Follow these steps to make sure everything is setup correctly before posting a support request:

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Solutions That Scale At Your Speed

Chargezooms automated platform frees you from hours of repetitive data entry with tools designed to meet the demands of a complex marketplace.

Subscription Management

Our billing database ensures customer details are correct every time they are invoiced.

Invoicing & Notifications

Boost collections and customer satisfaction with automated payment reminders.

Customer Vault

Reduce time to payment by safely storing sensitive card information for repeat billing.


Built-in surcharging safely charges credit cards only. Ensures compliance by not charging debit cards.


Automatically recover processing costs with targeted fees from eligible cards and cardholders.

Level II & III Data

Gather Level II and Level III data from qualified transactions in order to secure processing discounts.

Developer Friendly API

Gopayment Plans And Rates

How much does quickbooks charge to process credit cards ...

GoPayments pricing has changed fairly often in recent months as Intuit struggles to find a permanent home for the product. At this time, Intuit quotes a swiped rate of 2.4% plus $0.25 and a keyed-in rate of 3.4% plus $0.25 with no monthly fees for its pay-as-you-go plan. Intuit also offers 5 monthly plans alternatively. The Self-Employed Plan costs $5 per month, the Simple Start Plan costs $10 per Month, the Essentials Plan costs $20 per month, the Plus Plan costs $35 per month, and the Advanced Plan costs $60 per month. Monthly plan fees are assessed at 1.6% plus $0.25 and 3.2% plus $0.25 for swiped and keyed-in transactions, respectively.

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Reconsider Your Decision About Using Intuits Services

The experience has shown that Intuits accounting software is its most preferred product, and many businesses decide to utilize its services. However, plenty of merchants quickly realize the price of it.

Despite Intuits efforts to present its offer as multi-beneficial, the price tag that goes with it forces merchants to change their minds about using them. A nontransparent merchant statement is the second reason users start searching for another, more reliable company that offers that are more suitable for their business.

Con: Confusing Pricing Structures

Another downside? QuickBooks credit card processing fees and policies vary across a number of products. As discussed earlier, QBO, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Ecommerce, and its mobile payments product have different pricing structures, which can make the process confusing.

If youre considering Intuit merchant services, you need to make sure youre on the right product page so you can get an accurate idea or estimate of how much youll pay.

For instance, if youre interested in ecommerce payment processing, double check that that youre looking at QuickBooks Ecommerce and not QuickBooks Desktop as the two products have different fees.

This also makes getting customer support more difficult. Rather than having just one phone number to call, QuickBooks has different support portals and processes depending on the product.

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How Do I Charge Customers Credit Card Processing Fee On An Invoice

I’m glad to see you here in Community, .

You can charge your customer the credit card processing fee by adding this to their invoices.

  • Go to Sales then choose Products and Services.
  • Click on New then select Service.
  • Enter the name of your service item.
  • Select the account you’d use to track our processing fees under the Income account drop-down.
  • Once done, click Save and Close.
  • Add the CC Fee as an additional item on your invoice every time you charge your customers with the processing fee.

    You can also email or print the invoice you’ve created.

    Feel free to post your additional questions here in Community. Have a great day ahead, take care.

    As another option, ask your client to utilize MP to pay their bills by credit card. Stretch your clients cash flow by creating up to a 45-day float by paying bills via a credit card, even if the vendor doesnt accept credit cards. Vendors get paid with a physical check or with electronic bank transfers.


    Quickbooks Credit Card Processing Features

    QuickBooks Payments: How to Process Credit Cards

    Several features make QuickBooks credit card processing an excellent solution compared to other card processing options in the market. Although most business owners opt for the software because QuickBooks is a reputable company, it doesnt mean that the card processing feature isnt among the best in the market.

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    Average Credit Card Processing Fees

    The only way to know if youre overpaying on your QuickBooks payments fees is to look at what youre paying now and compare it to the other options that are available. Heres what you need to know.

    Merchants who accept credit cards must pay several kinds of fees. These include interchange fees, assessment fees, and processing fees. The fees to to three different recipients:

    • The bank or credit union that issued the credit card
    • The credit cards payment network
    • The payment processor

    In most cases, the fees break down like this:

    • The interchange fee is usually between 1.15% plus a $0.05 fee at the low end and 3.15% plus a $0.10 fee at the high end
    • The assessment fee is usually between 0.10% and 0.15% per transaction
    • The processing fee is dependent upon the payment processor. The fee may be a percentage of the transaction or a flat fee, or a combination of the two.

    The first two fees, the interchange fee and the assessment fee, are not negotiable . The former goes to the bank that issued the credit card and the latter, to the payment network

    The third fee is where theres the potential to save money. You can choose the company you use to process your credit card fees. There can be significant differences between companies. Choose well and you can save yourself a lot of money on credit card transactions.

    Paying For Your Wedding With Credit Cards

    One way that you can help offset some of the costs of a wedding is via credit cards and credit card rewards. If you average a 2% return in credit card rewards on a $30,000 wedding, thats $600 back. Of course, the easiest way to save money paying for your wedding is to have a smaller wedding, but that may not be an option for you, depending on your specific situation.

    There are a few things that youll want to consider if you are talking about paying for your wedding with credit cards. The first is that paying for everything with credit cards does make it much easier to lose control of your spending. Just like with anything else, you should only spend money on credit cards that you have in the bank. That way you can always make your credit card payment in full, each and every month.

    The other thing to consider when paying for a wedding with credit cards is that not every vendor might accept credit cards as a form of payment. This is especially true for individuals or smaller businesses. And those that do take credit cards may charge a processing fee. Of course, it doesnt make sense to pay a 2.9% credit card processing fee to get 2% back in rewards. In those cases, its better to pay with cash, a check, or a payment service. You might also ask if there would be a discount for paying in cash again, that could be more lucrative than any rewards you get from paying with a credit card.

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    Intuit Merchant Services Overview

    No matter which of the following three versions of QuickBooks merchant services you end up choosing for your business, you’ll have access to the Merchant Center Intuit created for their small-business customers.

    Plus, every transaction you run through Intuit merchant services will automatically store and sync in your accounting software. Because this feature can save business owners so much tedious bookkeeping, the automatic sync is one of the biggest draws that QuickBooks Payments offers.

    Finally, though each version of Intuit merchant services offers different types of payment processing, each will allow your business to process at least three types of payments.

    Beyond payment processing, automatic bookkeeping, and the Merchant Center, Intuit merchant services products differ depending on which version your business ends up choosing.

    How Do Pos Systems Process Credit Cards

    How Much Does Quickbooks Charge To Process Credit Cards ...

    The rise of simple off the shelf solutions changed the way that point of sale systems work in the past few years. Small devices and downloadable software allow everyone to obtain payment processing help. Every POS requires specialized hardware to process cards.

    Hardware requirements for credit card processing are minimal. A POS needs to have either a card swiper or pin and chip system which allows your system to read a card number and send information to a provider.If your payment processor is plug and play, additional software is almost always required to contact a credit card company and verify your merchant account. This brings the cost of a simple processor up to that of an inclusive system.

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    Pros Of Intuit Merchant Services

    • Seamless integration with QuickBooks desktop and online accounting software
    • Collect payments of all types, including cash, credit card, debit card invoice, paper check and ACH
    • Payment processing charges are lower than many comparable service providers
    • Extensive integration options with major digital wallets and e-commerce platforms
    • Free 30-day trial to see how the services work for your business

    Intuit Merchant Services Fees

    QuickBooks Essentials with Payments will run you $25 per month . The upgraded QuickBooks Plus with Payments costs $70 a month and comes with a lot of additional time, profitability and inventory tracking systems. You can also purchase the Desktop Pro version for a one-time payment of $299.95.

    If you have an older version of QuickBooks , you can get started with QuickBooks payments via the desktop version for $0 or $20 per month, depending on the plan you choose. The $20 a month plan lowers many of the transaction costs.

    All plans come with no setup fees.

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    Intuit Merchant Accounts Will Cost You Cardfellow Credit Card Processing Blog

    Intuit Credit Card Processing. Most people know Intuit as the makers of QuickBooks, but the company has a merchant services division so that you can sign up for credit card processing as well. You may see references to QuickBooks Payments or Intuit Payments, both of which refer to accepting cards with Intuit.

    How Much Is The Direct Deposit Fee

    What Are The Average Credit Card Processing Fees That Merchants Pay?

    There is no such thing as a direct deposit fee. E-filing is free, and so is having your refund direct deposited. If you choose the option to pay your TurboTax fees by having the fees deducted from your federal refund, you pay a refund processing fee of $39.99 to have a third party bank receive the refund, extract the fees, and send you the rest.

    If you do not want to pay an extra $39.99 to receive your refund, then pay your TurboTax fees upfront using a credit/debit card. You can still choose direct deposit for your refund.

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    Taking Credit Cards: The Basics

    Any business that takes credit cards has to pay a processor to handle transactions. Each transaction has a cost, and that cost is made up of three components: interchange, assessments, and markup.

    Interchange and assessments are non-negotiable costs and are paid to the banks that issue credit cards and the credit card brands, respectively. Its easiest to think of interchange and assessments as the base cost or wholesale cost of processing.

    The third component is the processors markup, which is where there may be some wiggle room. Your lowest cost option will be the one that lets you pay as close to the wholesale cost as possible.

    Thats a quick overview, but if youre new to processing, be sure to check out our guide to credit card processing for complete details.

    Receive Credit Card Payments For Open Invoices In The Gopayment Green App

    If customers pay for open invoices in-person instead of using the QuickBooks Online email link sent with their online invoices, merchants can use the GoPayment app to receive payments.

    GoPayment green app steps for processing customer credit card payments for open invoices are:

  • Find the customer or search for the customer
  • Select the invoice that the customer would like to pay
  • Tap Charge
  • Choose a credit card payment method
  • payment options for credit cards are Card reader or Key in card
  • When using the mobile card reader, choose the type of credit card :
  • Place an EMV chip credit card in the slot with the chip facing down
  • Magnetic strip faces the customer
  • Tap Charge
  • Magnetic strip faces the customer
  • Slide the credit card through the slot on the back of the card reader
  • Tap Charge
  • For using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay with the QB31 Bluetooth card reader:
  • The customer taps their mobile device to the front of the card reader
  • Tap Charge
  • To use QuickBooks GoPayment without a credit card reader:
  • Key in the credit card information manually
  • Tap Charge.
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    Are You Paying Too Much For Quickbooks Payments Fees

    We cant tell you if your fees are too high, but we can tell you how to figure out if youre overpaying for QuickBooks payment fees.

    The first step is to calculate what youre paying. That may be a bit tricky if youve got a combination fee but you should get a monthly statement from the company that processes your credit card payments.

    You can get an idea of your negotiable monthly costs by taking the number of credit card transactions in a month and multiplying it by your rates. Remember, the interchange and assessment fees are not negotiable. Focus on the processing fee.

    If the amount youre paying is significant — and were willing to bet it is — then the next step is to see what the other options are.

    For example, we can say for sure that you can save money by switching to CardChamp if youre using QuickBooks built in credit card processing. Those fees break down like this:

    • 2.4% for swiped credit cards
    • 2.9% for invoiced credit cards
    • 3.4% for keyed credit cards

    When you add those fees to the non-negotiable fees, you might be paying 4% or more on every credit card transaction. Thats significant and can have a big impact on your profits.

    We find that most companies save about 25% on their existing fees when they switch to CardChamp.

    Theres no need to overpay on your QuickBooks payment fees. CardChamp offers three pricing options to suit your needs.

    Are you ready to stop overpaying for your QuickBooks payments fees? to learn how CardChamp can help.

    Intuit Merchant Services Lawsuits


    As of 2019 Intuit is facing major allegations and a class-action suit filed by Californias Santa Clara County that the company allegedly duped low-income taxpayers to pay for free tax preparation online. This case is still in litigation, with the most recent update coming in March 2021, when a judge ruled that a $40-million settlement was not enough for consumers in the class, and then in July 2021, when Intuit attempted to send arbitration for class-action cases against itself to small claims court, which was denied.

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