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How Much Do Credit Card Machines Charge Per Swipe

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Square Reader Worthy Point Of Sale App

how to use POS / CARD swipe machine

Square Reader is the smallest, most light-weight card machine on this list, and it only costs £16 + VAT and a fixed 1.75% per transaction. Instead of a PIN pad on the card reader, PIN codes are entered on your mobile screen in the free Point of Sale app. The Reader is literally a square-shaped, plastic card machine thats white all over, but the technology makes it just as reliable as standard POS machines.

To get it, you complete an online sign-up form, then order the card reader. It takes about four days to get your bank account verified, but you can start taking payments before that.

The mobile device automatically connects to the card machine via Bluetooth provided they are paired already when ready to accept a card.

Square accepts contactless cards and mobile wallets, chip and PIN, and chip and signature cards. Included is also a magstripe reader to plug into the earphone socket on your mobile device .

A decent range of cards are accepted, including Visa, V Pay, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express as well as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Its simple to add items from your product library to the shopping cart or enter a custom amount at checkout, before choosing a payment method.

Pos Software And Card Processing

Last but not least, you will want to consider what POS software and card processing service you would like to use. The majority of the products in this list are made by Square and come bundled with Square’s hugely popular POS software. Square also processes its own payments, with competitively priced fees of 2.6% + 0.10c per swipe.

The MSR90, on the other hand, does not come with any POS software or card processing service, and the Ingenico iWL250 and Verifone VX520 can both be used with several payment processors. This could be a benefit if you already have a payment processor that you enjoy using or if you are willing to shop around and find the service that you like the most. But it could also be a hassle if you are looking for a simple solution to get started making payments right away.

How Much Are Credit Card Processing Fees

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  • How to lower your rates
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    Average Credit Card Processing Fees

    Here are the average credit card processing fees for the 4 major credit card networks:

    • Visa: 1.4% – 2.5%
    • Discover: 1.55% – 2.5%
    • American Express: 2.3% – 3.5%

    Processing fees can be a confusing topic. The above rates represent the common range across networks. Your specific processing rates could vary based on your situation and what process you use. We’ll break down all of these factors below so that you know how to avoid overpaying.

    Best Mobile Credit Card Processors Of 2022

    Visa and MasterCard Users: Beware of New 4 Percent Surcharge  The ...


    The best mobile credit card processors make it simple and easy to take payments by credit and debit card in a store, at a trade fair, or on the go.

    Taking card payments is increasingly essential for any modern business, but what happens if you want to sell at a trade fair, set up a market stall or pop-up shop, or swipe a credit card tableside in a restaurant?

    This is where mobile card readers come into their own for credit card processing, allowing you to take card payments wirelessly and on the go. You don’t need a checkout till, you just need a smartphone or tablet that can run apps to connect with a mobile card reader.

    They can even be great for small mom-and-pop shops that are looking to keep their initial costs down, and a tablet running apps on a stand can work in lieu of a till.

    Credit card readers are the front end to your point of sale system, which can do much more than simply read cards. The best POS systems can manage your inventory, ensure you’re on top of compliance-related payment regulations, and help your business avoid fines and other administrative costs , all while offering advanced security features that protect from data theft and cyber breaches.

    Even better, it’s not just the ability to take payments from credit/debit cards with an EMV aka chip-and-pin, but contactless payments can now also be taken, including Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

    Reasons to avoid

    Read our full Square Reader review.

    Reasons to avoid
    Reasons to avoid

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    Negotiable Fees Charged By Card Issuers And Networks

    Some fees are not required for your business to process credit cards. Choosing a merchant services provider that is transparent about all of its costs is in your best interest. Negotiate the following fees with your payment processor to see if they can be waived.

    Tip: Avoid leasing your . A credit card machine should cost you only a few hundred dollars to purchase outright, while leasing the same terminal could cost you nearly $5,000.

    Transaction Fees On Premium Credit Cards The Worst

    All credit cards are more expensive payment methods for merchants than other forms of payment such as debit cards and cash. But the higher fee rates associated with premium credit cards hurt Canadian small businesses especially badly – credit card companies charge merchants even higher fees when customers use premium credit cards than when they use ‘regular’ ones.

    The Canadian Federation of Independent Business has put together a credit card rate chart that lists many of the specific types of credit cards available in Canada. Looking at the list you’ll see, for example, that the transaction fee charged a merchant when a customer uses a regular MasterCard is 1.75 percent, but if a customer uses a MasterCard Premium High Spend card, the transaction fee is 2.71 percent. Some MasterCards in the World/World Elite category carry even higher transaction fees.

    To a small business that processed $100,000 worth of credit card transactions each month, the .96 percentage difference charged for premium card transactions would cost an additional $960 a month, an extra $11,520 per year. I’ve used MasterCard rates as an example but I could have just as easily picked Visa Visa transaction rates follow the same model of premium cards being used to extract higher transaction fees from merchants.

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    The Complete Guide To Square Costs For Payment Processing & Software

    Figuring out all of Squares rates and fees can be a bit overwhelming. Our complete guide breaks down Square’s costs for credit card processing and other services.

    • Chris MotolaAn expert in personal and business loans and financial health, Chris Motola has been writing about small business finance and payments for over 5 years. He has been cited in various industry publications, including Forbes Advisor, GoBankingRates, and Medium. Chris is a graduate of the University of Central Florida.

      Expert Analyst & Reviewer

    What Are Swipe Fees


    Nothing is free. Those rewards points you get on your debit card and credit card, the convenience of not having to carry loads of cash, purchase protections, and the many other perks that come with using a card are far from free. Sure, you may pay for some of them through an annual fee or interest payments, but a large portion of them are financed by the merchant.

    How, you ask? In the form of interchange feesalso known as swipe fees by politicians per a 2010 bill passed by congress to regulate such fees. And though merchants pay them, they ultimately pass them on to you in the form of higher prices.

    • Swipe fees, also known as interchange fees, are what merchants are charged each time a customer uses a debit or credit card.
    • Fees average around 2% for in-person swipes or chip use, while online rates can be up to 2.5%.

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    Battle Over Swipe Fees Is Nothing New

    Credit card processing fees have long been contentious, with Walmart in and out of litigation during the last decade with Visa over high fees. Late last year, to stop accepting Visa credit cards issued in the UK due to high fees. The two companies ultimately struck a deal that prevented a shutdown of British Visa cards for Amazon purchases.

    In the U.S., the battle continues with retailers arguing for decades that the fees set by Visa and Mastercard amount to price fixing. But the fight now takes on new urgency with consumers coping with higher prices of nearly everything.

    Leon Buck, vice president at the National Retail Federation, estimates the average family spends on fees about $700 a year — an amount that will continue to climb with inflation since the fees are a percentage of their total spending bill.

    These fees get factored into the cost of everything consumers buy, said Doug Kantor, general counsel at the National Association of Convenience Stores. This is bad for merchants, bad for consumers and bad for inflation.

    Dont Forget About Support

    Gary Jackson, formerly vice president of sales at online payment processing company CCBill and now a self-employed digital consultant, warns business owners against focusing only on price when choosing a merchant account provider.

    Business owners should also consider the type of support theyll receive if something goes wrong.

    You want someone who can provide you guidance, Jackson said. Some providers give you the software and say, Here you go. If you have a bad launch, it can be detrimental to your business. You can lose customers left and right. You might want a company that provides more hands-on support.

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    How To Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees

    Want to reduce your credit card processing fees but not interested in spending too much time researching merchant services accounts? Here are some options for paying as little as possible.

    • Rate locks: Require that your provider offers a lifetime rate lock on fees. This way, your fees will remain the same every month. Service providers often tempt business owners with low initial costs. But over time, these rates can slowly creep up. Before long, business owners are paying far more than they expected.
    • No cancellation fees: Never sign with a merchant account contract that charges cancellation fees. Without these fees, business owners can cancel their accounts and go with a lower service provider without having to pay a hefty cost to do so.
    • Tiered or bundled is a no-no: Under these pricing packages, merchant account providers classify certain purchases as qualified and others as nonqualified, with qualified purchases costing less per transaction.

    Merchant account providers have too much discretion when determining what is considered a qualified credit card purchase. Some providers might only consider a debit card transaction that requires a PIN to be a qualified purchase. Those purchases would cost less, but all others would cost more, an expensive proposition for business owners.

    If the merchant account providers dont feel they are making enough money, they can send more transactions to the non-qualified rate, Cunningham said.

    Theres So Much Included With Every Account

    What Is a POS Decline Fee?

    Square is much more than a payments processorwere a partner. Every Square account includes a full set of features to ensure youre set up for success.

    Save yourself time and money

    • Transfers in 12 business days
    • Free first Square Reader for magstripe
    • Free Square Point of Sale app
    • Live phone support

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    It’s Time To Shift Your Perspective

    With Shift, you no longer have to wonder if you can afford to have your small business accept credit cards. Other credit card merchants may offer cheap merchant services and low rate credit card processing while locking you into a long-term contract & costly equipment, sticking you with tons of merchant account fees.

    You may think that this is just part of the cost of small business credit card processing. It doesnt have to be.

    With Shifts credit cards processing solution, youll truly get the cheapest merchant credit card processing services. Credit card processing for small business with no monthly fee really is possible. Click the orange “I’m ready for ZERO FEE processing!” button and let us show you how.

    Debit Card Processing Fees Explained

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    We Have Your Perfect Pos System Or Credit Card Terminal

    The lowest credit card processing rates paired with the perfect free Point of Sale system or free Smart Terminal makes things easy. Why settle for a free credit card terminal when you can upgrade to a free POS system for no additional cost?Most merchant credit card processors will offer a free terminal when you sign up for a new account, but they lock you into a multi-year contract to ensure their guaranteed profit on your account. At Shift, your equipment is free and all of our small business payment processing contracts are month to month. No paying for equipment and no locking you into long contracts. You always win with Shift.

    Ways To Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees

    Use ATM PIN while shopping with HDFC Bank Debit Card | HDFC Bank

    Processing fees can really eat into your bottom line. While you can’t avoid them altogether, there are some ways to reduce processing fees so you keep more profits.

    • Encourage debit card paymentsDebit cards have much lower interchange rates. For example, a standard Visa rewards credit card has an interchange fee of 1.65% + 10¢, while a Visa debit card is 0.05% + 22¢. On a $25 purchase, a debit card will cost you $0.23, compared to $0.51 for credit cards.
  • Set a credit card minimumYou are allowed to set a credit card minimum purchase amount up to $10. This helps you avoid paying high per-transaction fees for small purchases.
  • Add fraud protection toolsFor online stores, use such as CVV and AVS match. Visa and Mastercard offer lower interchange rates if you use an AVS tool.
  • Add a credit card surchargeFinally, you can pass the processing fee to your customers by way of a surcharge. This is an additional fee added to the customer’s purchase for using a credit card instead of cash. But this practice is not legal in some states. Read more here.
  • Offer cash discountsIf you don’t want to add a surcharge , you can offer a cash discount to encourage cash payments. Just make sure that the listed price is the regular price.
  • Read more in our guide on how to lower credit card processing fees.

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    What Is The Difference Between A Credit Card Machine And A Pos System

    A credit card machine is simply a credit card reader and PIN pad. A POS system is a complete checkout terminal that comes with a credit card machine, monitor or tablet, a cash register and printer. POS systems can also include additional software or apps that track inventory, monitor sales, generate discounts, create financial reports and help with marketing.

    Worldpay Card Machines Best For Custom Fees

    A major credit card processor in the UK, Worldpay continues to be a popular choice for traditional card machines. You can choose to rent a countertop, mobile or portable card machine with a contract of 18 months. Card processing fees depend on your turnover, business and type of cards, and there are different pricing plans to pick from.

    To receive a quote on fees, you just need to sign up online and await a callback from a Worldpay consultant. Card machine packages are unique to your business, so its not a one-size-fits-all arrangement.

    Card machine rental starts at £17.95 + VAT for a standard model, and then you have transaction charges and merchant account fees on top. While Zettle by PayPal, SumUp and Square use their own merchant account for card processing, Worldpay gives you a unique merchant account that is better for payments stability.

    Most businesses choose a Custom price plan with tailored costs, but there is also Simplicity with simplified costs and Pay As You Go without lock-in .

    Beware that Worldpay may not be transparent about all fees, so make sure you get them to explain all the costs and responsibilities involved. For instance, they require PCI compliance, and failing to complete certain paperwork costs a £9.99 PCI non-compliance fee every month.

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    American Express Credit Card Processing Fees

    American Express is considered the priciest in terms of credit card processing fees. Their high discount rates, which often reach 3.5%, are higher than that of competitors like MasterCard and Visa. While more expensive, up until recently Amex has kept its pricing model simple, meaning most merchants paid the same credit card processing fees.

    American Expressâ processing structure is changing with the recent introduction of OptBlue. The details on OptBlue are scarce, but we do know through this new program Amex will be structured more like its competitors â differentiating more between transactions, merchant category codes, etc. Whether credit card processing fees for American Express will drop as a result of OptBlue remains to be seen.

    One of the major sought after changes by merchants is the way in which Amex handles returns. While other card issuers will refund the business part of the cost of the credit card processing fees charged to the merchant, American Express did so only when after merchants agreed to paying higher processing fees per transaction. Many hope the new OptBlue program will make Amex a little bit more merchant-friendly in that regard. Once any new details are released, this guide will be changed to reflect them.

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