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How Easy To Get Walmart Credit Card

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Citi Double Cash Card

How to Obtain a Walmart Business Credit Card

Offering one of the best flat cash back rates available, the Citi Double Cash Card is a great no-frills, all-purpose rewards card. You earn 2% cash back on all purchases , regardless of where, when or how theyre made. You can earn up to 2% on all purchases at Walmart, online or off. This is an especially good card if you dont want to track spending categories or be forced to shop online or at a specific store to earn rewards. Keep in mind, however, that the Walmart rewards card will earn you a higher rate for online purchases when shopping on

Compare More Instant Approval Credit Cards

Getting an instant approval on your comes with benefits, such as:

  • Instant discount and rewards. Depending on the card youre approved for, you can use the discount on your purchases or earn rewards before your physical card arrives.
  • Meet signup bonus requirements. If the card comes with a welcome offer, you get a chance to earn it early on.
  • Instant access to certain card features. For example, an instant access balance transfer card can let you consolidate your debt much faster.
  • Emergency credit line. This is helpful if you need to make a large purchase and you dont have available credit on your other cards. Getting instant credit card numbers allows you to expand your credit card before getting your physical card. And if the card comes with a 0% intro APR period, you get an even higher value.

Infrequent Walmart Shoppers May Find A Better Deal Elsewhere

If youve done the math and it turns out you dont spend as much money at Walmart each month as youd thought, a general use rewards card might be more to your benefit than a co-branded rewards card.

Lots of rewards cards let you earn cash back or points at a high rate in specific spending categories like groceries or online shopping without limiting you to a single retailer. These cards often also come with flat-cash bonuses when you reach a set spending threshold, which will likely be more convenient and possibly more lucrative than the Walmart cards first-year 5% cash back rate on in-store purchases when you use Walmart Pay.

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Votre Navigateur Web N’accepte Pas Les Tmoins

Les témoins sont de petits renseignements stockés de façon sécuritaire dans votre ordinateur. Un navigateur capable de stocker des témoins est requis pour consulter le site Web de Walmart Canada. Nous utilisons des témoins pour sauvegarder des renseignements, comme vos préférences en matière de langue et de magasin. Vos renseignements personnels, comme votre adresse d’expédition, ne sont jamais sauvegardés dans un témoin.

Veuillez activer les témoins dans votre navigateur ou utiliser un navigateur Web plus récent. Vous pouvez aussi consulter la circulaire Walmart Canada en ligne sans témoins.

Wait For Your Credit Check To Be Completed

ðã?WALMART CARD ACTIVATION ã Activate Walmart Prepaid Card ð

Walmart credit services obtains your credit report to determine your current credit score. Fortunately, a persons creditworthiness when it pertains to the Walmart credit card is not as big of a factor in determining eligibility as it would be if you were applying for a Walmart Mastercard.

Because the card is issued by Synchrony Bank, you can also expect the information you enter on the application to be verified. This protects the company from fraud by ensuring your application is valid.

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Fill Out The Walmart Credit Card Application

Provide your name, mailing address, how long youve lived at that address and your telephone number. Next, add your email address before listing your annual net income.

Select whether you want your Walmart credit card payment statements delivered in the mail or electronically, as well as your preferred language. Finally, supply your date of birth, Social Security number, and mothers maiden name before checking the I Agree box and clicking the Accept and Submit button.

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The Easiest Credit Cards To Get

Every day I surf the web, I am overcome with gratitude that video phones and YouTube werent around to chronicle the mistakes of my youth. Today, public gaffes and uploaded mistakes can live on the internet for years .

In the financial world, your missteps and missed payments are chronicled not on social media, but in the data files of the three major consumer credit agencies, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Collectively forming your consumer credit reports, the data collected by these agencies influences your credit score and determines your ability to obtain credit cards, loans, and other credit products.

When the mistakes of your youth, or simply the trials of your present, have caused your credit score to sink, it can be difficult and feel impossible to find the credit you need. Unfortunately, theres no one-card-fits-all when it comes to credit cards. Instead, the easiest credit cards to get will often be the one best suited to your individual needs, financial situation, and spending behaviors.

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Walmart Credit Card Features

While they cant be used at the same retailers, the Walmart credit card and the Walmart Mastercard share the same features, which include:

  • Online Walmart purchases: 3% cash back toward the card balance for purchases made on or through the Walmart app.
  • Murphy USA and Walmart gas purchases: 2% cash back toward the card balance.
  • All other spending: 1% cash back on all other spending when you use the Walmart Mastercard.
  • No annual fee: Both credit cards charge no annual fees.
  • Free monthly FICO score: Walmart credit card and Walmart Mastercard holders can review their credit scores for free once per month.
  • Sign-up bonus: A free $25 signup bonus is included if you spend at least $25 at a Walmart store on the day you sign up for the card.
  • Promotional financing offers: Walmart occasionally offers promotions that allow cardholders to finance purchases at certain price points for no interest for six months to one year, depending on the promotional terms.

Walmart Rewards Mastercard Review: Impressive Everyday Savings

How to Obtain a Walmart Business Credit Card

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Pros And Cons Of Easy Approval Credit Cards


  • Suitable for low-income earners. Since people with low incomes dont have too many options, this is one of the biggest advantages of credit cards with easy eligibility criteria. If you earn $12,000 a year or more, you can think about applying for a low-income credit card.
  • Keep expenses in check. One risk of getting a credit card is overspending. A typical low-income credit card comes with a low credit limit, ensuring that you dont end up making excessive purchases.
  • Promotional interest rates. Certain low-income credit cards come with promotional interest rates that last for a specified period of time, usually between six to 12 months. These promotional rates normally apply only to balance transfers and prior debt, but some cards offer these rates on new purchases as well.


The Bottom Line On Walmart And Credit Cards

If you’re a regular Walmart shopper, then applying for a Walmart credit card can be a smart way to earn valuable cashback rewards. Both of the cards offer high rewards rates, and neither option charges an annual fee. Which Walmart credit card is best for you depends on your credit score and spending habits.

Unlimited Cash Back

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Buy Online Pick Up In Store

We get it: Maybe you’re suffering from digital wallet fatigue, and maybe you’re not fully sold on an online-only shopping approach. Sometimes you just have to browse a store’s physical aisles, whether to inspect those oranges yourself or make sure those shoes actually fit.

Lucky for you, you’ll still earn 5% back with the Capital One® Walmart Rewards Mastercard® if you order items online and later head to the store to pick them up. True, it’s not as easy as having products shipped directly to you. But if you’re already planning to step out and run errands anyway, why not place at least a portion of your order ahead of time, skip any kind of shipping charges, and get the highest rate back for those purchases while you’re at it.

This strategy can come in especially handy on big-ticket items such as pricey electronics. If you’re in need of a new flat-screen TV, you could buy it in a physical Walmart and get 2% back or you could buy it online, pick it up in your local store, and snag 5% back on it.

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Do You Need A Bank Account For A Store Credit Card

How to Login, Activate, and Pay Your Walmart Credit Card ...

A bank account will not help you get approved for a department store credit card. You can get a credit card without a bank account. In fact, department store credit cards are known for some of the best instant approval no bank account offers.

To sign up for a department store credit card, all you need is identification such as your social security number and proof of identity such as your drivers license.

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How Do I Find Out If My Card Application Was Approved

In many cases, the approval process for getting a Walmart card takes just a few seconds, but instant approval is not guaranteed. If you have good to excellent credit and meet or exceed the requirements for approval, youll know on the spot. However, if the card issuer needs more time to verify your application, it could take up to a week to hear back from them.

To check whether your application has been approved, you can 1-877-969-3668. Youll need to provide some personal information to verify you are the applicant.

If approval is delayed, it may be because you dont meet one or more of the instant-approval requirements. The basic requirements are that you are at least 18 years of age, have a U.S. mailing address, and possess a valid Social Security number.

Other reasons you may not be instantly approved include:

  • Having a credit score below the minimum required usually around the low- to mid-600s for the Walmart store card and nearing 700+ for the Walmart Mastercard.
  • Entries on your credit report that indicate a pattern of missed payments, especially recently. Collection accounts and charge-offs are also likely grounds for denying approval. Check your credit report for errors and dispute any entries that arent valid or dont belong to you.
  • If your credit history is too recent or shows too little information to verify your past payment history or creditworthiness, this could also cause a delay or denial of your application.

How Do I Get A Walmart Credit Card

  • You need to meet basic requirements. You are 18 years old, have a physical U.S. mailing address, and have a social security number to apply. You can do this online or in-person.
  • Ensure that you have a good credit score
  • Make sure your credit reports are accurate
  • You can apply online or in-store.
  • You can apply online now.
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    % Introductory Apr Vs Special Financing Offers

    Introductory APRs on credit cards are often better options than the special financing offer the Walmart card provides because its offered for a longer period of time, and is not based on the amount you spend.

    Plus, special financing generally means your interest still accrues with the Walmart credit card and if you dont pay the entire balance within the promotional period, the accrued interest will then be attached to your balance.

    Most 0% APR offers with other credit cards simply apply the interest rate to the unpaid portion of the balance once the introductory period ends.

    How To Apply For A Credit Card With Easy Approval


    Once youve compared different credit card options, you can apply for a credit card online. Before you apply, be sure you meet the eligibility requirements and have the relevant documents on hand.

    Eligibility criteria

    Although it can vary between different credit card providers, to applyeven for some of the easiest credit cards to get approved for in Canada, you would usually have to meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • Be 18 years old or the age of majority in your province or territory
    • Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident with a valid Canadian address
    • Have a regular source of income
    • Have a good credit history, which is usually a score of 650 or higher

    Necessary documents and information

    You also need to provide different types of information, which could include the following:

    • Your full name, date of birth and details from your Canadian drivers license or government-issued ID
    • Your Canadian address, email address and phone number
    • Your employers name, phone number and address
    • Details of your income and expenses including a recent paycheque or bank statement

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    Easiest Unsecured Credit Cards To Get

    Although unsecured credit cards are typically the most difficult type of card to qualify for, you can take a lot of risk out of the equation by choosing the right issuer and card. Specifically, credit card issuers specializing in subprime credit applicants will offers cards with the lowest credit score requirements, making them easier to obtain than other unsecured cards.

    If youre using your card to rebuild bad credit, the key thing youll need your new card to do is to report to the major credit bureaus. This will allow you to improve your credit score as you practice responsible credit card use. Remember, paying your bill on time each month is one of the most important things you can do to maintain a healthy credit score and demonstrate your responsibility. Our top three picks report to all three credit agencies every month.

    For many, the major benefit of an unsecured credit card is that you wont need to make an initial security deposit to open the account. The cost of this benefit will come in other ways, namely through paying higher fees and interest rates than secured cardholders are charged. Fees can include the annual fee typical of most cards, as well as monthly maintenance fees and an initial processing or program fee.

    Can You Use A Walmart Credit Card Online

    You can use your Walmart Rewards Card online. It is a Mastercard and can be used online or anywhere Mastercards are accepted. The Walmart Rewards Card can only be used at Walmart properties and can’t be used at other online websites.

    The information related to Walmart Rewards Card, Sam’s Club Mastercard and Walmart Rewards Card has been independently collected by ValuePenguin and has not been reviewed or provided by the issuer of this card prior to publication.

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    How We Calculate Rewards: ValuePenguin calculates the value of rewards by estimating the dollar value of any points, miles or bonuses earned using the card less any associated annual fees. These estimates here are ValuePenguin’s alone, not those of the card issuer, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the credit card issuer.

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    Are Department Store Cards Considered Credit Cards

    Department store credit cards are not considered credit cards because they do not have a line of credit. Instead, department stores issue you a card with a pre-set limit to spend within the store.

    Youre then required to pay off your debt in full each month, or else you will be charged interest and fees on what you owe.

    The advantages of department store cards are:

    You can save 5% or more on purchases made at your favorite department store by signing up for a specific credit card.

    They offer exclusive discounts and offers you wont find anywhere else except in the department store, which makes it easier to shop around.

    The disadvantages of department store cards are:

    Because theyre not considered credit cards, if you dont pay off your balance in full every month, then you will be charged fees on what you owe. In addition, interest can add up really quickly if youre not careful with how much debt you have. Check out stores that accept afterpay as an alternative.

    Most department stores only offer a preset range for their credit limits which means theyll often be lower than other types of credit cards. This is especially true

    Dont forget to check out the online store credit cards guaranteed approval options that are available.

    Boosted Cash Back Rate Only Applies On Online Purchases

    Walmart MoneyCard Adds 2% High Yield Savings Account, Free Cash ...

    The Walmart Rewards Mastercards biggest selling point is an impressive 5% cash back rate on purchases. While this matches the rate offered on online purchases by other popular retail co-branded cards like the and the Target REDcard, those cards carry the same high cash back rate on relevant in-store purchases.

    Unlike the REDCard which offers a 5% discount on both online and in-store Target purchases and the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa which offers 5% back at Whole Foods locations the Walmart Rewards Mastercard offers just 2% back if you buy in-store. While you can still earn the maximum cash back rate if you order online and pick up at the store, this limitation could be a sticking point for shoppers who dont always plan their purchases ahead of time.

    Plus, while you earn 2% back at Walmart-branded gas stations and Murphy USA gas stations, the Walmart Rewards Mastercards gas rewards are bested by those of the Amazon Prime card, which offers 2% back at all gas stations.

    Meanwhile, the Walmart cards 2% back on all dining and travel purchases and 1% back on all other purchases are fair but unremarkable compared to many other no-annual-fee credit cards.

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