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How Do I Pay My Premier Credit Card

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Re: Just Cancelled My First Premier Bank Card What Now

How to Pay a Bill by Credit Card in Quickbooks 2018

Also, I need help cancelling a Credit One Bank card i just activated Saturday afternoon. 500 limit – 75 annual fee. 425. Whats the best way to kick them to the curb?

I was approved for a 3000 limit Citi Diamond and have no use for them. I also have a Chase Freedom that im going to keep around and its 400 limit… I just want to pay Credit One off via debit card, and then cancel them. Any help is great.

What’s The Fastest Way To Make A Loan Payment Or Get My Loan Payoff Balance

You can make a loan payment by logging into Online or Mobile Banking and transferring payment from a First PREMIER account to your loan. You can also call Customer Care at 800-501-6535 during normal business hours. Paying off your loan is as simple as issuing a payment equivalent to the loan payoff amount. To ensure your final payment amount is accurate, please contact Customer Care during normal business hours for an accurate loan payoff amount.

Just Cancelled My First Premier Bank Card What Now

As the post says, I just fired that card. I believe I paid the processing fee in early June, so it hasnt been 30 days. She was very polite, until just said I wanted it cancelled please, and said I could chop it up and do whatever with it. I asked her if it was closed, and she said, it was closed…. But I still dont trust them. A number of questions now

1. What do I do now?

2. I forgot to ask for balance info, but I know it was 0.00 because I checked that right before and paid the 75 dollar annual fee over the weekend by debit card, and have the confirmation number.

3. I asked her if could get a refund of the processing fee and she said yes. I asked what form, and she said it will be in a check. True? When will I get this check?

4. Follow up? How do I check if it is really closed now?

Thanks, new to this credit rebuilding lifestyle.

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I Have A Direct Debit Set Up For My Hsbc Credit Card Can I Make Additional One

It depends on the type of Direct Debit you have set up, and when you are looking to make the additional payment.

I have a Direct Debit to collect the minimum amount:If you choose to make an additional payment before the Direct Debit is collected, then your minimum Direct Debit payment will still be made, unless the payments reduce the balance to zero. In this case, the Direct Debit wont be claimed, to make sure the account doesnt go into credit.

I have a Direct Debit to collect the full amount:If you make an additional payment before the Direct Debit is collected, then your Direct Debit payment will reduce accordingly, ensuring that overall you only pay the full amount required.

I have a Direct Debit to take a fixed amount:If you choose to make an additional payment before the Direct Debit is collected, then your fixed Direct Debit payment will still be made, unless the payments reduce the balance to zero. In this case, the Direct Debit wont be claimed, to make sure the account doesnt go into credit. Please note that any additional payment made within 3 working days of your Direct Debit date will not affect your direct debit amount as the request will already have been sent to your bank.

What Should I Do If My Debit Card Is Lost Or Stolen

How Do I Get My First Credit Card?

You can temporarily suspend and then reactivate or permanently deactivate your active First PREMIER Bank Debit Mastercard® within the Online Banking system or Mobile Banking app. Go to the Menu, choose “Services” and click on “Card Services.” You can also call our Customer Care Center 800-501-6535. To report your card lost or stolen after normal business hours, please call 888-297-3416.

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First Premier Bank Gold Mastercard

Up-to $125 first year, $49 annually.
Rewards Earning Rate This card does not offer a rewards program.
Foreign transaction fee

The First PREMIER Bank Gold Mastercard is no longer available. The information contained in this article is accurate as of November 2021.

The First Premier Bank Gold Mastercard is not one of our top-rated credit cards for bad credit. You can review our list of the best credit cards for bad credit for what we think are better options.

Watch Out For Aliases

First Premier typically offers a single credit card. However, it regularly changes the name of this card sometimes, but not always, in accordance with tweaks to its terms. The same basic offer has been called the Possibilities Card, the Forward Card, the Gold Card, the Classic Card, the Platinum Card and the Centennial Card. So make sure to be on the lookout for this marketing gimmick, and always analyze a cards terms to see if its really a wolf in sheeps clothing

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Using Your Reward Points

First Premier Credit Card UPDATE!!

Rewards for miles

We’ve partnered with British Airways, Etihad, Asia Miles and Singapore Airlines so you can convert your HSBC Premier Reward points into your dream getaway.


You can redeem your points for vouchers from M& S, Amazon and Sainsbury’s. Even better, we’ll deliver them straight to your door.

Fine wines

You can also exchange your points for a special selection of Laithwaite’s quality wines, delivered direct to your home or office.

Just call 03330 148 174* quoting reference MP85 to pay by points only or MC85 to pay by points and cash.


You might also want to consider donating your points to a good cause. Every 1,500 points is worth £5 of vital support for charities all over the world, including Age UK, British Heart Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Society.**

Exclusive offers

From fine dining to spa indulgences, theyre exclusively yours to enjoy at home or while youre travelling abroad. Access to a wide range of special offers from HSBC Premier Privileges is just one of the ways we like to thank our HSBC Premier Credit Card customers.

*Lines are open Weekdays: 8.30 to 21:00, Saturday: 9:00 to 20:00, Sunday: 9:00 to 18:00

**In order to provide a wide range of charities that our customers would choose to support and to ensure as many charities as possible have the opportunity to benefit from our scheme, we may change the charity selection from time to time.

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First Premier Bank Credit Card Vs The Competition


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First Premier Bank Gold Mastercard Review

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The First Premier Bank Gold Mastercard is an unsecured card for people who want to establish or rebuild credit. However, the trade-off for not putting down a security deposit is sky-high fees.

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Secured Is Better And Cheaper

If you’re going to need to come up with $300 or more to get a credit card in your wallet in order to build your credit, you should at least be able to get that money back once your score has risen enough to qualify you for other cards. That’s why secured cards, with their refundable deposits, remain the best option for bad credit.

First Premier Bank Credit Card Review Summary

How Do I Pay My Costco Credit Card Bill Online

The First PREMIER® Bank Mastercard Credit Card is a bad deal, even for people with bad credit. Youll have to pay First Premier $25-$95 for processing right off the bat, and you then immediately face a first-year fee of $75 to $125, depending on your starting credit limit which reduces your initial spending power.

The low credit limit and high fees youre likely to confront with this card, wont do you much good when it comes to affording emergency expenses. Neither will the cards 36% regular APR one of the highest interest rate on the market, according to our latest . Whats more, if you keep your account open for longer than a year, you will have to pay $120 to $174 in fees each year, thanks to the combination of an annual fee and a monthly maintenance charge.

In other words, you can basically think of First Premier as your wallets worst fear.

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How Can I Pay My Credit Card Bill

Check your payment details on Qantas Money, the Qantas Money app or on your statement.

Then, select one of the following payment options available to you:

  • Make a one-off or recurring BPAY® payment from one of your financial institution accounts:
  • Biller Code:266536
  • Ref:Your 16-digit card number
  • Sign-up for Easi-Pay to pay your bill automatically by direct debit. You can choose to pay the minimum payment due or the closing balance. Important: It can take up to 3 business days for your Easi-Pay payment to be cleared from the bank account you have nominated to be debited. Until the payment is cleared, these funds will not be available for use.
  • Take your Qantas Premier credit card to any Australia Post office displaying the Bank@Post symbol, together with your cheque, EFTPOS or cash payment. Cheque payments are considered deposited on the day of processing but please allow 6 working days for cheque clearance. An over-the-counter fee applies and will be debited to your credit card account. View the full Qantas Premier Everyday fees,Qantas Premier Platinum fees or Qantas Premier Titanium fees.
  • Anyone Ever Pay Their First Premier Cc With Wal Mart Rapid Reload

    The FP website says this is an option to make a payment.

    “Present your First PREMIER Bank credit card in the checkout lane and tellthe store associate you would like to use Rapid Reload. The store associate will swipe your card and ask what dollar amount you would like to pay.

  • Confirm your payment amount and the $3.74 service fee on the PIN pad.
  • Pay with cash or debit card
  • Your payment will be reflected on your account within minutes and you will have immediate access toany available credit. Always keep your receipt for your records.”

    I checked the Walmart website and it says it’s for reloading prepaid cards.

    This sounds like a pretty good deal for $3.74 if it will post “within minutes”. FP charges you $11 for same day payments and it is reflected in your available credit until midnight of that day.

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    How Do I Dispute A Charge On My Premier Credit Card

    A transaction dispute occurs when you, or an additional cardholder, questions a transaction charged to your credit card account. We aim to make the experience as easy for you as possible if you find yourself needing to dispute a transaction. Below weve provided detailed information of the steps involved in disputing a transaction. MasterCard has set rules and timelines for the dispute process, which can sometimes take up to 180 days to resolve.

    We have also included some handy tips that may assist in avoiding future disputes.

    Can I Make Payments To My Hsbc Credit Card From Overseas

    Which Bills Can You Pay with a Credit Card? Plastiq Guide 2019

    Yes, please use the following information:

    IBAN Number : Europe – GB15MIDL40424699009787

    Sort Code: 40 42 46

    Account Number: 99009787Reference: Your 16 digit credit card number

    Updating of available credit and interest calculations dependent on international payment processing times in the country/region of origin. Once received payments will be credited within 3 working days.

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    Bank Of Baroda Premier Credit Card

    Bank of Baroda Premier Credit Card provides accelerated reward points on purchases made through Premier mobile app or website. The also offers other interesting features and benefits including zero fuel surcharge on fuel spends, complimentary insurance cover, zero liability on the lost card, free airport lounge visits, and lot more. Continue reading to know more about the benefits offered by BOB Premier Credit and the process to apply for it online.

    Other Bank of Baroda Credit Cards

    Find Out How To Convert Your Points For Airmiles

  • Log on to online banking.
  • Choose ‘Premier Card’ within the ‘My Accounts’ section. Then choose ‘Points Balance’ from the right hand menu.
  • Select ‘Continue’ under ‘Airlines miles’, on the list of ‘Points Redemption Options’ or ‘Join airline programme’ if you are not currently part of an airline programme.
  • Select the airline you wish to redeem your Points with.
  • Insert your details, including your airline programme number and submit your request. Please allow up to 14 days for your request to be processed.
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    Making Payments With Billpay

    If your bank offers the BillPay service, send your payment to First Premier Bank at < st1:address w:st=”on”> < st1:street w:st=”on”> PO Box 5529, < st1:city w:st=”on”> Sioux Falls, < st1:state w:st=”on”> SD, < st1:postalcode w:st=”on”> 57117-5529 by entering your 16-digit credit card number in the account number field. BillPay payments post within three business days.

    Making Payments With Cash

    How Do I Pay My Lowe

    You can make a cash payment at more than 100,000 locations, including Walmart, for same-day posting times. Call 1-888-818-7127 or visit and enter your zip code to find the payment location closest to you.

    You can also make a payment using MoneyGram by visiting or calling 1-800-926-9400 to find a MoneyGram location. Use the Receive Code 6267 when you make your payment.

    And you can make a Western Union payment by visiting, clicking “Send money” and following the prompts to make your payment, using the c< st1:placename w:st=”on”> ode c< st1:placetype w:st=”on”> ity”< st1:place w:st=”on”> < st1:city w:st=”on”> PREMIER< st1:state w:st=”on”> SD.”

    Fees vary, depending on each payment facilitator, so you may want to compare these fees before making a choice. Payment posting times for MoneyGram and Western Union follow the same schedule as the online payment posting times above.

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    When Card Issuers Report Your Balance To The Bureaus

    Your credit card balance is reported to the at varying times throughout your billing cycle, depending on each lender. If you’re unsure when your balance will be reported to the bureaus, call your card issuer to ask the exact date, Harzog recommends.

    “Very often, it’s the day after the closing date on your statement, but not always,” she says. “Find out when that is so you can strategically make your payments.”

    The dates will probably differ based on the billing cycle for each card. Most lenders calculate your utilization rate based on your statement balance instead of the current balance.

    As Much As $896 In Starting Spending Power

    People with bad credit resort to unsecured cards in order to pay for something they cant afford in cash. And that is where the First PREMIER® Bank Mastercard Credit Card provides a modicum of assistance. You just have to fit a very specific profile.More specifically, you must:

    • Have $25 – $95 in cash
    • Be willing to wait for a new credit card to arrive
    • Need an emergency loan of $896 or less
    • Be unable to obtain the funds at a lower cost

    This assumes you will have to pay a $25 processing fee and a $79 first-year fee in return for a $1,000 credit line, which would give you a total of $896 in spending power that you do not currently have . If you obtain a $1,000 credit limit, the monthly fee is also not waived, as with the $300, $400, or $500 credit limits, and you would have to pay during the first year an $8 monthly fee, which will rise to $10.4 in the second year. The same monthly fees are applied if you get a $700 credit limit, and a $5.85 fee per month in the first year, with $8.25 in subsequent years, if you get a $600 limit. Such an amount will ultimately prove insufficient for many people. But others could also say that its better than nothing.

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    Comprehensive Global Travel Insurance

    Global Travel Insurance, at no charge, will keep you covered no matter where you go in the world, when you purchase your return ticket using your FNB Debit, FNB Fusion, Credit Card or eBucks. You will get up to R 5 million cover for the first 90 days of your trip. What’s more is we will cover up to 8 travel tickets for your travel companions too.

    Why do I need this?

    Save on your insurance and be conveniently covered for the first 90 days of your journey.

    How do I get Global Travel Insurance at no charge?

    To qualify for Global Travel Insurance at no charge, you require a qualifying FNB Debit, FNB Fusion or Credit Card with which to pay for your travel ticket.


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