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How Can I See My Credit Card Statement

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Transactions From The Billing Period

How To Read Your Credit Card Statement Like A PRO!

This section may very well be the most useful information on your credit card statement. Here you can find an itemized list of charges, credits or payments you made over the course of the billing cycle.

Each line will provide you with the date the transaction was made and the date it was posted, along with the location and the name of the store, restaurant, gas station or wherever else you charged your card. Each of these transactions will be given a reference number as well as the last four digits of the card used . If you use mobile wallets, youll likely see the phrase Virtual Card rather than your last four digits. Most importantly, this breakdown will show the amount charged for every transaction made, which is a must when checking for discrepancies.

Reviewing this section can help you identify areas where you spend too much and plan your budget. Noticing trends in your monthly charges can be one of the fastest ways to discover what you can cut down on. Plus, itll give insight to the categories you spend in most frequently, which is the most important information to know when deciding on the right rewards card whether it be for travel, airlines, cash back, groceries or anything else.

How Do I Retrieve Old Credit Card Statements

The Nolo legal website recommends keeping your credit card statements for seven years, but holding onto documents for that long is often difficult. If you lose or misplace yours, credit card statements aren’t difficult to replace. Credit card companies allow you to view and download credit card statements online.

Interactive Credit Card Statement

A credit card statement is a summary of how you’ve used your credit card for a billing period. If youve ever looked at credit card statements, you know how difficult they can be to read. Credit card statements are filled with terms, numbers and percentages that play a role in the calculation of your total credit card balance.

To be a responsible credit card user, its important to read all the fine print and understand the numbers and terms on the statement. If you dont, you may end up with more credit card debt than you can handle. Its also important to read your credit card statement carefully to spot any unauthorized charges or billing errors. Your liability for those charged may be limited if you report them in a timely manner.

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Your Account At A Glance

a) Previous balance is the total balance that appeared on your last credit card statement.

b) Any payments you made or credits posted to your account after your last statement period are subtracted from the money you owe.

c) Total charges is the total amount of your purchases, cash advances, interest and fees. Cash advances include balance transfers and convenience cheques.

d) Total balance is your total outstanding amount at the end of the statement period. If you pay this in full, you may also pay off any active CIBC Pace It Installment Plans you have. To calculate your total balance, we take your previous balance, subtract your credits and payments, and add your total charges.

What This Section Tells You

How Paying a Credit Card &  Statements Work
  • Your current balance: How much you owe on this particular statement.

  • The minimum payment due: For balances over $1,000, the minimum payment is usually 2% of the balance. If your balance is lower than that, it is more likely to be a flat fee of around $25.

  • The due date: If you don’t make at least the minimum payment by the due date, you’ll incur a late fee, and your credit score may be affected.

  • A minimum payment warning: Included on some statements, this explains how long it would take you to pay off the current balance if you made only the minimum payment and how much interest you would pay. That last part should serve as a monster motivating you to pay off your credit card debt. If you just stick to the minimum payment each month, you could easily end up paying more in interest than you charged in the first place.

Our advice: Aim to pay off your entire balance every month. Doing so may not be possible right now, but it should be your ultimate goal when it comes to credit card use. Credit card debt isnt cheap, so try not to carry a balance.» MORE: When is the best time to pay my credit card bill?

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Q9 How Can I Check Last 24 Months Transaction

  • We hereby inform you that you may login to SBI Card website account at with the help of your User ID & Password and check your last 24 months transaction details.

    Alternatively, you can also login to Chatbot ILA using your online account user ID and password and check your last 24 months transaction details.

  • How To Read Your Credit Card Statement

    Many or all of the products here are from our partners that pay us a commission. Its how we make money. But our editorial integrity ensures our experts opinions arent influenced by compensation. Terms may apply to offers listed on this page.

    You probably get at least one in the mail every month, but how well do you actually understand your credit card statements? Yes, they tell you how much you owe and when you have to make a payment, but there’s a lot more hidden in those pages than that. Here’s a brief guide to how to read your credit card statement so you can get the most out of it.

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    Q8 How Can I Register My E

  • Write us at or call us our helpline number to subscribe with e-statement facility and the monthly statements would be sent every month on your registered E-mail address.

    SMS ESR from registered mobile number on 5676791), SMS ESTMT XXXX from registered mobile number on 5676791

    In case of non-receipt of your e-statement within 72 hours, may we request you to check the spam and junk folder of your mail box, as it has been noticed that due to certain security filters activated by various service providers the e-statements get automatically transferred to supplementary folders.

    Alternatively, you can also login to Chatbot ILA using your online account user ID and password and subscribe to e-statement to get statement via email.

  • How To Check Visa Credit Card Transactions Online

    How to View Your Barclays Credit Card Statements

    When you wait to receive your Visa credit card statement in the mail each month, you allow too much time to pass without knowing what’s really going on with your account. Instead, you can check your Visa account online. By viewing your account online, you can see all of the latest credit card transactions, those completed, those pending and those for a specified date range. It is important to check your transactions regularly to ensure there are no erroneous or fraudulent charges on your account.

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    The Importance Of The Payment Window

    When your statement period ends, youll have 14 days before your payment due date, unless you have a NAB Low Rate Card, then its 25 days. These days make up your payment window.

    You need to make payments during your payment window, either on or before your payment due date. While you can make a payment during the statement period to lower your closing balance, youll still need to make at least the minimum payment during your payment window. Otherwise you may be charged a late payment fee. If you dont pay the full closing balance on or before the due date, youll pay interest on any purchases during the statement period .

    For example, if a statement period begins on July 5 this date is also the start of the 44 day interest-free period. Note that the interest-free period begins on the first day of the statement period, not when you make your first purchase. If the statement period then ends on August 3, you would then have 14 days to make a payment, ending on August 17.

    Note: Any payments you make before your payment window opens will still be processed. The payment will reduce your closing balance and, if your card has a positive balance, this will show as credit received and show in your closing balance.

    Q3 How Can I Download My Card Statement

  • You can instantly download last 24 months statement in PDF format from our website It is free of charge.

  • STEP 1: Login to using the User ID and password
  • STEP 2: Click on “View Statement” at the center.
  • STEP 3: Select the statement date of required month from the list of archived statements
  • STEP 4: Click on Download
  • To download SBI Card Statement through Chatbot ILA:Log in to Chatbot ILA and follow these steps:-

    • Step1 : Ask query How can I download my card statement?
    • Step2 : Select the required month from the list of archived statements and Click on Submit
    • Step3 : Click on Download

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    Interest Free Days Payment

    If you have an outstanding balance transfer amount, the interest-free days payment is the amount you need to pay by the due date each month, to be eligible for interest-free days on purchases.

    If your interest-free days payment is less than your minimum payment, this amount will be the same as the minimum payment to ensure you avoid paying a late payment fee.

    The Difference Between ‘monthly Payment Amount’ And ‘total Minimum Payment’

    How To Get Citibank Bank Account Statement

    The monthly payment is the amount due from purchases and transactions made during your monthly statement period.

    The total minimum payment is the total of the monthly payment and any past due or over limit amounts that you must pay before the due date. You need to pay the total minimum payment to avoid a late payment fee.

    If youve paid all your credit card debt for the last month these amounts will be the same. The monthly payment amount will only appear on your statement if its different to your total minimum payment.

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    Q2 How Can I View My Statement Online

  • You can view your credit card statement online, in 3 easy steps.

  • STEP 1: Login to using the User ID and password
  • STEP 2: Click on “My Accounts” at the left hand side.
  • STEP 3: Click on Card Statement”
  • You can View / Print / Download your Statements for latest 24 months and/ or from the date of registration, whichever is recent.

    Alternatively, you can Login to Chatbot ILA and ask query to view your SBI Card Statement.

    Your New Charges And Credits

    a) When you get money back on your account, such as a refund, this amount appears as a credit. It’s subtracted from the amount you owe.

    b) The One Time Installment Fee is the amount you pay when setting up your CIBC Pace It Installment Plan. The fee is 1.50% of the purchase amount.

    c) Other types of charges include purchases, balance transfers, convenience cheques, cash advances and other fees. If you have the optional CIBC Payment Protector Insurance, this section will show the premium due for the statement period. Setting up an Installment Plan won’t change how your premiums are calculated.

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    Your Payment Due This Month

    a) Amount due is how much you need to pay to avoid interest on purchases shown on your statement that haven’t been converted into an Installment Plan. The amount due includes any balance transfers and convenience cheques on your account, plus any monthly installment payments due if you have an Installment Plan.

    To calculate your amount due, we take your total balance, subtract the current balance of any Installment Plans you have and add the monthly installment payments due. If you don’t have any active Installment Plans, your total balance and amount due are the same, unless you have a credit balance. In that case, your amount due is $0.00.

    b) Minimum payment is the lowest amount you need to pay by the due date to keep your account in good standing. It includes any monthly installment payments due. If you only make your minimum payment, you’ll pay interest on the unpaid balance. Your payment due date is shown in this section.

    How Do I Read My Credit Card Statement

    How to View or Download Credit Card statement – HDFC Netbanking

    Figuring out what to pay on your credit card can be confusing there are so many different numbers and balances which ones should you pay attention to?

    The most important numbers on your statement

    Due date: It’s pretty obvious, but the credit card company must receive your payment by this date or they will likely charge a late fee and interest on the entire unpaid balance. If your due date falls on a weekend, you should mail a check to arrive before the weekend or if you’re paying online, you can usually set that payment to happen on the due date, even if it’s a Sunday, but don’t be late.

    Minimum payment: This is the amount you must pay by the due date to avoid late fees and a possible hit to your credit score. However, you can pay more than this if you can.

    New balance:Sometimes listed as ‘Statement balance,’ this is the total amount of charges that were on your card the day the statement was printed. If you’re able to pay this entire amount by the due date and you do that every month, you can avoid paying any interest on your charges.

    Paying your credit card online

    These days many people are opting to receive their statements online, where the information can be a touch more confusing.

    How ‘revolving credit’ works

    Statement balance versus current balance

    When you can’t pay the full statement balance

    What the other numbers mean

    Every statement will look different in terms of lay-out, but they will all contain the same basic information.

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    Q1 How Do I View Or Get My Sbi Card Statement

  • The following are the three modes of credit card statements:

  • E-Statement On your registered e-mail ID.
  • Physical Statement On your registered mailing address.
  • Online statement – You can view and download your credit card statement online, by logging into You can choose the ‘e-statement’ option to get statement on your email ID. You can View / Print / Download your statements for the latest 24 months and/ or from the date of registration, whichever is recent. Alternatively, you can Login to Chatbot ILA and ask query to view/ get SBI Card Statement.
  • Components Of A Credit Card Statement

    It is quite natural for a credit cardholder to get intimidated after looking at a credit card statement because it is so exhaustive. Hence, credit card issuers break the statement into various sections and subsections. These sections list out the expenses made using the credit card and the various charges levied on the expenditure. Listed below are the various sections and subsections that are found in a typical credit card statement:

    • On the top left-hand corner of the statement, details like the name, email address and residence address of the cardholder is mentioned.
    • The following details are mentioned under the section called Statement of :
      • Payment Due Date

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    What Can I Learn From My Monthly Statement

    How to Read Your Credit Card Statement

    Look out for these things in your monthly statement:

    • Fraudulent charges: By reviewing your statement each month, you can confirm that all the transactions listed were authorized by yourself or made by an authorized user. If you do notice any transactions that you suspect to be fraudulent, you can call your credit card company to learn more about the charge and how to report it as fraud.
    • Payment due dates: Your monthly statement will highlight your upcoming payment due date. Reading your monthly statement when it arrives in the mailbox can serve as a reminder for you to pay your credit card bill, which can prevent damage to your credit score in addition to penalty charges.
    • Minimum payment warning: Your statement typically includes a section detailing how long it may take to pay off your account through minimum payments in the event that you do not add more to the balance. In this section, you’ll usually find this information explained through a debt payoff chart, which you may find useful when managing your debt.
    • Patterns in spending: Looking over your statement can also help you pinpoint habits such as overspending and gives you an opportunity to make sure you’re staying within your budget.
    • Changes in fees: You can also keep track of when interest may start applying to your account if you are currently in a low APR promotional period. Your statement can also keep you updated on fees related to balance transfers and statement credits from refunds and returns.

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