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Do Us Citizens Need Turkish Visa

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Which Countries Can Travel To Turkey Without A Visa

Do I need to apply for a visa to visit Turkey?

Just as there are countries not eligible for Turkish online visa, there are also countries exempt from Turkey entry visas.

Visitors from the following countries do not have to apply for a prior visa before travelling to Turkey. The visa exemptions give the visitors 90 days for tourist purposes and transit passage.

All They have to do is preparing their luggage and flight tickets and fly to Turkey.

Passport control will stamp their passport and open the doors for them.

The countries are the :

The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program For Us Citizens Visiting Turkey

Americans traveling to Turkey are advised to use the embassy registration service known as the STEP .

STEP registration is recommended when traveling anywhere outside the US. By providing the US embassy in Turkey with their detail, travelers can be contacted in the unlikely event of an emergency at home or abroad. They can also receive relevant information about their destination.

Registering with the STEP is simple: US citizens can simply sign up via an online form. This can be done when applying for a Turkey e-Visa through this site. The process typically takes a few minutes.

What Are The Consequences Of Overstaying Your Turkish Visa

Overstaying your visa is regarded as a violation of the country’s laws and Turkish authorities take serious actions against the traveller. If a traveller overstays their visa, they will be fined upon departure. The amount depends on the length of overstaying time. In case you have overstayed the visa, and a fine is imposed, it is necessary to apply for your next visa at a foreign Turkish consulate or embassy before travelling again instead of applying online. The authorities may ban you from re-entering Turkey for a certain period as a penalty.

Here’s an overview of the possible travel restrictions on those who have overstayed their visas in Turkey.

  • Overstay of 1 to 15 days- No Ban
  • Overstay of 16 to 90 days- Traveler may be banned for up to 6 months.
  • Overstay for over 90 days- Traveler may be banned from re-entering for over six months.

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Can Canadian Citizens Travel To Turkey

Yes, Canadian passport holders are permitted to travel to Turkey. They must have an approved visa no matter the period of stay or purpose of the visit.

To travel to Turkey for short stays for tourism, business, or transit purposes, citizens of Canada can obtain an online Turkish visa for Canadians online. The approved visa for Turkey is then sent to the traveler by email.

Documents To Apply For A Turkey Transit Visa

Visitors e

To apply for a Turkish Visa, you need to submit a few documents on the day of your interview. Make sure these documents comply with the criteria and specifications set by the Turkish embassy.

The required documents for a Turkish transit visa application are:

Note that depending on your nationality and the country of your residence, you may be asked to submit additional documents, to the ones listed so far.

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Northern Cyprus Visa Rules

  • Visa applications shall be submitted to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Embassy or Diplomatic Mission.
  • It is advised to submit applications at least one month prior to your travel date. Visa applications are concluded in three days.
  • Citizens of Syria, Nigeria and Armenia are required to process their visa applications in person.
  • Citizens of other countries may obtain their visas at the border by Immigration Officers. However, the terms of entry differ depending on the nationality of passport holders.
  • Flights to Northern Cyprus are connected from Turkey. Thus, travelers may need a transit visa from Republic of Turkey depending on their nationality of origin.
  • Turkish citizens may face problems obtaining a Greek visa if their passports have an entry or exit stamp from Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Therefore, it may be recommended to travel with national identity card.

Apply Online For The Evisa To Oman From The Usa

Oman is quickly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East for American citizens. The availability of an online Oman visa for USA passport holders has made it easier than ever to visit the country in the southeast of the Arabian peninsula.

Thanks to its proximity to other famous destinations , warm climate, and plenty of activities, Oman is guaranteed a spot on many American travelers bucket lists.

However, before you start to book tickets and reserve a hotel, it is important to have an Oman visa for US nationals! Thankfully the process to obtain a visa for Oman from the USA is a quick and simple task that you can be done online and well tell you everything that you need to know. Everything a US national needs to know about traveling to the Sultanate of Oman with a visa can be found on this page.

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Northern Cyprus Visa Requirement For Us Uk And Canadian Citizens

  • US citizens with US passports are not obliged to have an entry visa for tourist or business purposes as well as airport transits in Cyprus. However, the US does not recognize Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and therefore does not consider entry to the northern part of the island at Ercan Airport as legal.
  • UK citizens can enter Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with their national identity cards.
  • Canadian citizens are not requested to get an entry visa to travel to the Northern Cyprus for stays up to 90 days within a period of 180 days.

The application fee for Northern Cyprus visa is $125.

NOTE: This article was prepared in March 2020. Please check up-to-date information published by official sources.

How To Get An Oman Evisa For Us Citizens

Turkish E-Visa for Tourists (Online Application)

Applying for an Oman visa for United States citizens is a quick and easy process. American travelers have to fill out the online application for a visa for the Sultanate of Oman, pay the respective fee, and wait for the eVisa to be approved and delivered to their email inbox.

Travelers from the USA can choose which type of Oman visa they prefer. In fact, there are three options:

  • Single-entry visa, valid for a stay of up to 30 days
  • Multiple-entry visa for a total stay of 30 days per entry in Oman per entry, and is valid for one year
  • Single-entry visa, valid for a stay up to 28 days for residents of GCC countries

The application process is hassle-free and can be done in under one hour.

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Are Us Citizens Allowed To Visit Turkey

Yes, US citizens can visit Turkey now. Americans need a valid visa and passport to enter the country.

Due to COVID-19, there are some additional requirements, including a health declaration form and vaccine certificate or negative test result.

Tourists must check the latest entry rules and restrictions before traveling to Turkey from the United States.

Figure Out What Turkish Transit Visa You Need

Depending on your nationality, you may need one of the following visas to transit Turkey.

  • E-Visa. The process for this visa is easy, quick and cheap. You can find it explained below in this article.
  • Sticker visa. To get a transit sticker visa you need to collect documents, attend a visa interview and pay a visa fee. The sticker visa for transit can be:
  • Single Transit
  • Double Transit

Check our article on who needs a Turkey visa, to learn which visa you need. If you figure out you need a Turkey Sticker Visa, then continue with the steps listed below.

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Oman Evisa Application For Us Citizens

Visitors to the Sultanate of Oman from the USA can obtain their electronic visa by completing a simple online application form before the trip. This can be done from any location with an internet connection and takes a short time to fill in.

Travelers from America must enter the following details:

  • Basic personal information, e.g., name, date of birth, etc.
  • Passport details, e.g., country of issue , expiry date, etc.
  • Travel itinerary
  • Current email address

Applicants from the US are advised to double-check all the information they have provided to ensure that it is 100% correct before submitting the Oman eVisa form for Americans. Small errors and inconsistencies are the main cause of delays and rejections of online visa applications.

Once satisfied that the details are correct, the visitor must attach the necessary supporting travel documents and submit the Oman eVisa application for American citizens. It will be processed within the next 24 hours, and the applicant will receive their visa by email.

Consular Protection Of Us Citizens Abroad

transit visa turkey

The United States has the most diplomatic missions of any country in the world.

Many African countries, including Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Liberia, Niger, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Togo, require all incoming passengers older than nine months to one year to have a current International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis, as does the South American territory of French Guiana.

Some other countries require vaccination only if the passenger is coming from an infected area or has visited one recently or has transited for 12 hours in those countries: Algeria, Botswana, Cabo Verde, Chad, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Lesotho, Libya, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Seychelles, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Tunisia, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

An increasing number of countries have been imposing additional COVID-19 related health restrictions such as quarantine measures and testing requirements. Many countries increasingly consider the vaccination status of travellers with regard to quarantine requirements or when deciding to allow them entry at all. This is justified by research that shows that the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine lasts for six months or so.

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What The Required Documents To Make An Application For Turkeyvisa For Us Citizens

The documents required to apply for a Turkey visa for uscitizens are as follows:

  • Valid passport A passport with a minimum validity of at least 60 days after the duration of issued turkey visa.
  • Supporting documents Some nationalities need a supporting document, such as a Schengen, US, UK or Irish visa or residence permit.

What Is Visa Sponsorship For Turkey

Students or unemployed/retired people who are not in a position to cover their own travel expenses will need to demonstrate support from a sponsor who will borne the full costs. The sponsor is entitled to certain requirements. Hence, only first grade relatives can fulfill this position. If the sponsor is an inviting official party registered in Turkey , a letter of guarantee undertaking all the commitments including payment of costs that cover the foreigner`s stay and exit from Turkish territory is requested. You can check our website for further details.

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Uk Priority And Premium Visa Services In Turkey

Indeed, an applicant can fast track a visa application from Turkey by purchasing the priority service. The cost of priority non-settlement and settlement visa service in Turkey is 1,960 and 5,110 , respectively. Moreover, the price of 24-hour same-day super-priority service in Turkey is 8,521 . However, the super-priority service is yet to initiate in Turkey. Please note: a vast majority of applicants erroneously refer to UK priority visa service as premium or express visa.

Who May Use Priority Visa Service from Turkey?

If an application is straightforward and the applicant can afford the additional charges, then it is advisable to opt for the priority services. Indeed, the priority service does not affect or influence the outcome of the decision. Therefore, if you are purchasing the fast track service for merely influencing the decision then please dont do so!

Please note, a straightforward application means that the credentials of the applicant are immaculate, without any past refusals and adverse immigration history. Moreover, a few years ago, the UK visa online application form does not have the option for payment of priority service. Accordingly, an applicant needed to purchase the priority service separately. However, presently, most of the applicants pay for the priority and super-priority visa fee at the time of finalising the online application form. Therefore, only a few applicants opt for paying the priority and super service fee separately from TLS.

How Much Is A Turkish Visa For Canadians

Do citizens of Turkey need a visa for Canada?

The cost of the Turkey online visa varies depending on the type of Turkey visa for Canadian the applicant requires depending on the purpose of the travel and the expected duration of their stay.

The final cost also varies depending on whether the individual opts for the embassy registration service offered at the time of submitting the application.

The total fee of the online Turkish visa from Canada is displayed after the applicant has selected whether or not they wish to register for this service.

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More Information About Getting Your Turkey Evisa

Here we have provided a quick overview of what you need to make your eVisa application online. For full details, please visit our main page about the Turkey eVisa. You can also see this page for more helpful details about travel to Turkey, or our home page for all our visa services online to dozens of countries worldwide.

Turkey Visa For Us Documents Requirements:

There are certain essential documents you will submit when applying for a Turkey visa. These include:

  • A scn copy of passport containing two blank pages at least and a minimum of 180 days validity from the date of your arrival in Turkey
  • A valid email address to receive the visa approval letter and other important updates
  • An active debit or credit card to pay the visa fee

Currently, there arent any other support documents required by American citizens to apply for a Turkey visa.

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How Much Is A Visa To Turkey From The Usa

The cost of a visa to Turkey from the USA depends on the type of visa or processing time. There are several different types of visas for Turkey. These generally are categorized according to travellers’ purpose of visit, such as tourism, business, work etc., and the length of time they want to spend in Turkey. The visa validity period for US citizens also varies as per the visa type.

If you are an American citizen and want to apply for a Turkish visa online, the visa cost will be different even then. That’s because the charges for those who have opted for extra services like registration with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program are different from those who didn’t opt for additional services.

So, the final cost of your visa to Turkey will be determined after you have selected all the services available on the Turkish e-Visa application system. It is possible to use your Turkey e-Visa for tourism, business, and transit purposes. Turkey e-Visa allows US travellers permission to stay for up to 3 months in the country. But, given the ongoing COVID-19-related changes in travel policies imposed by the Turkish government, travellers from the USA may need additional documents to get an e-Visa, which includes a negative PCR test. Keep in mind that your passport should be valid for at least 150 days from your intended arrival date in Turkey if you want to apply for a Turkey e-Visa.

List Of Tlscontact Centres In Turkey

Turkey Visa Information

An applicant needs to attend an appointment at the following application centres in Turkey for submitting the application form with supporting documents:

  • Adana TLS application centre Adana Ticaret Odasi, Karasoku Mahallesi Abidinpaa Caddesi No: 22 Seyhan/Adana, Adana Province
  • Ankara TLS application centre Sheraton Business Centre, Bogaz Sokak, Kavaklidere, Ankara 06700
  • Antalya TLS application centre Antalya Ticaret ve Sanayi Odasi, Göksu Mahallesi, Gazi Bulvari No: 481, Kepez/ Antalya, Turkey
  • Bursa TLS application centre Sheraton Bursa Hotel, Odunluk Mahallesi, Akpnar Caddesi, 16110 Nilufer, Bursa, Turkey
  • Gaziantep TLS application centre Muammer Aksoy Bulvari, Hüseyin ncioglu Cad. No.34/B, Sehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • Istanbul TLS application centre Profilo AVM, Cemal Sahir Cad, Kat 4 No.138/A, Mecidiyekoy, Istanbul
  • Izmir TLS application centre Aksoy Plaza, Kbrs ehitleri Caddesi No:152, Kat:2 Daire:201-A Alsancak / Izmir, 35220
  • TLS Connect Added Value Services in Turkey

    Apparently, the TLS Connect is providing the following added value service for UK visa applicants in Turkey:

    On-Demand Mobile UK Visa Service in Turkey

    UK Visa SMS Notification Service in Turkey

    Further Information

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    How Much Money/currency Can You Bring In

    There’s no limit on bringing or taking money in-or-out of the U.S. But, if an individual or individuals are travelling together after filing a joint declaration/CBP Form 6059-B, and possess $10,000 or more in currency or as monetary instruments, they must fill out a Report of International Transportation of Currency and Monetary Instruments form also called FinCEN 105. Seek assistance from a Customs and Border Protection Officer to understand how to fill out the form. It is worth noting that people travelling together with $10,000 or more cannot divide the money between each other to evade currency declaration. You can obtain FinCEN 105 before travelling to Turkey or while going through CBP.

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