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Can You Get Cash Off Prepaid Visa

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Use The Visa Gift Card To Pay Your Bills

How To Get Cash Off A Visa Gift Card | How To Get Cash Out Of A Visa Debit Gift Card

The next method, which is as good as getting liquid cash, is using the gift card to cover your bills. This can be done with the free service called Plastiq as mentioned above.

You can do this in the following ways:

  • Pay large bills like your mortgage, car payment, and more

Since you would have used cash to pay for the installments of loans like your car loan or mortgage, using the card is as good as cash.

Some companies, such as Plastiq, allow clients to settle certain bills through credit cards.

And, since Visa cards are perceived as credit cards, you can use them with companies that allow payment by credit.

However, you should know that since the company will treat the card as a credit card, the card will incur slightly fees. Its completely free to sign up and try.


  • Pay everyday bills

Besides using the cards for larger bills, you can also use it to settle regular bills or, better still, make some local purchase with the Visa gift card.

This is possible since, in most cases, Visa gift cards are acceptable in stores that accept normal Visa cards.

Also, billers who accept the use of credit cards will, in most instances, take the gift card as payment.

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Sell New Or Used Gift Cards On A Fixed

You may not able to get cash back on a Visa gift card in the traditional ways, such as at an ATM or cash back after a purchase, so you can consider selling it online.

You can sell it on sites like Raise, CardCash, Giftcard Zen, and Cardpool thatll buy your Visa gift card in exchange for cash. If your gift card is a virtual one, you can get instant cash for it.

You can also opt to cash it out through an app called Prepaid2Cash or find a gift card kiosk near you. The Prepaid2Cash app makes getting cash for your prepaid cards and gift cards easier than ever before.

Prepaid2Cash charges the lowest fees in the market and you can choose to receive your money the next business day or in 4-5 business days. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Holds On Funds When Using Your Prepaid Card

Restaurants, businesses that provide a service, hotels, car rental agencies or pay-at-the-pump gas stations may put temporary holds on the money on the card. This may limit the amount of money available. Check your balance after using your prepaid card.

For example:

  • If you use a prepaid card to book a hotel room, some hotels will immediately reserve funds on the card to hold the room. You wont be able to use this money to make other purchases. Once you’ve settled your hotel bill, the hotel credits any unused money from the hold to your prepaid card. If the hotel doesnt clear the hold immediately, there may be a delay before you can use the funds
  • If you use a prepaid card at a restaurant or other business, they may reserve funds to cover tips by adding an extra charge to the card

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How Can I Cash In A Gift Card

If you are looking for ways to exchange your gift card for cash, you can actually do that online. One of the faster and legit ways you can get cash for a Visa gift card is by selling it on platforms such as Gift Cash.

With this site, you can sell your unwanted gift cards by submitting the gift cards corresponding merchant and balance. After that, Gift Cash will submit an offer to you, and if you accept the offer, they will process your payment and send you cash.

You can also check out selling your unwanted gift cards on Gift Card Granny. This site has been seen in Forbes, NBC News, Oprah Magazine, and much more.

How To Void A Check For Direct Deposit

Why Americans love prepaid cards

Visa gift cards are sold in predetermined increments and given as gifts in place of cash. The recipient can use a Visa gift card to make a purchase in stores, online or over the phone in the same way that regular credit cards are used. However, Visa gift cards cannot be used to get cash from an automated teller machine.

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Can You Cash Out A Prepaid Debit Card

Once youve added funds to your card, you can spend that money or withdraw it in cash at ATMs. To buy something in-person, just swipe or insert the card at the point of sale. If youre shopping online, type in your card number. At an ATM, just insert your prepaid card like any other bank card and withdraw cash.

Give Them Out As Gifts

One approach to change over Visa gift cards to cash is to utilize them like money. We referenced things like utilizing them to cover tabs, however you can likewise give them as a present. This can be an incredible option in contrast to giving somebody, state, cash in a card or a store-explicit blessing voucher.

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How To Convert A Visa Gift Card To Cash 10 Methods That Work

posted on August 27, 2021This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

Visa gift cards are useful since you can spend them anywhere that accepts Visa, and they generally make for thoughtful gift ideas.

However, if you keep getting Visa gift cards from reward apps or as gifts from other people, you probably want cold hard cash instead.

Plus, theres nothing worse than having several Visa gift cards with just a few dollars left on them, causing you to struggle to spend the remaining balance.

But, if youre wondering how to get cash from a Visa gift card, youre in luck!

This post is covering 10 of the simplest and secure ways to convert a Visa gift card into cash.

Buy Merchant Gift Cards

Can You Use Secure Spend Prepaid Visa Gift Card On Cash App

Merchant gift cards have become big business. We often cover deals for merchant gift cards on sale for up to 20% off. You can use prepaid Visa or Mastercard gift cards to purchase merchant gift cards at almost every major retailer and on eBay via PayPal.

I generally dont recommend stockpiling merchant gift cards, but if you find a gift card deal for a merchant that you frequent often, it can be a great solution. Many stores also offer fuel and other rewards for the purchase of merchant gift cards which can help to stack the savings. eBay is also your friend when it comes to gift card deals.

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Go To A Gift Card Exchange Kiosk To Trade It In

One super easy way to convert Visa gift cards to cash is to find a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk. Theyre usually yellow and you can often find them in shopping malls and supermarkets.

All you have to do is enter your gift cards information into the kiosk, which will include things like the set of numbers on the front of the card.

Youll then be presented with a range of offers for you to decide which one you want. Once youve made your selection, youll be issued a voucher to take to the cashier to get your money.

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Best For The Unbanked Or For Budgeting

Because many prepaid debit cards don’t require credit checks, they’re easy to get. If you’re in one of the roughly 7 million U.S. households without access to a bank account, prepaid cards can be a solution.

Prepaid debit cards are easy to get because there’s no credit check. They also can be useful if you’re trying not to overspend. But they have limitations.

If you try spending more than you have, most prepaid cards simply decline the transaction. They can be useful for people on a fixed income or teenagers who get allowances.

But prepaid debit cards have major limitations compared with banking accounts and credit cards. Although they typically have online services, many prepaid cards lack standard banking services, such as a way to withdraw or reload cash for free. The money you load on a card probably won’t earn interest, either. If you only want to load cash for safekeeping, and don’t plan to make many withdrawals, it may be better to find a high-rate savings account for your funds.

Prepaid debit cards dont affect your credit, so they wont help build it, either.

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Sell Gift Cards For Cash On Websites

Aside from various apps, there are plenty of websites that offer cash for Visa gift cards, and I recommend CardCash and Gift Card Granny.

If you have a digital gift card, then you can instantly sell it for cash. For physical gift cards, the process is a little longer as you will need to send the card to the website. Some of these sites will cover the cost of postage which means you wont lose further money on the gift card exchange.

Websites operate the same process as the apps and charge a fee when selling the gift card. This is usually a percentage based on the balance of the gift card. Before agreeing to any sale check the gift card balance and make sure you are happy with the offer.

If you are unsure about the site you are using search online for reviews from other users. Check how other peoples experiences have been and decide using that information if you are comfortable with proceeding.

Can I Buy Something And Return It To Get Cash Back

ðã?WALMART CARD ACTIVATION ã Activate Walmart Prepaid Card ð

Many people ask if they can just buy something using a gift card and then return it to get cash back. This round-about solution depends on the sophistication of the merchant point-of-sale system. Many stores have their transactions on lock-down where money given back to the consumer for merchandise returned is automatically credited back to the card used to pay for the item. Youll also get a merchandise credit if you return an item without a receipt. Though I understand some people have successfully returned products to get cash back, I cant guarantee youll have a similar experience. Stores are increasingly looking to prevent this type of transaction so I would say getting cash off your gift card in this manner wont be a solution for long.

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Can I Get Cash Back From A Store Gift Card

If you want to get money from a store gift card, then Yes! You can get cash off a gift card if its a closed-loop gift card by selling it to a gift card reseller. For example, you can get cash from a Target gift card, a Sephora gift card, a Home Depot gift card and more. Check out this list of gift card resellers for more informaton.

If, on the other hand, what youre really asking is how to save money on a gift cardhow to get cash off the face value of a gift cardthen check out my list of the hottest deals on discount gift cards around. I update this list often, so you should check back regularly.

If you used part of the gift card and want to know if you can get the gift card balance paid in cash, then check out the state gift card laws to see if your state requires merchants to give cash back when the gift card balance drops below a certain amount.

Look for your brand gift card in our Gift Card Balance Check Directory.

Easy Ways To Convert Visa Gift Card To Cash

Here are common questions people ask about how to get cash from a Visa gift card:

  • Can you turn a Visa gift card into cash? You can get cash from your Visa gift card by using it to pay your bills, resell it, buy a money order with it and finding ways to pay yourself with it. You can also opt to cash it out through an app called Prepaid2Cash or find a gift card kiosk near you. The Prepaid2Cash app makes getting cash for your Visa gift cards easier than ever before.
  • How can I get money off of a gift card? Take it to a gift card exchange kiosk or sell it online or near you via a selling app.
  • Can you withdraw cash from a Visa prepaid card? The all-purpose Visa Prepaid card is a prepaid card that you can use to withdraw cash, pay bills or make purchases anywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted, in-person or online.
  • Can I transfer money from a Visa gift card to my bank account? Venmo lets you add Visa gift card balances as long as the transfer isnt blocked for fraud protection reasons. You can transfer the balance to your account after it is loaded.

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Transfer The Balance Using Square

You can try using a company called Square to transfer a Visa gift card balance to your bank account. This method allows moving the entire gift card balance right into your account.

However, it may not work for everyone as the company Square has caught on and doesnt allow it. If you wanted to give this method a shot, there is an explanation here.

Add The Balance To Your Venmo Account

Can You Add One Vanilla Prepaid Visa Card To Cash App

Like using PayPal, another way to get cash from a Visa gift card is to transfer the balance to your Venmo account and then send those funds directly to your bank.

Keep in mind, immediately transferring money from Venmo to your bank account results in a small fee, so its best to wait a few business days so you dont pay fees.

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Limitations Of Prepaid Debit Cards

Recent horror stories: Several prepaid cards have been affected by technological outages that lasted days or weeks. When RushCards parent company switched its payment processor to Mastercard in 2015, a technological glitch locked tens of thousands of users out of their RushCard accounts for days. The Walmart MoneyCard experienced an outage in 2016. Netspend settled with a federal regulator over claims that customers were blocked from accessing their accounts, providing refunds to those who were eligible.

No effect on credit: Because prepaid debit cards arent credit cards, you cant build credit with them. For that, youd want to consider a secured credit card.

Lack of bank services: Prepaid cards also dont automatically have all the features youd expect with a checking account, including access to an ATM or branch network, online or mobile banking, or bank services such as wire transfers and the ability to stop payments.

If you want a checking account without monthly fees, consider our list of best free checking accounts. There are also second chance checking accounts for people with bad credit or banking histories.

Whether used as a budgeting tool or as an alternative way to bank, prepaid debit cards can help you store and spend money productively.

Can I Get Cash Back From A Visa Gift Card

If you have a Visa gift card and are wondering if you can get cash from it, the short answer is probably not. To fully answer the question, however, I need to clarify the difference between a Visa® gift card and a Visa Reloadable Prepaid Card. Both types of plastic may appear to be the sameboth carry the Visa logo and come preloaded with a finite dollar amount to spend. Thanks to a new law that went into effect in 2013, both now also come with a Personal Identification Number so they can be swiped as debit transactions on Point of Sale terminals. Though the two cards are similar, only prepaid cards can be used to get cash from an ATM or to get cash back from a merchant. Gift cards cannot. Read the terms and conditions on the back of your card to know for sure.

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Navigate To The Send Money Page And Fill Out Payment Info

Can You Use Go Bank Prepaid Visa Debit Card On Steam Games ...

Once youre signed up, click on the Send Money option in the menu. You should see a page like in the screenshot above.

On this page:

  • Enter the amount that you want to send
  • Select Debit/Credit Card
  • Select the Account Deposit option (or the Debit Card Deposit option if you dont see the Account Deposit option. This will require that you have a debit card linked to the bank account youre sending money to.
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    Prepaid Visa Gift Cards Get Cash For Them In The Casino

    Normally the fees to do a card advance without a PIN are VERY prohibitive – way larger than any ATM fee you would encounter for a standard PIN based withdrawal. And even if you were provided a PIN , your extra points would probably be nullified by the ATM fees.

    What I do if I get these is use them for normal living expenses at WM & then take the equivalent amount of the card & stash the cash for that in my vacation fund. I currently have a $20, $5 & $25 one tucked in my purse. Just saving those for a rainy day.

    Also not a good idea to use them at a food service venue. Most of those places ‘authorize’ an amount including tip, which can cause a smaller gift card to be denied. I always use them for a defined amount & tell the cashier in advance how much to run the card for. Then pay rest with cash or credit.

    The difference for the points is substaintal , but I like your technique of using for everyday expenses and then stashing some cash.

    I will probably leave one of the $20 cards in my purse until after my trip. I hate having things on my credit card at end of trip. So that will help if I forget something & need to stop at Walgreens too. In the past I have forgotten deodorant, diabetic bracelet, cell phone charger, etc.

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