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Can You Add Visa Gift Cards To Google Pay

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What Is A Gift Card

Can You Add Visa Gift Debit Card To Google Pay

Weve all used, or at least, heard of gift cards. But what are they exactly and what can you do with them?

A gift card is basically a prepaid debit card that includes a certain amount of money ready to be used for a wide variety of purchases.

Store or closed-loop gift cards can only be used at distinct merchants, shops, or retailers, and arent usually reloadable.

While general-use prepaid gift cards are not affiliated with any specific merchant and can also be used to withdraw cash at ATMs.

You can buy them with set amounts of money in-store or online and are a great gift when you dont really want to buy a specific item at a retailer. They can also be used online or in-store at the specific retailer only.

Open-loop or general-use gift cards are even more useful as they can also be used online or in-store but at a wide variety of merchants or even anywhere where debit cards are accepted.

Some of them even allow you to withdraw cash at ATMs.

Many open- and closed-loop gift cards will have a minimum and maximum initial loading amount. That can be a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $500, for instance.

Some gift cards are a better substitute for cash as they can be blocked if lost or stolen and the balance can be tracked. People often register them online to benefit from all of the advantages and features.

Can’t Add My Gift Cards

  • The Google Pay app has limits in place for how many gift cards you can add.
  • Within 30 days, you can add up to 10 cards total and 5 cards per merchant.
  • If you have multiple gift cards for a single merchant, you could ask the merchant to consolidate all of your gift cards into one card.
  • Otherwise, to add more gift cards, you’ll need to remove an existing one. Follow the steps above to remove a gift card.

A Convenient Way To Pay

Visa Gift Cards are a convenient way to make online purchases which only requires activation to be able to use them. Knowing how to register your card and provide a billing address makes these online purchases possible.

Do you know of other ways to register the billing address for your Visa Gift Card? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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About Visa Gift Cards

Visa is the world’s most widely-accepted credit card company. They help over 200 countries connect people, governments, businesses and financial institutions. From financial inclusion to advancing digital currency, Visa offers its consumers and clients secure and cutting edge solutions to their financial needs.

Get the best Visa gift card deals when you shop Gift Card Granny. We take pride in our customization options, ease of ordering and speed of delivery. You can also save on the go with our mobile app!

Send a prepaid Visa gift card to anyone, for any occasion. Simply select a traditional plastic gift card or an eGift card that the recipient can download for immediate use. Usable to make purchases on anywhere* that accepts Visa as a form of payment.

Insufficient Funds On The Card

Can You Use Target Debit Visa Gift Card On Google Pay

At, the most common reason online transactions decline is that the card does not have enough money on it to cover the purchase. Though people generally understand this concept, online shopping is a little different than in-store shopping. If you handed a Visa gift card to a cashier and knew it did not cover the full amount of the purchase, you could expect the system to use the card balance and then have the cashier ask you for a second form of payment. Since most websites cannot handle a split tender transaction as described above, the gift card is simply declined.

Ill show you my trick for getting a gift card to work in this situation. Read my post on gift card hacks.

If you have a Visa gift card or Mastercard gift card from, you can check the balance of your Visa gift card and review previous transactions as well.

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Visa Gift Card Should Be Registered

Registration usually involves linking a name and billing address to the prepaid card. Though you generally are not required to register a gift card in order to use it in stores or restaurants, the process is fairly important if you intend to use the gift card online.

To make it harder to use a stolen credit card online, many websites use a procedure called Address Verification System to ensure the card number being used for payment matches the billing address on file with the bank. Since the Visa gift card number is entered into the same field used for a Visa credit card, the website will look for an AVS match even though it is less applicable to a gift card payment.

Registering the gift card allows you to update the address linked to the card. If the system will not let you update the information, you may at least be able to see what generic name and address has been associated with the card already.

If you have a Visa gift card or Mastercard gift card from, activate your card and then look for a second step to register the card as well.

How To Add Any Credit Or Debit Card To Google Wallet

Google Wallet was just updated, allowing users to add a Visa, American Express, or Discover card to the app for the first time.

Jason Cipriani

Contributing Writer, ZDNet

Jason Cipriani is based out of beautiful Colorado and has been covering mobile technology news and reviewing the latest gadgets for the last six years. His work can also be found on sister site CNET in the How To section, as well as across several more online publications.

One of the many drawbacks to using Google Wallet as a true wallet replacement was the inability to add a Visa, American Express, or Discover card as a payment option. You were either limited to using a prepaid card Google provided you with, adding money to it each time you wanted to use it. Or, you had to own a MasterCard.

But, with the update , users can now add any debit or credit card to their Google Wallet account, and use it to make purchases with their NFC equipped Android device.

The update takes all of the private payment information off of your device, and places it on Google’s secure servers. Google Wallet can then use any card you have added to your Google Wallet account online, or on the device to make a purchase. It bypasses the MasterCard requirement by creating a virtual MasterCard number, in place of your actual credit or debit card number when you make a purchase. Therefore, your actual card number is never passed on to the merchant.

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Visa Gift Card Not Activated

For security measures, some gift card sellers require the recipient to activate the card before it can be used. Though stores often activate gift cards at the cash register, online gift card sellers generally require the recipient to activate the card once it is received in the mail or via email. If your gift card does not work online, check to see if it needs to be activated or registered before use.

If you have a Visa gift card or Mastercard gift card from, activate your card here.

What Online Card Payment Looks Like

Can You Use Target Debit Visa Gift Card On Google Pay

When you get to the online payment processing portion of checkout, enter the gift card number, expiration date and Card Verification Number into the fields you typically use for debit and credit card payments. Do not enter a Visa gift card number into the gift card field. That field is reserved for retailer-specific card numbers.

Below is an example of what online payment often looks like. This example shows many payment options including bank-issued debit and credit cards, store credit cards, PayPal, PayPal credit, a payment plan, store gift cards and even Bitcoin.

Most online shopping carts do not have this many ways to make a payment, but nearly all have a place to enter a credit card that is different from the area in which you would enter a gift card .

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Do Gift Cards Expire Or Have Fees

Because there are so many gift cards, virtually every major retailer has them, some of them do expire if not used in a certain timeframe after activation. They can also come with an activation fee and certainly with a re-loading fee, for ones that can be reloaded.

A certain amount of prepaid gift cards may also demand a monthly or dormant-account fee. The point is, you better read the fine print to not lose money on them.

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Enjoy These Prepaid Card Benefits

  • The perfect companion to cash and your CIBC debit and credit cards.
  • Available to buy at banking centres, and through CIBC Online Banking® and the CIBC Mobile Banking App®.
  • You can buy up to 5 prepaid cards, one for each currency.
  • Buying and using a prepaid card wont affect your credit rating.
  • Load funds from your CIBC bank account or CIBC Personal Line of Credit, or with your credit or debit card at the Toronto Pearson Airport Banking Centre.
  • Save time when shopping online: use online banking to set up a Visa Checkout account with this card.
  • Free cash withdrawals at CIBC ATMs within Canada.
  • The ATM cash withdrawal fee is waived for one withdrawal outside of Canada per month.
  • Funds don’t expire3.
  • Free 24/7 online access to your account balance and transactions.

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Want To Get A Visa Gift Card

A smart gift anyone can appreciate.

The Visa Gift card is an ideal choice for birthdays, holidays, weddings, and suits all your gift-giving needs. It’s also perfect for people of all ages. You decide how much money to give they decide where to spend it.

You will receive important information regarding the Visa Gift card such as how to activate and use the card. This information should be given to the recipient of the card.

Add A Loyalty Card Or Gift Card


Add a loyalty card by scanning it or sign in to your loyalty card account and then save the card.

Note: If your gift card has a network logo on it , youll need to add it as a payment method.

  • Open the Google Pay app .
  • Swipe up from the bottom.
  • Tap Add a card
  • Find and tap the merchant or program name.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
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    How To Add Your Bank Account To The Cash App

    Adding a bank account to your Cash App is very easy. But it doesnt have to be a bank account. It could also be a prepaid debit card. You can easily add one of these by logging in to your Cash App and:

  • Tapping the Profile Icon on the home screen
  • Selecting Linked Banks
  • Tapping on Link Bank
  • Following the instructions
  • You can also do this manually by entering your routing and account numbers. However, you will need to find and copy your account and routing numbers first. To do it:

  • Tap on the Banking tab on the home screen
  • There, tap on the routing and account number under the balance, and
  • Copy your account and routing numbers
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    Rewards And Protections You Signed Up For

    When you use your Visa card with Google Pay, youll continue to enjoy all the same rewards, benefits, and protections that come with it.

    Answers to your frequently asked questions.

    What is Google Pay?

    Google Pay is a new name and look for existing Google payment products. It will roll out in the near future.

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    Why Google Pay? What happened to Android Pay?

    Google Pay is a new name and look for existing Google payment products. Youll still be able to pay in stores and online with Google Pay, as you do today with Android Pay.

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    Where will I be able to use Google Pay?

    You can already use Google Pay on apps and websites where you see the logo. Soon, youll be able to use Google Pay in stores and on Google products such as YouTube, the Play Store, Google Store, Google Photos and more.

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    How do I upgrade from Android Pay to Google Pay?

    Existing Android Pay users do not need to do anything – your app will automatically update to the new branding in the near future. If you are interested in Google Pay but not currently an Android Pay user, you can still download the Android Pay app today to make fast and simple in-store payments – the app will update when Google Pay is available.

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    Where can I learn more about Google Pay?

    You can visit the Google Blog for updates, or the user help center at .

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    Android, Google Pay, and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

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    Using The Online Website

    During registration you will be asked to provide the card number, the security code and the card expiration date. The card number is the 16-digit number located on the front of the card. The expiration date is usually located just below the card number. The security code is the three or four digits written at the back of the card.

    Once entered, you may then be prompted to enter a name, billing address and a zip code. Some cards only require a zip code and nothing else. Its important to give your actual address and zip code as vendors will verify this information for online purchases.

    Does Lyft Take Cash

    Can You Use Vanilla Visa Debit Gift Card Google Pay

    No, Lyft does not accept cash transactions since it is a ride-sharing service and the structure of the business prohibits it. For security and safety reasons, the organization also prefers not to accept cash payments.

    Passengers cannot pay in cash with Lyft. You place yourself in an unlawful scenario when you pay your Lyft driver in cash. Any insurance demands made by the driver and passenger are voided if an accident occurs during the ride.

    To take cash for a Lyft ride, the driver must turn off the Lyft app and take you to your destination on his dime. However, keep in mind that whenever you schedule a cab through the app, it is captured on Lyfts system. It creates doubt if the driver reaches your location and then the contract is terminated.

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    What Is Google Pay

    Google Pay is Googles contactless payment systemmuch like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

    But it hasnt always been called Google Pay. In fact, thats one of the more recent changes to the platformit was called Android Pay for years before. But like with a few other products over the years, Google is stepping away from the Android-specific branding in an attempt to move into a much broader market.

    You can use Google Pay to pay for things with your phone pretty much anywhere contactless payment methods are accepted. Link your debit card, credit card, or PayPal account to Google Pay, and youre just a tap away from paying for pretty much anything.

    You can also use Google Pay for purchases in some apps, like AirBnB, Fandango, and more. For a full list of places, both online and off, where Google Pay is accepted, head to the .

    Did You Lose Your Visa Gift Card

    If you happen to lose a Visa gift card, you should report it immediately to the card issuer. Youll need to provide the lost or stolen Visa Gift card number for cancellation and replacement.

    So it may be a smart idea to write the number down somewhere in case you do lose it or have it stolen.

    Want to earn free Visa Gift cards? Check out my article on the best 33 gift card apps!

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    How To Add A Card To Google Pay

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 27,086 times.Learn more…

    Before you can use Google Pay, you have to have some payment methods properly setup and linked. Payment methods can be your credit or debit cards. Once set up, you dont have to worry about carrying your cards with you. The Google Pay account on your smartphone can be used to pay for your purchases in selected establishments that accept Google Pay payments.

    How To Check Your Visa Gift Card Balance

    Printable Payment Method Sign We Accept Credit Cards Sign

    The only way to check the remaining balance of your Visa gift card is to visit the website of the card issuer or call the toll-free service number on the backside of the card.

    So there you go, youve learned how to use a Visa gift card online and how to solve nearly all the issues youll run into when trying to use the card to make purchases online.

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    Can You Use Visa Gift Card For Lyft

    Yes, you can use a visa gift card for Lyft. Lyft accepts Visa gift cards through which you can make the payment and take a ride.

    Steps to add Visa Card as the Payment method in Lyft:

    • Install the Lyft app on your phone and open it.
    • After setting all your ride details, click on the three lines in the upper left corner.
    • You will see a drop-down menu, select the payment option from there.
    • On the next page, you will see the option Add Card. There you can add the details of your Visa gift card.
    • After adding the card, you can select that payment option.

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