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Can I Use Credit Card For Remitly

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What Are The Fees When You Want To Transfer Money Overseas With Remitly

Remitly Review: HOW TO SEND MONEY TO THE PHILIPPINES Using Remitly | Online Remittance

There are a few different fees you should look at when deciding if Remitly is the right currency service for you. Dont forget to look at the upfront fees and the exchange rates, too, when you compare Remitly with other services, to make sure you get the best available deal for your payment.

It is important to know that Remitly differentiates between Express and Economy transfers: the main difference is the speed of the transfer, but there are differences in terms of the fees, too. In our examples, were considering three popular transfer routes from the United States: one to Mexico, South Africa and India, respectively.

How To Send Money With A Credit Card Via Remitly

Remitly;makes it easy to send money internationally using a credit card. To get started, follow these five simple steps.

  • Navigate to your payment methods by tapping the My Remitly button, which features a gear icon. Payment Methods will appear in the menu.
  • Tap add in the upper right corner of the Remitly app.;
  • Complete your new payment methods details. Be sure to select credit card under payment type and double check your information before proceeding.
  • Tap save once youve finished entering in your credit card information.;
  • Its important to note that to use a credit card on Remitly, your card must:

    • Have an expiration date.
    • Match the name on your Remitly profile.
    • Have a CVV or CVCthe three- or four-digit security code on the back of a card.

    Sending Money Internationally With A Credit Card

    International money transfers with a credit card are a slightly different story, as not all of the services above allow sending money to recipients in another country. Venmo, for example, isnt available to users outside of the U.S. Similarly, only users in the U.S. and UK can send money using Cash App.

    If you want to use a credit card to send money overseas, youll have to use a bank wire transfer, which is often expensive, or a money transfer service such as Western Union, MoneyGram, WorldRemit, or Remitly.

    What makes international money transfers more challenging? Sending money to recipients in another country comes with the added hurdle of currency conversion. Exchange rates change daily; you can;learn more here.;

    Whats more, certain money transfer;services charge quite a bit extra in transaction fees. With a little research, you can make sure that more money makes it home.

    Well explain this in more detail below.

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    Look Out For High Fees And Exchange Rates

    While some money transfer;companies enable users to send money both domestically and internationally, they may apply high transfer fees and;exchange rates;to your international transactions. This is regardless of whether you pay with a credit or debit card. For this reason, its worth reading their fine print.

    PayPal, for instance, can handle both domestic and overseas money transfers. However, its transfer fees and exchange rates can add up.;Check the app or website;carefully before sending so youre clear on the total cost.;

    Whats more, if you use a credit card to send funds internationally, you may still face;a cash advance fee from your credit;card issuer, which PayPal has no control over.

    Remitly Around The World

    Can You Apply for a Credit Card as a Non

    Currently, Remitly provides money transfer services to over 40 countries around the world. Following are the services provided by Remitly, continent wise –


    • Send money directly to India bank accounts such as Bank of Baroda, Punjab National Bank, Citi Bank, State Bank of India, Axis Bank, HDFC, and ICICI Bank.
    • Send money directly to a bank account or instantly to any of the 13,500+ cash pickup locations in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Nepal, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Thailand.
    • Send money directly to your recipients doorstep with Home Delivery through Sacombank in Vietnam.
    • Send money to mobile wallets in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines


    • Send money directly to bank accounts or instantly to over 12,500 cash pickup locations in Poland, Turkey, Romania, and Bulgaria.
    • Send money directly to a bank account in Croatia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

    Latin America & The Caribbean


    • Send money directly to a bank account in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Morocco.
    • Send money instantly to over 11,500 cash pickup locations in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, and Egypt.
    • Send money instantly to mobile wallets namely M-Pesa in Kenya and other major Mobile Money operators in Rwanda, Uganda, and Ghana.

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    Sending Money From A Credit Card To A Bank Account

    Before you begin sending money with your credit card, its important to understand that these bank transfers are often treated as cash advances by financial institutions.

    For those new to this term, you can think of a cash advance as a short-term loan from your credit card company.;

    In other words, by taking out a cash advance, youre essentially borrowing money from your cards line of creditwhich comes with a transaction fee. Youll find the interest rate for cash advances is higher than for other charges, too.

    Depending on your credit;card issuer, this could be a;percentage of the total transfer amount transferred or a flat fee, generally whichever one is greater. Always check with the financial service about their transfer fees so youre not surprised.

    Given these extra costs, it may be better to wait until you have cash and can send money using your debit card. Thats because your debit card draws from your checking account, which means you cant spend more than you have .

    As convenient as it is, transferring money to a bank account using a credit card should be treated as a last resort or in case of an emergency.

    What Is The Most Secure Way To Send Money

    Wire transfers are the most secure way to send money because funds are transferred directly from one bank to another. There is no third-party service that handles your information. You are only allowed to send money to recipients with a bank account, which ensures that the other persons identity has been verified.

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    What Is Passbook By Remitly

    As you no doubt already know, it is very difficult to open a bank account in the United States if you do not have a Social Security number, especially if you are neither a US citizen nor a Green Card holder.;

    There are some workarounds: you might open an account with a foreign neobank account, or use a service like Wise Multi-Currency Account to get access to a debit card and an account balance. But depending on where you come from, you might not have access to such a neobank, and you might be wary of keeping your money in an account without a financial protection scheme like Wise Multi-Currency Account. Although some traditional banks do let you open checking accounts without an SSN, they often have strings attached, like keeping minimum balances or paying additional monthly fees.

    Passbook by Remitly, however, doesnt have any of these problems: as long as youre 18, it allows you to open a regular, FDIC-insured US-based bank account for free purely through its app, while only needing a US address and a government-issued ID no SSN needed, and no credit check necessary!;

    Remitly Money Transfer Highlights

    HOW TO TRANSFER MONEY FROM REMITLY TO GCASH? | Transferwise | Remittance | Worldremit

    You can send money to 40 countries around the world. As of Jan. 30, 2019, Remitly allowed transfers to 40 countries with another 10 coming soon. However, they do not allow domestic transfers in the United States.

    Same day transfers, for a charge. Remitly offers an Express service where the person receiving the money transfer can get the funds within minutes. This extra speed is more expensive. Depending on the country, youll pay a higher fee or receive a worse exchange rate versus a standard transfer that takes three to five business days. For example, in the Philippines the exchange rate is the same but there was a $3.99 fee for express transfer as of this writing.

    Wide range of payment and pickup options. You can fund a Remitly money transfer with your credit card, debit card or bank account. The pickup options depend on the country but can include bank transfer, pickup from a store, mobile payment and even home delivery.

    Higher fees for using credit cards. If you fund the transfer with a credit card, this company charges an extra fee of 1-3% of the total, depending on the country. They do this to offset charges from the credit card company.

    Bonuses for new customers. On your first money transfer, the company offers a better promotional exchange rate. If you refer a friend to use the service, you also receive a cash bonus when the other person makes their first transfer.

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    Using A Credit Card To Send Money Overseas

    You can often do it through your bank, PayPal or Western Union. Its best to avoid using a credit card to transfer money for several reasons:

  • You will probably pay a higher interest rate as a cash advance from the day you make the transfer.
  • You will pay more in fees.
  • You probably wont get a competitive exchange rate.
  • How Much Do Money Transfer Apps Cost

    The best money transfer apps are free to download, but costs vary depending on how you use them. Most services offer free bank transfers at a standard speed of 1 to 3 business days, but charge fees if you want to pay with a credit card and/or speed up the delivery to your bank account. International money transfers vary based on the country’s exchange rates and bank fees, but you may still be able to choose a standard or economy delivery versus a more expensive express delivery. Be sure to check fees before assuming that all money transfers are free.

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    How To Do Remitly Cash Out Method

    The work looks like this:How do I verify my payment method?Verify through your online bank or credit card statementI cant find the codeI found the code but its not workingWhat happens if I cant find my code?My transfer is on hold even if I entered the code correctlyDescription of Remitly servicesMoney back guaranteePayment optionsCash out optionsCan Remitly send money to GCash?How do I withdraw money from Remitly?How much money we can send through Remitly?Does Remitly have a limit?Does Remitly refund money?Can you cancel Remitly transaction?How do you check a Remitly transaction?Can I cancel a money transfer?cancel a money transfermoneytransfertransfercan canceltransferHow do I clear my Remitly history?historyhistorydeletedeleteDoes Remitly ask for SSN?Social Security NumberWhy is my Remitly transfer on hold?transferholdWhat is Remitly passbook?Remitly PassbookWhat is Remitly money transfer?Remitlymoney transfertransfer moneyCan I use credit card in Remitly?can useWhich countries use Remitly?

    Is Remitly Right For You

    Can I Use Credit Card For Currency Exchange

    Remitly is very focused on easy and fast international money transfers for immigrants to the developed world who want to send money home. They do a good job of keeping costs low especially if you consider the convenience, speed and ability for recipient to receive cash. The reviews we uncovered show some very happy customers.

    Their closest competitors are the likes of Western Union and WorldRemit .

    But like we said, that does not make them the best for everyone.

    While you can send very small amounts and relatively large amounts, the sweet spot for Remitly is when you need to money to arrive very quickly and want options like paying easily and cash pickup.

    See How Remitly Works for alternatives.

    For cash pickup, they have partnered up with delivery and distribution providers in many countries so that your friends and family can choose a number of ways to receive the funds.

    With Remitly, you can transfer money from these 16 countries:;UK, US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore and Sweden to over 50 countries worldwide.

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    Paypal Is Much More Than Person

    PayPal checkout is integrated onto many websites and many smaller merchants use PayPal to invoice and accept payment for goods and services. Those types of transactions have a separate fee structure and are processed differently than person-to-person transactions. This article specifically covers using PayPal to send money to another person, not to pay for a purchase.

    How Long Does A Card Refund Take

    Once cancellation has been confirmed, a refund will be credited within 7 working days.

    This can vary, however, if you are using a pre-paid card. For more detailed information on this, please contact your card issuer or check their terms and conditions.

    Send on the go and track your transfer with our app

  • Payments – Debit and Credit Cards
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    Is Remitly Better Than Western Union

    Western Union wins the comparison with a score of 7.9/10 versus 7.7/10 for Remitly. SMS / text message alerts for you and the beneficiary so you can track the transfer and know when its been paid and collected. A 100% satisfaction guarantee means you get your fees back if you arent completely happy.

    Services That Specialize In International Transfers May Offer Better Rates


    Because these additional fees can add up quickly, the best option for sending money abroad is generally a money transfer service that specializes in international transfers.;

    Since these services focus exclusively on global money transfers, they tend to offer better exchange rates and lower transfer fees than banks.

    To be clear, using a credit card account to fund your transfer may still come with fees from your credit;card issuer.;

    Plus, money transfer apps are both fast and secure. Most provide additional peace of mind by making it possible to track your transfer status. This is true whether youre sending funds to a bank account, to a cash pickup location, or to a mobile wallet.

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    How To Transfer Money With Remitly: Step By Step

    To start using this service, you need to set up a free account through their website or mobile app. All you need to provide is your email and come up with a password to start the process

    Next, choose how much youd like to send, the delivery speed and how the other person will receive money. You need to pick between Economy and the faster but more expensive Express service. Depending on the country youre sending to, the other person will be able to get their money by bank deposit, cash pickup, mobile money and home delivery.

    You then enter in the name and address of your recipient, followed by your name and contact information.Youll need to submit your full name, address and DOB. You can also submit the last 4-digits of your SSN, if you have one, so Remitly can more quickly verify your identity. However, this step is optional. If Remitly cannot verify your identity electronically, they might ask you to send some proof like a form of ID, a bank statement or an official piece of mail.

    Finally, you decide how youll pay for the money transfer. Remitly accepts payment by debit card, credit card or bank transfer. Theres an extra fee of 1-3%, depending on the country, when you use a credit card.

    Send the funds and track them. After you enter in all this information, Remitly will process your money transfer. You can track the payment delivery through your online account. They guarantee the payment will arrive on schedule or they will refund your fee.

    What People Are Saying About Remitly

    Remitly has been an accredited business with the BBB since early 2013. They currently have a B rating with 32 closed customer complaints over the past 3 years, with 13 closed in the last 12 months.

    For customer reviews, the company has a rating of just over 1 star out of 5. This is based on only 30 customer reviews though, so the sample is quite small.

    The most common complaint seems to be that Remitly failed to transfer money as quickly as possible. Customers expected to transfer money in an urgent situation and Remitly did not send the money as quickly as promised. Either it took longer for the other person to receive payment or something went wrong, Remitly had to cancel the transaction and then took several days to refund the money to the sender.

    It is not ideal that Remitlys BBB score is so low but readers should also weigh that there were not very many reviews submitted. It seems only customers motivated by a bad experience responded.

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    Best Alternatives To Consider

    Dont get us wrong, we think Remitly is a fine option, but in some circumstances others stand out.

    If bank to bank transfers are acceptable for you with there lower speed and limited ways to fund the transaction TransferWise is almost certainly a cheaper option and they are pretty great too.

    If you need a similar service to Remitly WorldRemit is their strongest competitor offering similar services but in our testing slightly better fees especially on the exchange rate margin. Note: This varies from country to country and also in the amounts.

    How Does An International Transfer With Remitly Work

    "Can I Use My Debit Card as a Credit Card?" 3 Things to ...

    Remitly lets customers send money online via their website or app, to a range of countries around the world. Youll need to first create a free account to get started, and can then a Remitly transfer. You simply enter the details of the person you wish to pay, select a payment method and transfer funds. Depending on where youre sending money to, you may have the option to send using the Express service, which is funded using a credit or debit card, or the Economy route, which is funded with a bank transfer.²

    The fees and delivery times vary for each service, with Express transfers typically costing more, but arriving faster than the Economy option. Fee structures also vary widely by destination country. You can model the payment you wish to make before you commit to the transfer, and youll also be able to check out our overview of the fees you need to think about, below.²

    Once youve modeled the payment you wish to make with Remitly, its worth comparing the fees and exchange rates offered with other online services such as Wise. Because Wise provide specialist transfer services which use the mid-market exchange rate with no markup you just pay a transparent upfront fee cross border payments can work out to be much cheaper than your regular bank.

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