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Can I Pay My Taxes With My Credit Card

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Alternatives To Paying Your Taxes With A Credit Card

Paying $35,000 in Taxes with a CREDIT CARD

As you can see, there are many downsides to paying your taxes with a credit card.

So if you dont have enough money in your bank account to pay your tax bill, you should consider signing up for a payment plan with the IRS.

By doing this, you could pay less interest than you would with a standard , and you also wont affect your credit utilization and scores.

Advantages Of Paying Your Property Taxes By Credit Card

Reward Points: The main reason to pay your property taxes by credit card is the reward points. For many homeowners their annual tax bill can be quite hefty, so what better way than to reap some rewards than with your credit card? For example, if you owed an annual property tax bill of $3,000, youd earn $30 by using your 1 per cent cashback credit card. Youd earn even more rewards with premium credit cards that often offer 2 per cent or more.

Grace Period: Coming up with the funds for your annual tax bill all at once can be tough, especially when youre budgeting for a summer getaway. If your cash flow is tight, your credit card can be your saving grace by buying you some time. The majority of credit cards come with a 21-day interest-free grace period at the end of your statement date. If youre certain you can come up with the funds before your statement comes due, paying your property taxes by credit card makes sense. Just make sure you avoid carrying a balance at all cost!

State And Local Taxes

You can pay your personal state income taxes, business taxes, or local income taxes online, or if you prefer, over the phone. Mastercard has published a helpful list of approved payment service providers for each state. You do not need to use a Mastercard to pay with these providers.

Additionally, you can pay your taxes via a payment service such as Plastiq. Service fees can be as much as 2.85%, but there are opportunities to earn fee-free transactions.

Bottom Line: Visiting the website of the entity youre trying to pay, reviewing the actual invoice , or calling directly can yield more information on how to pay a particular tax or payment obligation with a credit card.

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How Do You Pay Taxes With A Credit Card

You can make your payment directly on the IRS website, with your choice of three different third-party payment processors for a credit or debit card. Each processor charges about 2%, but it’s considerably more expensive if you use a credit card to file your taxes using an online software package.

The fees are broken down clearly in this chart on the IRS website. You can pay directly by selecting a “make a payment” under the payment processor of your choosing from this page.

Here’s another chart the IRS put together and posted to its site to compare the processor fees:

You can also pay by calling the payment processors directly using the numbers listed on the IRS site. The same fees will apply.

The IRS says your transaction is safe and secure, and your information will be used solely to make your payment. And it notes that the agency doesn’t see any part of the card service fee, which you can deduct for business taxes.

There are some limits on the number of payments you can make per year –you’re limited to two in most cases, and you can use two different credit cards for each payment if you want. If you own a business or are self-employed, you can’t use your credit card to make a federal tax deposit.

Buy Some Extra Time To Pay Your Taxes

Can I Pay My Property Taxes With A Credit Card : Https ...

One of TPGs 10 commandments for earning credit card rewards is never to pay interest charges. Its paramount that you never bite off more than you can chew. When paying your taxes with a credit card, make a note of when the first day of your new statement period begins on the card youre looking to use. This way, you may have up to 30 days until your statement closes and close to 60 days until you need to pay off your balance in full.

Some for an introductory period on new purchases, which equates to 12-15 months of interest-free payments on your tax bill. But you must pay off the entire balance in full before the promotional period ends or risk exorbitant interest charges.

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Why You Should And Shouldnt Pay Taxes With A Credit Card

Before paying your taxes with a credit card, weigh the benefits and potential drawbacks.

Paying with a credit card could be helpful if you

  • Need time to pay off your taxes. If you face a big tax bill, you dont have to pay it all right away. By putting it on your credit card, you can pay it off over a longer period of time. Since interest rates are high on credit cards, you could potentially do a balance transfer to avoid interest for a few months or choose a low interest rate credit card.
  • Want to reach a minimum spend for a signup bonus. Minimum spends on signup bonuses are usually a few thousand dollars. Reach yours more easily by paying your taxes with your credit card. Just make sure that the processing fee doesnt erase what youd gain from your bonus.
  • Can pay off your credit card balance in full. If you can pay off your credit card balance in full before the end of your billing cycle, you could avoid facing additional interest.
  • Want to earn rewards or cash back. If you put your taxes on your rewards credit card, you can effectively earn points, miles or cash back. Just make sure the value of your rewards is more than the processing fee.

Avoid paying your taxes with a credit card if you

Consider an installment agreement

Can I Pay My Taxes By Credit Card

Yes. The IRS lets you pay most personal and business taxes by credit card. Simultaneously, the IRS doesnt charge an additional fee, one of their payment processors charges an approximate 2% processing fee.

The three current payment processor partners are:

  • PayUSAtax

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Is It Worth Paying Your Property Taxes By Credit Card

While Calgary may be shunning credit cards, Winnipeg is embracing them at least partially. Although homeowners wont be able to pay their property taxes directly to the City of Winnipeg by credit card, they can now use Plastiq, a third party service provider, to pay by credit card. This is similar to the service offered by Canada Revenue Agency to taxpayers, allowing them to pay their balance owing by credit card.

Using Plastiq is easy simply visit the website, sign up, enter your account information and youre finished! Using your credit card to pay your property taxes can earn you a lot of reward points, but theres a catch the credit cardholder are stuck paying the fees. Lets look at the pros and cons of paying your property taxes by credit card.

Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card

How to pay your IRS taxes online using Credit or Debit Card 1040 PayUSATax Pay1040 OfficialPayments
Learn More
  • Earn 100,000 bonus miles once you spend $10,000 on purchases within the first 6 months from account opening.
  • Receive up to $300 in statement credits when booking through Capital One Travel.
  • Get 10,000 bonus miles every year, starting on your first anniversary.
  • Earn unlimited 10x miles on hotels and rental cars booked through Capital One Travel and 5x miles on flights booked through Capital One Travel, plus unlimited 2x miles on all other purchases.
  • No foreign transaction fees.
  • Add cardholders to your account for no fee they can enjoy benefits and you will earn rewards on every dollar they spend.
  • Good to Excellent Credit Recommended
  • Annual Fee: $395

Must Reads: If you’re looking for more information about the CapOne Venture X Card, explore our full review.

When a premium credit card earns 2x miles per dollar spent on every purchase, aside from bonus-category earnings, you stand up, pay attention, and consider that card for paying your taxes.

Paying your taxes with the CapOne Venture X card to earn the generous welcome bonus may give you the most value for the expense.

We estimate Capital One miles to be worth approximately 1.8 cents each, however, so its possible to come out ahead when paying your taxes with the card, especially if you consider transferring rewards to airline partners to achieve even greater potential value.

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How To Pay Property Taxes With A Credit Card

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Safer than cash and super convenient, credit cards are ubiquitous and many people have more than one. Because they’re so easy to use and give you extra time to pay, you may have pondered the merits of using your credit card to pay your property tax bill. In most areas, you can now do so, and sometimes it proves to be a savvy move. There are a few potential pitfalls to keep in mind, however, such as credit card processing fees and interest charges.

What It Costs To Pay Your Taxes With A Credit Card Or Debit Card

The IRS works with three payment processors to handle tax payments made via debit or credit card. There are also options for paying your tax bill with a credit card when you e-file.

Debit card payments require a small flat fee, but you can just as easily pay your taxes with a bank account transfer for free. In most cases, that will be the better option.

For paying your taxes with a credit card through a third-party processor, you’ll pay the following convenience fees:

If you pay your taxes with your credit card when you file online through tax software like TurboTax or H& R Block, the fees typically start at 2.49% but could be even higher.

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Should I Pay My Taxes With A Credit Card

Now that you understand all your payment options, youll have to decide which one makes the most sense for you.

As an example, lets say you have a $3,000 tax bill that you plan to pay off over six months. Heres what each strategy would cost :

  • 18% APR credit card with 2% cash back: Since the 1.98% credit card processing fee and 2% cash back basically cancel each other out, youd pay 18% interest x $3,000 over six months = $159.
  • 0% APR credit card: You wouldnt pay any interest just the 1.98% credit card processing fee x $3,000 = $59.40.
  • Installment agreement: Youd pay a $31 setup fee + $45 + $82 in interest = $158.

Obviously, the 0% APR credit card comes with the lowest fees. But this option is only available if you can get approved for a new credit card, and will only save you money if you can pay off the entire bill before the intro APR period ends. Youd also need to be vigilant about making your monthly payments, as missing just one could cause your card to switch to a very high penalty APR.

Alternatively, if you could pay your tax bill off over four months instead of six, you should consider the short-term payment plan. With that, youd owe $50.52 in interest, plus $30 in late fees, for a total of $80.52.

If, however, youre simply interested in the rewards and convenience of making tax payments with a credit card, then at least make sure the following requirements are met:

Best 0% APR Credit Cards of October 2021

Should I Pay Taxes With A Credit Card

Should I Pay My Tax Bill With a Credit Card?

Paying taxes with a credit card can provide a net gain for taxpayers. But, two conditions need to be met. First, you need to be able to fully pay off the incurred credit card charge when it comes due. Second, the value of the rewards you earn from your payment should outweigh the processing fee.

It doesn’t make sense to incur a 1.96% fee if you arent getting at least 1.96% worth of credit card rewards on the purchase. If you are smart about which card to use to make a tax payment, you should have no trouble meeting this requirement.

Will you be paying income taxes with a credit card this year?


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Why Pay Your Taxes With A Credit Card

Paying your taxes with a credit card normally involves paying an associated processing fee. For this reason, it only makes sense to pay your taxes with a credit card if you are receiving value beyond the cost of those fees.

For example, if you are paying a 2% processing fee to make your $3,000 tax payment, you will be paying $60 in fees in addition to the $3,000 payment. If you were to make the payment using a credit card that earns 2% cash-back, you would simply break even and not realize any additional value for making the transaction.

So, when does it make sense to pay your taxes with a credit card? There are several situations here are a few:

When Does It Make Sense To Pay Your Taxes With A Credit Card

If you qualify for a card that actually earns you more rewards than the fees you’d pay, charging your taxes may be worth doing. Say your card pays you 2.5% back. If you’re paying $10,000 in taxes and incur a 1.96% fee for charging them, you’d still end up with $54 in rewards. Since it only takes a few seconds to submit a credit card payment, it may be worth doing. Just be sure to pay your card balance in full before incurring interest charges, which would dwarf the value of the small amount of rewards you’d receive.

If you’re trying to land a new cardmember sign-up bonus, paying your taxes on a card could also be a good way to do it. Say you need to spend $2,000 in the first three months to earn a $500 sign-up bonus. Charging your IRS bill could get you there.

If you can’t pay your taxes because you don’t have the money, this may be another circumstance when paying with a card makes sense. If you can obtain a card with a 0% promotional interest rate on purchases for a period of time , you’d buy yourself time to pay your taxes off interest-free. This could be cheaper than an IRS payment plan or personal loan, as long as you’re confident you can pay the card in full before you owe interest at the standard rate.

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Which Taxes Can You Pay With A Credit Card

You can pay your annual tax return, due when you file your taxes sometime between the beginning of the year and April 15. You can also use a credit card to pay quarterly estimated tax payments, which are most common for people who are self-employed or who have freelance income.

Some states, cities, and counties allow you to pay income and property taxes with a credit card as well.

Remember: There Are Fees

Which Bills Can You Pay with a Credit Card? Plastiq Guide 2019

The IRS is contracted with three different companies to collect payments. These companies impose convenience fees that range from 1.87% to 2%. In order to profit by paying your taxes with a credit card, you have to earn more than the fees they are charging you.

There are a lot of rewards cards out there that offer 1.5% to 2% cash back on purchases. But if youre paying 1.87% and earning 2% you arent profiting much .

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How To Pay Taxes Using A Credit Card

Paying your taxes with a credit card for the first time involves the following steps:

  • Check if youre eligible. Not all credit cards can be used to pay taxes, so the first step will be to check if your credit card and bank offer a tax payment service. Its important to remember that the IRAS does not accept credit cards as a form of payment for taxes. When you use a credit card to pay for tax, you are paying the bank, who in turn pays the IRAS for you. Banks will typically charge a processing fee for providing this service.
  • Contact your bank. If your bank offers a tax payment facility, then you will be able to begin the process of paying via credit card. The process varies from bank to bank, so you may need to jump online to discover the specific process relevant to your card and bank.
  • Look out for fees. If you do find a bank wholl let you pay your taxes via credit card, you may expect to pay between 0.5% and 3%.
  • Complete the process. In general, you will need to fill in some variation of a tax payment application form. These forms will prompt you to include the relevant personal information and documentation. Payment options, processing fees, card eligibility and reward earning capabilities vary from bank to bank, so be sure to read the terms and conditions before moving ahead.

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