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Can I Pay My Home Depot Credit Card In Store

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What Is The Card All About And How Can I Get One

Home Depot Credit Card Login Sign In 2021 (Easy Tutorial)

On the Home Depot website, interested parties can apply for a credit card. The card can also be purchased via a shop. Both have a quick decision process, however, the card can take up to ten days to arrive.

Is the Home Depot Credit Card Accepted Throughout the United States?This card is a private label card that may be used both online and also in stores. The two consumer finance cards issued by Home Depot cannot be used at other stores or merchants since they are not general-use credit cards.

SO, now the question is that

Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card

If you want to take advantage of a 0% APR introductory period and the opportunity to earn some cash back over time, the Capital One Quicksilver Card could be a good option. Youll have 15 months of 0% APR on new purchases and balance transfers, then a regular variable APR of 14.99%-24.99%. Plus, youll get unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase and can earn a $200 welcome bonus when you spend $500 within three months of account opening.

*All information about the The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, AAdvantage® Aviator® Red World Elite Mastercard® and Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card has been collected independently by NextAdvisor and has not been reviewed by the issuer.

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card

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Can You Save With The Home Depot Credit Card

Youll save right off the bat with a one-time new account discount of $25 off $25+, $50 off $300+, or $100 off $1,000+ on qualifying purchases. Long term, youll always get 6 months of special financing on $299+ orders, which comes in handy for home renovation projects or higher-priced items like refrigerators, bathtubs, and outdoor grills. Just be sure to pay off the balance within 6 months, otherwise, the 17.99%26.99% APR kicks in and youll be paying back interest starting from the purchase date.

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New Cardholders Enjoy A Modest Discount

On new accounts, The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card offers $25 off purchases of $25 to $299, $50 purchases of $300 to $999, or $100 off purchases of $1,000 or more. That’s not nothing.

Still, unlike many store-branded credit cards, there are no ongoing rewards for in-store purchases. You can do better.

For example, if you’re a do-it-yourselfer and you’re not loyal to Home Depot, the Lowe’s Advantage Card offers 5% off eligible store purchases, earning it a place among NerdWallet’s best store credit cards. For purchases of $299 and up, you can choose either the 5% discount or a similar deferred interest offer.

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Is A Home Depot Credit Card Worth It

Home Depot Credit Card Login at

It depends. If you plan on making big purchases and paying them off within 6 months, then the Home Depot credit card can come in handyespecially if you use your new account discount. But if youre unable to pay off your balance within 6 months, youll get hit with a high APR and deferred interest charges.

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Can I Use My Home Depot Credit Card Anywhere In 2022

Home Depots credit card can only be used for purchases and rentals at Home Depot stores and online as of 2022. Unfortunately, the Home Depot credit card cannot be used at Walmart or Lowes and cannot be used internationally in Mexico or for the purchase of gasoline.

If you want to learn more about where and when you can use Home Depots credit card, whether you can use it to rent tools or buy gift cards, and much more, keep on reading!

What Credit Score Is Needed For A Home Depot Credit Card

Home Depot does not disclose the qualification requirements for their credit card, but generally, it is easier to qualify for a store credit card than a regular credit card. Often, consumers will need fair credit or better to qualify for store credit cards. If your credit score needs work, you should expect a higher APR and lower credit limit.

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Cardholders Enjoy A Longer Return Period And Exclusive Offers

Frequent Home Depot shoppers might benefit from the fact that hassle-free returns are offered for one year with the card, which is four times longer than you’d normally get on Home Depot purchases. That could come in handy, especially on large purchases that you end up regretting later.

Cardholders also enjoy rotating exclusive offers, such as 10% off a certain brand for a limited time, or 24-month financing offers during special promotions.

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The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card Terms*

2 Wants to Know: Home Depot vs. Lowe’s: Which has the better store credit card?
Key features
  • No interest if paid in full within six months on purchases of $299 or more. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the purchase balance is not paid in full within six months.
  • Up to 24-month financing on qualifying purchases during special promotions. The more you spend, the longer you may have to pay off your purchase.
  • Access to exclusive department financing offers and savings throughout the year including up to 24-month financing on qualifying purchases and discounts on select products/installations
  • No annual fee
  • 1 Year Hassle-Free Returns, credited back to your Home Depot card account.
Penalty fees Late payment fees up to $40

Up to 24 months of special financing during select promotions

Rotating discounts, such as on fence installation or shed purchases

High regular APR

Short six-month special financing period

Deferred interest could make borrowing very expensive

No credit card rewards, such as cash back

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card is a good option if you frequent the store and need special financing or want to access occasional discounts. The typical six-month financing period is relatively short, so you should be comfortable paying off your balance within that time frame to avoid deferred interest.

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What Is Home Services

The Home Depot Home Services has been helping Canadians with their home renovation, installation and home repair projects in Canada since 1994. Currently we offer more than 150 home improvement services. We work with licensed and insured local contractors from various trades to support all your home renovation needs. Now you can easily find a trusted installer, contractor, or handyman for your next project! All you need to do is choose a service and submit a request for a free quote or consultation.

We serve the Richmond Hill community with a variety of Home Services.

Enroll In Paperless Statements And Letters

To enroll in paperless for your account, start by reading the terms and conditions below. You are agreeing to receive your statements electronically only and some of your legal notices electronically only. If you do not wish to enroll, choose Cancel and deselect the Paperless Statements and Letters checkbox.

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Home Depot Late Payment

Bear in mind that at the end of each billing cycle, Citibank which is the issuing bank gives customers 25 days to offset their balances without incurring any interest or being subjected to late fees. If your payment is late, youll be subjected to a late fee of up to $35. Note that returned payments also incur a penalty fee of up to $35.

How To Make A Home Depot Credit Card Payment By Phone

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card Review: Should You Apply for Store ...

The Home Depot Customer service team can help you make a payment over the phone between 6 AM and 1 AM EST Mondays through Saturdays, or between 7 AM and 12 AM EST Sundays.

If you need to make a payment immediately, you can call the Home Depot credit card phone number at 866-875-5488. You will be connected to an automated system, and just need to follow the prompts.

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Financing Credit Limits And Interest Rates

Something else to consider when applying for the Home Depot card is that it might not have as many benefits as major cards that can be used just about anywhere and offer you reward points. At the Home Depot, you will receive an interest rate between 17.99% and 25.99% depending on your credit score. Additionally, the store is not keen on offering high credit limits to customers unless they have perfect credit scores, so your limit is likely to be closer to $500 than anything else if your credit score is below 700.

Its a great card for those who have an issue with their credit and would love to rebuild. The company wont offer a high limit to those who are looking to repair a damaged credit score, so it makes it difficult for those consumers to incur a significant amount of debt they can no longer afford to pay off. Its not a card designed for those who have less than perfect credit, but it is one that will give those people a chance.

Alternatives To The Home Depot Credit Card

If youre not a contractor receiving discounts or benefits for brand loyalty, then many individuals may instead opt to shop at Lowesone of the major Home Depot competitors. Lowes offers a consumer store-only card too, as well as cards for contractors. The Lowes credit card, also called the Lowes Advantage Card, comes with an APR of 26.99% and an introductory rate of 7.99% for 84 months on purchases above $2,000.

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Home Depot Vs Lowe’s Credit Card: Which One Is Right For You

Home Depot and Lowe’s are popular with both novice homeowners completing small projects and contractors working on larger jobs. The two home improvement retailers each have branded store cards with different perks, benefits, and special financing offers that could help you save money.

If you don’t prefer either store, this Home Depot vs. Lowe’s Credit Card comparison can help you choose which card is best for you and your wallet.

Balance Transfer Fee

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card helps your budget go further on your next home improvement upgrade or repair. This store credit card is offered through Citi, with card approval and special financing offers subject to creditworthiness. To be approved for the card, you should have fair or better credit. Also, paying your bills in full each month means you won’t pay interest. If you qualify for a special financing promotion, you can enjoy an extended 0% interest period to pay off larger purchases.


  • Perks: 1 full year return policy .

  • Everyday financing: 6 months no interest on purchases of $299 or more if paid in full within 6 months.

  • Special financing: Up to 24 months on special promotions with minimum purchase requirements.

Intro BonusRecommended CreditReward Rates

  • 3X Points at restaurants and office supply stores in the US, and on wireless telephone services purchased directly from US service providers.
  • 2X Points at Lowe’s.
  • 1X Points on other purchases.

Annual FeeIntro Purchase APR


How To Make A Home Depot Credit Card Payment Online

Home Depot Credit Card Review 2021 – Home Depot Consumer Card & Project Loan Home Improvement Card

Making a payment online is easy. Heres how.

  • Gather your bank account number and the ABA routing number before you start.
  • Navigate to the Home Depot consumer credit card .
  • Log in to your Home Depot account using your username and password.
  • Follow the prompts to make a payment.
  • You can also manage your Home Depot card online not only can you pay bills, but you can also track your account activity, get exclusive offers and activate account alerts.

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    How To Make A Home Depot Credit Card Payment Via The Mobile App

    In addition to being able to pay online, Home Depot also has a mobile app where credit card holders can also pay their bills. Available in both the Apple and store, you can pay your bill with a few simple steps:

  • Install and open the Home Depot app on your mobile device.
  • Tap More at the bottom of the opening screen on the bottom right side of the screen.
  • Tap Credit Services.
  • Select your credit card the consumer credit card is listed at the top.
  • Select Pay and Manage next to the card.
  • Follow the prompts to complete your payment.
  • This article has been updated with additional reporting since its original publication.

    Information is accurate as of May 13, 2022.

    The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card: Pros And Cons

    Cannot use the card anywhere but The Home Depot
    Promotional discount offers on select products High APR interest awaits if balance is not paid in full
    One-year return policy on purchases made with the card Retroactive interest is due on special financing if not paid in full by end of promo period

    Bottom Line: While the temptation may be strong, Clarks advice is to forgo The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card in favor of other financing options.

    If you have a small project, perhaps you could take advantage of a rewards program with your existing credit card. If you have a large purchase to make, Clark would prefer that you seek a loan or fixed-rate credit card that will give you a stable path to quick repayment.

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    Terms And Conditions Of The Home Depot Credit Card

    The Home Depot card offers APRs of 17.99%, 21.99%, 25.99%, or 26.99%, based on creditworthiness. The card comes with the standard 25 grace period and late payment fees can be up to $40.

    Other than the special offers, dont expect any perks like rewards points or cash back with this card. If you use a credit card responsibly, a card that offers cash back or rewards points might be a better option than a store card unless the promotional offers are appealing to you. The Home Depot Project Loan Card is more similar to a line of credit. It doesn’t offer any perks or rewards, but you can borrow up to $55,000 for home projects and renovations.

    Available Home Depot Credit Cards

    What to Know About the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

    Currently, there are four kinds of Home Depot credit cards, which are divided into two bodies. Two are designed for individuals, while the other two are for companies. Not unless youre a contractor, there wont be a need for you to obtain the Home Depot commercial Credit Card.

    Home Depot offers two types of credit cards for consumers. The conventional card offers a 0% promotional interest rate, and an established APR ranges from 21.50% to 28.99% per annum if interest is not paid in full. And the Home Depot Project Loan Credit Card is designed to work as a line of credit. It has a limited payback duration of a balance as high as $50,000 and an APR of 8.99%.

    This information does not apply to residents of Quebec.

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    How To Pay Your Home Depot Credit Card By Mail

    Another method of payment is paying by mail. You can use the return envelope and payment coupon that comes with your monthly statement. If you lose the return envelope, you can mail your payments using one of the following methods:

  • Log in to your Home Depot Account online and select the Statements tab from the Account Activity menu. You can access your statement in PDF format and use the information on it to mail in your payment.
  • Put your payment check in an envelope and be sure to write your account number in the memo section so the company knows which account to credit. Address the envelope to:
  • The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card Payments

    Home Depot Credit Services

    P.O. Box 9001010, Louisville, KY 40290-1010

    Be sure to send your payment in early to ensure it arrives on time before your payment deadline.

    Home Depot Online Payment

    You can make your payment electronically by accessing your account online. After signing in to your account, select make payment from the payment menu.

    If you plan to use your savings or checking account to pay your credit card bill, youll need your account number and the bank transit number. You can also manage your account online, track your transactions, activate account alerts, and get exclusive deals

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    Clarks Second Suggestion: Low Fixed

    What if your project is expensive but not worth accessing a line of credit? Clark still has an alternative to the store credit card.

    While youre at that local bank or credit union, perhaps you could ask about their lowest fixed-rate APR credit cards.

    Clark says you can often find a fixed-rate credit card at a credit union for under 10% APR. He would prefer locking in that card rate and then trying to pay the balance off early versus attempting to dodge retroactive interest.

    How Can I Save Money With The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card

    How to Login to Home Depot Credit Card Account | Home Depot Credit Card Sign In 2021

    The Home Depot relies on promotional offers to lure potential customers in a handful of ways:

  • No-interest periods for select purchases
  • Limited-time discount offers for select purchases
  • Extended return policy
  • The Home Depot does not offer a straight discount on purchases made with its in-house credit card. This is in contrast to the Lowes Advantage Card: It offers 5% off everyday purchases at Lowes, which is The Home Depots major home improvement store competitor.

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