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Can I Pay Mortgage With Credit Card

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Can I pay my mortgage with a credit card?

Phone companies as well as cable and internet providers have realized that credit card payments save time and paperwork for everybody. Its easy to set these payments up, and many of these companies dont charge a fee.

This isnt always the case for your electric, gas, water and trash removal bills though. For instance, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. in California charges a $1.35 convenience fee to accept credit card payments.

The higher your utility bill is, the more advantageous it becomes to pay by credit card, even with the convenience fees.

The Impact On Your Credit Score

Before you pay your mortgage with a credit card, make sure you have enough available credit to process your mortgage payment and any fees charged. Otherwise, the transaction may be declined and you may face additional fees.

Charging your mortgage payment could raise your credit utilization and impact your credit score, particularly if you dont have a high credit limit on your credit card. Your credit score may recover from points lost due to high credit utilization once you pay your balance down and leave it below 30% of your credit limit.

Even if youre able to pay your mortgage with your credit card, you only want to do this if you can afford to pay your balance in full. Your mortgage payment already includes a certain amount of interest . You dont want to pay more interest on top of that by carrying a credit card balance.

Can I Pay My Carrington Mortgage With A Credit Card


Also know, is Carrington Mortgage A debt collector?

On this record we conclude that Johnson was not in default for all of 2007, and therefore Carrington is not a debt collector and not liable under the FDCPA. The district court properly hesitated to decide the motion to dismiss based on a payment record that Carrington furnished from outside the pleadings. See FED.

Subsequently, question is, does Carrington Mortgage report to credit bureaus? A good payment history can improve your rating. As part of our mortgage servicing, each month we report your payment history to the major .

Secondly, who owns Carrington Mortgage?

Founded in 2007, Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC is a subsidiary of Carrington Holding Company, LLC , a holding company whose primary businesses work in sync with one another to provide a broad range of real estate services encompassing nearly all aspects of single-family residential real

Is Carrington mortgage a bank?

Carrington Mortgage Services, founded in 2007, is a non-bank mortgage lender and servicer headquartered in Anaheim, California. Known primarily as a loan servicer, Carrington offers homebuyers most loan options, including FHA, VA, jumbo, USDA and conventional loans along with refinance options.

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How To Avoid Using A Credit Card To Repay Your Mortgage

A mortgage lender will always work with you to come to some sort of solution, if you are struggling to make your monthly payments. They do not want to repossess your home this is a last resort if all other debt collection methods have been exhausted.

Instead of using your credit card, pick up the phone and speak to your lender about your situation. They may be able to offer a solution to help you get back on track. These could include:

  • A mortgage holiday This is when the lender grants you a certain period of time where you dont have to make mortgage repayments. This could allow you to build up funds again and sort your finances, without the worry of paying your mortgage. Of course, this will extend your mortgage period but this may be an option if you are struggling in the short term.
  • Moving to an interest-only mortgage While many people try to avoid this type of mortgage as it means you just pay the interest and arent really paying what you owe on your property it is a good way of reducing your monthly repayments. You can plan on using this option for a limited amount of time and then, when you feel comfortable again, ask to move back onto a repayment mortgage.

Are There Benefits To Making Mortgage Payments By Credit Card

Can I pay mortgage closing costs with a credit card?

The question of whether mortgage payments can be made with a credit card is not an uncommon one for mortgage servicers get once people close on their loan. The reason for this is that in the right situation, making a payment with your credit card can have benefit for a consumer. Lets take some time to acknowledge the potential pros:

  • Earn more credit card rewards: If you earn substantial through your card issuer, you may be able to earn more cash back or points that can be traded for things like gift cards, experiences or airline miles. However, youre going to want to do some math. It doesnt make sense if you have to use a third-party platform whose fee represents more of a percentage than youre getting back in rewards.
  • Rewards sign-up bonus: Tied in with the above is that some credit card issuers will do sign-up bonuses where you get something special, like bonus airline miles, if you make $5,000 in transactions on your card within the first 60 90 days, for example. Using your card to make a mortgage payment could help you meet those goals because its likely to be the highest monthly bill you have. Again, if youre paying through a third party, its important to consider whether the combination of the rewards you learn with every purchase plus the enticement of the bonus outweigh the additional fee you would pay for making your mortgage payment with a credit card.

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Services To Pay Your Rent Or Mortgage With A Credit Card:

American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa

Some providers, including Venmo, require both landlords and tenants to register in order to use the service. None of the ones I have scanned have lower credit card fees than Plastiq, which is by far the most popular service. Plastiq will occasionally run promotions that cut down on this fee.

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Turn Gift Cards Into Money Orders

To utilize this strategy, here are the steps youll need to follow:

  • Buy a prepaid debit card
  • Use the prepaid debit card to buy a money order
  • Use the money order to pay your mortgage
  • Ideally, youll buy your prepaid debit card with a rewards credit card to maximize the value of your purchase.

    Once you have a prepaid debit card, use it to buy a money order . You can then use the money order to pay your mortgage.

    Money orders often cant exceed $1,000, which may not be large enough to cover your mortgage, meaning youll need to buy multiple money orders.

    Know the risks:

    In the meantime, you may have to make an additional payment immediately to avoid falling further behind on your loan while you wait for the money order to be confirmed. This could also result in a late fee, potentially negating the rewards you were trying to earn.

    How much it costs: Fees typically range from $1 to $5 per money order .

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    How To Pay Your Mortgage With A Credit Card: The Basics

    Paying your mortgage with a credit card isnt super difficult, but you should consider reserving this tactic for special occasions like earning a signup bonus. Lets take a look at how to do this properly so you can get the most bang for your buck.

    • Pick a card Choose the rewards card that offers the best signup bonus and fits your goals. Find our favorite cards here.
    • Grab a signup bonus Before you use a credit card to pay your mortgage, you need to make sure the math works. Because extra fees may be involved, this tactic works best when you are attempting to earn a signup bonus.
    • Choose a payment option Most lenders will not allow you to pay them directly with a credit card. Thus, youll need to use a third party to handle the transaction. Weve included a few options for you to consider below.
    • Pay mortgage with a credit card Use your rewards credit card to pay your mortgage
    • Pay it off You dont want to cut into your rewards earnings by paying interest. So, pay your credit card bill in-full at least once a month.

    Ta-da! There you have it. Not too tough, right?

    Are There Workarounds For Using A Credit Card To Pay My Mortgage


    Mortgage lenders generally dont allow borrowers to pay their mortgage with a credit card. Third-party processors, like Plastiq, will make mortgage payments for a fee. Plastiqs fee for processing credit card payments is 2.5%.

    Before you jump through hoops to use a third-party service, you should check and see if your lender will allow you to make payments using a credit card. As mentioned above, its not likely because lenders dont want to have you take on additional debt to pay off existing debt.

    Even if the lenders do make a credit card payment option available, you may run into a case where the card issuer doesnt let you make the mortgage payment on the card as part of their risk mitigation strategy.

    At this point, we should clarify some vocabulary. The issuer is the creditor you got the card from. Services like Visa® and MasterCard® are payment processors who deal with the technological infrastructure associated with making the system work.

    Finally, if you do turn to a third party, its important to note that not every credit card issuer works with every service that facilitates this type of thing. For instance, although Plastiq is supported by MasterCard and Discover®, Visa and American Express® dont allow their cards to be used on the platform.

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    Paying Your Mortgage With Paypal

    PayPal is an online payment platform that allows you to send and request money online with ease. You create a free account linked to either your credit card, debit card, or bank account to use PayPal. You can directly make mortgage payments with PayPal if your lender accepts them.

    If they do not accept PayPal, you can use it to get a cash advance on your credit card. You can then use this to pay for your mortgage. To do this, you can transfer money to another user and have them move the money to their bank account and make the payment for you. They could also transfer the money to your bank, and you can make the payment yourself.

    Since you are drawing money from your credit card, the high interest that applies to credit card loans applies here. You should think about it very carefully before you do this, to ensure that the benefits outweigh the risk. Usually, lenders give a 15-day grace period to pay your mortgage, after which a heavy late fee is imposed.

    If you need more time to make the payment but do not want to pay the late fee and damage your credit score, you can choose to pay this way. As long as you pay back with the acceptable limit, you avoid paying the heavy credit card interest. If you can’t pay back within that time frame, you could end up paying a lot more interest.

    What Worked For Them

    Some traditional lenders let you use credit cards to make mortgage payments if you use a third-party service, but that will usually end up costing you money. Plastiq, for instance, allows users to place larger purchases on their cards for a 2.5 percent fee.

    But the Johnsons found a workaround. Plastiq waives the fee on $1,000 in purchases for every person you refer to the service who makes a qualified payment over $500.

    “This strategy worked so well for me because I have referred almost 300 people now with my website,” Johnson tells CNBC Make It. “At $1,000 in fee-free dollars per referral, that is $300,000 in fee-free payments I have earned.”

    Without your own financial blog, it’s not as straightforward to load up on referral bonuses, Johnson admits: “You could try referring people to the service using social media, but I’m not sure how easy it would be.”

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    Why You Shouldnt Pay Your Mortgage With A Credit Card

    Even if you go through a company like Plastiq to handle the legwork, it still doesnât make much sense to pay your mortgage with a credit card. It has the potential to gravely affect your credit score and accrue unwanted interest and fees that you simply donât have to worry about when you cut the lender a check yourself.

    Settling Down Payment On House With Your Credit Card

    Can I Put My Mortgage Payment on My Credit Card?

    Typically, home sellers and lenders do not accept credit card payments. Your credit card limit is unlikely to be high enough to accommodate such an expense even if they accept credit cards. Also, lenders usually require that the funds for your down payment have spent at least 60 days in your bank account to get ‘seasoned’.

    Getting around this is pretty possible, however. With third-party apps like Venmo, you can transfer your balance from your credit card to another account for a fee and then transfer the money to your account. You can also get a cash advance on your credit card.

    The problem with this is that interest on credit card loans is usually much higher than what you would get for a home loan. Apart from that, usually, lenders want to know where the money for the down payment came from. They are not likely to accept a credit card loan as a down payment because the point of a down payment is for them to see that you are a worthy risk.

    If they accept a credit card loan, you might pay more interest on your mortgage due to the lower credit score resulting from your high credit to debt ratio. The limit is usually less than the purchase limit with a cash advance, so you will not get much spending power from this.

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    What Could Work For You

    It’s possible but unlikely that landlords will accept credit cards without tacking on a fee. If you can find one that does, that’ll make it easier to load up on rewards.

    If you’re like most renters or homeowners and would have to pay some kind of fee to pay with plastic, the trick is to find a way around it, like the Johnsons did, or to offset it with credit card rewards. But finding a credit card that offers rewards that exceed the cost of fees is rare, too.

    “Like Holly and her husband, our customers are savvy spenders who use their cards to their advantage whether to better manage cash flow or maximize rewards,” Eliot Buchanan, founder and CEO of Plastiq, tells CNBC Make It. “We encourage our customers to use Plastiq in ways that drive value for them, and we love hearing stories about the creative uses that cardholders find for our service.”

    Credit card blogger Keith Rosso bought a $60,000 Tesla with a credit card last year using the Chase Ink Business Preferred. That earned him 3 points per dollar on the purchase, which outweighed Plastiq’s 2.5 percent fee. Depending on how he redeemed those rewards, he estimated that they could be worth as much as $5,000.

    The Ink Business Preferred no longer rewards Plastiq purchases with 3 points per dollar, a representative from Chase tells CNBC Make It, so this particular strategy may no longer be a profitable option.

    Barclays did not respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

    Is It Possible To Pay Mortgage With American Express

    You may want to pay mortgage with American Express. Unfortunately, at this time mortgage payments arent permitted with this card issuer. Its also not currently possible to pay mortgage with PayPal.

    When you pay mortgage with credit card, you enjoy a variety of benefits. This seamless transaction allows you to quickly and easily pay in a way that keeps your budget on an even keel. You can also reap the added reward of earning points or mileage on your credit card.


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    Why People Pay Their Mortgage With A Credit Card

    People may pay their mortgage on a credit card to allow themselves added flexibility while they gather more cash, but itâs also popular amongst people who flip, or âchurnâ, credit cards once they meet their minimum spend requirements and reap their rewards. However, churning on mortgage spend still isnât a very good idea.

    How We Earned Rewards Paying Off The Last $100k Of Our Mortgage

    Can You Pay Your Mortgage with a Credit Card? Should You?

    While my husband and I used to work in the mortuary industry, we now make a living as full-time bloggers. Our website,, covers topics that range from personal finance to travel and .

    In 2015, we started covering topics like how to pay off your mortgage with a credit card. While there are admittedly very few ways to accomplish this feat since mortgage companies dont tend to accept credit payments directly, there are a few hacks that let you pay your mortgage with plastic.

    • You can buy money orders with a credit card and deposit them with your bank toward your mortgage payment, for example.
    • But you can also use a third-party service called to pay bills with credit, including your mortgage payment, rent payment, car loan, utility bills and more.

    Currently, Plastiq lets you make mortgage payments with Mastercard and Discover only . When we paid off our mortgage, they charged a 2.5 percent fee for every payment madeor around $25 for each $1,000 paid toward your home loan. This fee has since climbed to 2.85 percent.

    Since you typically dont earn 2.85 percent in rewards on your spending, using Plastiq to pay your bills with a rewards card is normally a losing proposition. The only exception is if youre trying to meet a minimum spending requirement to score a huge sign-up bonus. If paying $28.50 or $100 in Plastiq fees lets you earn a sign-up bonus worth $500 or more, then that can make sense.

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