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Can I Cash Out My Visa Gift Card

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Turn Your Visa Gift Cards To Cash By Buying And Reselling Items

How To Turn Visa Gift Card into Cash Using Paypal

This may take a few extra steps to do but it may be the only other option on this list that lets you make money from converting your Visa gift cards to cash .

As mentioned, most stores treat Visa gift cards like credit cards. This means that you can generally use them to buy items at almost any store, so keep an eye out for things that are either heavily reduced or in high demand.

In both cases, theres a good chance you may be able to resell the item at a higher price than what you paid. This, in turn, will let you eventually get cash from your gift card.

Use Your Visa Gift Card To Buy Other Merchants Gift Cards

If theres a particular store you shop at that doesnt accept your Visa gift card for purchases, you can use this card to buy a gift card from the store where you want to buy something.

And if you look online, you can sometimes find these for sale for up to 20% off meaning youre getting 20% of the Visa gift card balance for free.

This could include stores like Amazon, Walmart or even Starbucks if you were planning to convert your Visa gift cards to cash simply to get a caffeine hit.

Alternatively, you could earn gift cards to all these stores and dozens more just by signing up for an app like Swagbucks. Its basically like earning free coffees from procrastinating on your phone!

Can You Get Cash From A Vanilla Visa Gift Card

The short answer is not exactly, but the longer answer is it depends on the method you use. Vanilla Visa gift cards are the more popular choice for consumers since its easy to use.

There is a difference between a Vanilla gift card and a prepaid reloadable one. The former cannot get cashback from local ATMs, while the latter does.

What you can do is use a Vanilla card to transfer to PayPal or Venmo. Remember they take any prepaid card from Visa, which includes these gift cards.

You can always check the balance to make sure everything is correct. Its as good a method as any to ensure you can cash from a gift card without having to use the gift card itself.

You can also use exchange kiosks, although these might be in rare locations. The kiosks do take a fair amount of money from the fees, but they are the easiest method to get your cashback from the gift cards.

If you can find any nearby grocery store with this machine, I highly recommend doing so. Its arguably one of the most dependable methods to transfer any Visa gift card to cash.

You can even sell to any merchant in the local market but beware of transaction fees. If you plan on selling a smaller card, the costs dont really add up to anything noticeable.

Visa gift cards with more considerable sums lose a good chunk through fees, so be careful when you consider this option. These fees vary depending on the vendors themselves. If they are too expensive, I suggest not going through with it and choosing another method.

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Sell Your Visa Card To Other People

There are always people around you who are willing to buy gift cards cheaply. And through this, you will have evaded the commissions incurred in online exchanges.

That said, you probably have to accept less than the balance on your card for people to buy your card.

Additionally, if you are going to sell a physical card to a buyer who is far from your location, keep in mind the shipping cost.

Start by check out sites like Craigslist or eBay for such arrangements, and ensure due diligence to avoid scammers.

Pay Your Bills With Your Visa Gift Card

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Using your gift card to pay a bill is exactly the same as converting your Visa gift cards to cash although youll never actually get to see the money.

Just remember that because the Visa gift card is treated the same as a credit card, youll also incur any credit card fees, so make sure you do the math to confirm that its worth it.


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How do you liquidate a Visa gift card by paying bills?

You can use a Visa gift card to pay bills with any billing provider that accepts Visa credit cards for bill payments. This is because Visa gift cards are treated exactly the same when it comes to making this payment.

Not every single company will allow you to get cash from a Visa gift card using this strategy, but youll almost certainly be able to use your card in this way for things like topping up your phone credit, buying groceries and gas or renewing your subscription at the local yoga studio.

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Here’s How To Transfer Money From Prepaid Cards To Bank Account

Sometimes you have or receive a prepaid card, and you’d really like to have the money as cash in hand or in your account rather than on the card. You may not use the retailer where the gift card is from, or you may simply need the cash. In either case, there are some cards where you can make those cash transfers, and this article will look at the which and how of these transfers.

Can You Turn A Visa Gift Card Into Cash In Hand

There are ways to turn a Visa gift card into cash in hand, although these tend to be limited to those options when youre trading your card in in-person, such as when selling it to someone or converting a Gift Card Kiosk voucher into money.

However, having the money added to your PayPal or bank account is as close to cash in hand as you can get. Simply add the extra step of going to withdraw it and youre on your way.

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Get Cash From Your Visa Gift Cards By Buying And Reselling Stuff

I have a tip for you thats a little more unorthodox. It does require a few extra steps and a bit more effort than the options above, but its still one to consider.

Basically, with this method, you use your Visa gift card to purchase stuff. Since Visa cards are accepted at a lot of retailers, you can use them to purchase everything from gift cards for other retailers to furniture to beauty products.

Then, you resell this stuff on websites like eBay, Craigslist, and OfferUp.

You can not only get back what you originally spent with the gift card in cold hard cash, but you can also get extra cash!

Look out for items that are on sale, discounted, or in the clearance section.

Lets say you purchase a bag at TJ MAXX thats worth $100, and its discounted to $70. You use your Visa gift card to purchase it and resell the bag for $90.

The customer still gets a 10% discount since the retail price of the bag was $100, but because you bought it at a discount, you make a $20 profit on the sale. This means that you not only get $70 back in cold hard cash that you can actually spend, which would have otherwise been stuck on a gift card, but you also get an extra $20!

Like I said before, this one does require a little more effort, but you can turn a Visa gift card into cash when you buy and resell items.

Buy Items With The Card And Return Them

9 Easy Ways To Convert Visa Gift Cards To Cash 2022

A really unconventional and you can say unethical way to convert Visa gift cards to cash is to buy and return items.

For example, you can use the Visa gift card to purchase an item at a store and then return the item and get cash in return.

This takes a lot more work because you have to find stores that will actually let you do this since most stores will just give you store credit.

I dont recommend using this method first, its more of a last resort method.

As I said, this method is a bit unethical so be careful with this one.

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Can You Use A Visa Gift Card At An Atm

Visa gift cards cannot generally be used at an ATM as they do not come with a PIN. That is, ATMs only allow you to withdraw cash if you have a PIN for security reasons. This means that any card that doesnt come with this will not be able to finish the transaction.

There are, of course, other ways to get cash from your Visa gift card, as youve probably seen from all the other options in this article. That said, most of them require a couple of extra steps to get to that point.

While theyre all pretty simple, unfortunately none of them are quite as straight forward as simply withdrawing the balance in cash from an ATM. Dont consider that as too much of a hurdle though, as those extra steps needed to access that cash really arent that difficult to do.

Best Ways To Convert Visa Gift Cards To Cash

Below, Ive listed ten ways you can exchange Visa gift cards for cash or save money on every day purchases using gift cards. Before we get to the list, its important to note that converting your Visa gift card to cash will often result in some loss of face value. If youre willing to sacrifice a few dollars, that Visa gift card could become cash in your pocket.

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How To Use A Visa Gift Card

Heres how to use a Visa gift card.

1. Decide if you want the card: The first thing to do is decide if you want to keep the card or liquidate it for cash. Visa cards can come in handy in certain circumstances, but some prefer to ditch them for cash assets.

2. Activate the card: Should you decide to keep the card, activate it by following the instructions on the back of your card. Either call the number listed or go online and activate it that way. Pro tip: The card wont work until you activate it. You shouldnt get charged for the activation fee as a cardholder unless you buy the card for yourself. This is usually charged to the gift card buyer .

3. Write down the starting balance: Its a good idea to write down the starting balance of the card so you have an idea of how much youre working with before using it. This is important because you dont want to get into a situation where the card gets declined by charging too much to it. For example, you may be in a rush to buy a train ticket or out to eat at a restaurant. Always know the approximate balance of the card so that you can budget accordingly and avoid a potentially embarrassing situation.

An easy way to make sure you use your entire gift card is by ringing up a transaction that exceeds the total value of your card. For example, if you have a $100 gift card, go to the grocery store, and rack up a $125 bill, you can use your entire gift card balance while charging the other $25 to a different card.

Getting Cash Back From A Visa Gift Card

Visa $50 Gift Card

Yes, conveniently there are some ways that you can get cash for your Visa gift card and we will go through them today. By now, you probably already know that there are a handful of ways to get your hands on Visa gift cards for basically free. Then, you can convert them to cash using the methods below.

Here are common questions people ask about how to get cash from a Visa gift card:

  • Can you turn a Visa gift card into cash?
  • You can get cash from your Visa gift card by using it to pay your bills, resell it, buy a money order with it and finding ways to pay yourself with it. You can also opt to cash it out through an app called Prepaid2Cash or find a gift card kiosk near you. The Prepaid2Cash app makes getting cash for your Visa gift cards easier than ever before.

  • How can I get money off of a gift card?
  • Take it to a gift card exchange kiosk or sell it online or near you via a selling appor Facebook Marketplace.

  • Can you withdraw cash from a Visa prepaid card?
  • The all-purpose Visa Prepaid card is a prepaid card that you can use to withdraw cash, pay bills or make purchases anywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted, in-person or online.

  • Can I transfer money from a Visa gift card to my bank account?
  • Venmo lets you add Visa gift card balances as long as the transfer isnt blocked for fraud protection reasons. You can transfer the balance to your account after it is loaded.

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    Types Of Visa Gift Cards

    Visa offers seven different gift cards, each of which you can buy on their main website. These are similar to a Visa debit card in that you can transfer money onto individual cards.

    You use these instead of cash just like you would a debit or credit card, but you dont have to link the card to your bank account. A Visa gift card is already preloaded with money.

    Once you buy the gift card, you must determine the amount the maximum tends to be around $500.

    Keep in mind third parties provide you more specific information on these gift cards Visa works directly with these companies.

    The Visa gift cards available are as follows:

    • Vanilla Gift Card
    • Navy Federal Credit Union
    • PerfectGift.com

    The Vanilla Gift Card is one of the most common ones. You can use this card for non-contact transactions, which include orders over a website, phone, and mail.

    The card only works with any store that accepts Visa cards, mainly based in the United States.

    Use Your Visa Gift Card To Buy A Money Order

    Money orders are like checks, but they are a more trusted payment method because, unlike checks, money orders are pre-paid. This means that they are only issued once a buyer pays for one. Money orders can be used to pay for lots of different things.

    Some stores, like Walmart and some grocery stores, allow you to purchase money orders using your Visa gift card.

    However, not all places allow this so make sure you call ahead to ask if they allow the use of prepaid Visa cards to purchase money orders.

    Make sure you read my post about the best places to get money order near you to learn more.

    Once you have used your gift card to purchase a money order, the money order can be deposited into your bank account and be used as cash!

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    Use A Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

    A gift card exchange kiosk is a dependable method to transfer Visa gift cards to cash. Look for machines within select grocery stores theyre often yellow machines that look like casino slots and make similar noises.

    The system requires that you enter the card information, such as card number and expiration dates. Youre then given a choice to get a cash-back offer.

    Once you accept, youll need to print the voucher and bring it to a nearby cashier. Thats usually all thats needed to do to get money through this method. If you have trouble with card swipes, ask for assistance.

    Not all grocery stores dont have a gift card exchange kiosk so its best to do a search first so you dont waste your time. What I like about kiosks is its a faster way to turn Visa gift cards into cash.

    Other methods take days before the transaction is complete. With kiosks, youll get your money almost instantly. Make sure you bring your identification just in case.

    I should mention exchange kiosks do take a small chunk of your proceedings. If you dont plan on using that Visa card anyways, its a reasonable sacrifice to make. Dont accept the offer if you dont like it you can always cancel before the process is complete.

    For more in-depth steps, check out this article that walks you through selling a gift card using an exchange kiosk.

    Donate Your Visa Gift Card To Charity

    3 Big Problems With Visa Gift Cards

    If you dont want or need the cash, you can always donate your Visa gift card to charity. This is a great way to get rid of an unwanted gift card and help out a good cause.

    To do this, simply find a charity that accepts Visa gift cards and make a donation. Youll then be able to choose how much you want to donate.

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    How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance To A Bank Account

    Learning to transfer Amazon gift card balance to a Bank account is easier than most people think:

  • Go to Amazon Pay and click Shoppers.
  • Use your credentials to log into your Amazon account. On the following page, click Withdraw Funds and choose the bank account to receive the funds.
  • Enter the amount you wish to send and click on Continue to finish.
  • Transferring the money to your bank account takes up to 7 business days.

    After the transfer has been processed, the transaction status will be displayed in your Account Activity. If the transaction was a failure, the funds will be credited back to your Amazon Pay account.

    What if you donât have a bank account on Amazon Pay or the linked account is different from the one you want to send the money to?

    Now that you know how to transfer Amazon gift card balance to a Bank account, heres how you can add a new bank account.

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